"Elle, you don't have any other ideas?"  Jay asked as he followed in the wake his partner was leaving as they crossed the shuttleport on Arbus.  They had gone over the case over and over, with Kay barely giving them time to rest, but nothing was jumping out as to who might be responsible for the deaths.  The accused didn't have family, and with the sentence that he got, Jay just couldn't see the families of the victims being unhappy enough to go after everyone connected to the case, so who was doing this?

"I wish I did."  Elle told him.  She had managed to find a couple of inconsistencies that she thought could be used to get some of the deaths reclassified, but as to who might be responsible, she didn't have a clue.  There just didn't seem to be a motive based on what was in the reports.

"What about a partner?"  X suggested again.  After a bit, the big alien had got into the entire thing, and the idea that the killer in the case that had lead to this hadn't been working alone was his pet theory.

"It might make as much sense as anything else."  Elle said.  "I'd like to get more of the records from that case to see if I could come up with anything else."

"Yeah."  And if Elle did find something, she was going to be the one to break the bad news to Aileen that she had made a mistake.  No way was Jay going to be anywhere in the area for that.  It would be like telling Kay that he had goofed up.  Kay.  "Hey, partner, wait up."  Jay called as he hurried to catch up to Kay.  "Any idea of how we're going to get wherever to hook up with Aileen and Edie?  Should we call them or something?"

"No need."  Kay said as he waved in the direction of a older alien of Aileen and Edie's species who was hurrying towards them with an official air about him.  "Looks like Zed decided to alert their boss to what was going on."

"Good thing, I guess."  Jay chuckled.  "I always hated the car rental lines at the airports back home."  And even on another planet, he would bet anything that the situation wasn't any better.  "Guess you're glad I brought your good black suit along, now, aren't you?  Wouldn't want to look bad in front of Aileen's boss."  Not that he had any hopes of Kay cracking a smile or something, but he had to try to ease the tension a little.  Kay had been so tightly wound the entire trip there, that Jay had expected him to blow at any moment.  He didn't know how, but he had to do something to get him calmed down before they met Aileen and Edie.  If Aileen saw him like this, he didn't want to think of how she would react, especially if she was still thinking that there was nothing serious going on.  They would get into a blow out fight for sure.

Kay sighed, but did ease up a little.  He knew what Jay was trying to do, and even though he wouldn't come out and say it, he appreciated his partner's attempts to help.  He didn't think he would be able to relax until he had seen Aileen, though, and knew that she was actually safe.  "Zed let you know what was going on?"  He said as soon as Aileen's boss reached them.

"He called late last night."  Chief Marston said.  "Frankly, it took me completely by surprise.  Are you sure that someone killed all of those people?  I know that Edie was going around with some theory about that, but frankly, I thought she had been reading more of those Earth mysteries than she should."

Kay didn't say anything, just gave him a look that clearly said would he have came all this way, at least lagging his partner, Elle and X along, if he just wanted some time with his girlfriend?

"Sorry.  Of course you wouldn't be here if you didn't think that something was wrong.  I just can't believe that we managed to miss something like this.  Do you have any ideas about who might be responsible?  I'm getting all of the files pulled now, but they're in storage, so it might take awhile.  We haven't seen so much as an appeal on the case in five years, so who knows how far back those things are."

"I can tell you how at least one of the deaths happened, and I have a couple of ideas on the others."  Elle said.  "I'd really like to talk to the coroner that handled the last two cases if I could."

"He's out of town, fishing.  I sent someone to get him, but who knows how long it will take to track him down."  Chief Marston said.  "And I hate to say it, but I'm not sure of how helpful he's going to be if we can find him.  he hates to have anyone prove him wrong."

"Well. he'll just have to get over that."  Kay told him.  Anyone who might be planning to get in the way of him keeping Aileen safe could just get over it.  "Do you have a vehicle?  I want to have a talk with Aileen."

"I've arranged to loan you something, unless you would rather have someone drive you over.  Aileen and Edie are out right now, working on a case."

"You sent them out into the field with something like this going on?"  Kay demanded, as Jay put a hand on his partner's shoulder to try to remind him that hitting her boss probably wouldn't make Aileen happy.

"It happened last night before Zed called me, and really, the case isn't anything.  We normally don't even handle things like this, but some little singer that my granddaughter's crazy about lost a necklace at one of the resorts just outside of town.  Her father called and pitched a fit, demanding that the best be sent to look into it.  And you know that's Aileen.  I thought about calling them back when I heard from Zed, but honestly, they're probably safer there than they would be here, if someone is after Aileen."

After a moment, Kay nodded.  "Directions?"

"I'll have them in the car.  And Agent Kay, whatever you need to keep Aileen safe, you have it.  I just can't believe that we missed something like this."

"See, this is going to be okay."  Jay told Kay as they followed Aileen's boss towards where he had left the loaner vehicle.  "A nice resort.  We'll figure out who's behind this, and then you and Aileen can have a nice vacation on both of your bosses' dimes.  This is going to be okay."

Kay slowly nodded, although he still had a painful ache inside.  If anything happened to Aileen...  'I'm coming.  I'm coming.'  He thought.  'Just stay safe until I can get there.'