Aria (c) Kozue Amano, Comic Blade, Hal Film Maker.

To The One I Lost

Golden is the ring that caresses her finger,
Golden is the sun in her auric hair;
Blue is the water that in her eyes lingers,
Blue is the feeling of my despair.

She never told any of us! Alas, woman's whim!
Caught off-guard, like a strutting pajock!
Fain I would go, and confront this 'him'
Declare myself, reverse the clock.

I love you! I will shout with all my might,
Till the echoes run around the Piazza
And the pigeons take startled flight.
I never told you! Give me a chance!

But I am not the one to despoil this day.
She made her choice, and here I shall stay.
Her heart long gone since, it will not sway.
Keep silent I must, her trust not betray.

And now it's too late
To have anything undone.
Our Water Fairy is leaving,
Snow melting in faraway sun.

O limbs that were hardy and strong,
Failed me not when my need was nigh;
It was my foolish heart that was the traitor
Struck dumb of words whene'er I met her eye.

Will the wound-bells peal in San Marco soon?
Will Momiko bear her away on a gondola white?
Or will the Loredan be the one to hear her boon?
Will lacy veil be lifted--and kissed--in winter's night?

Blue is the dusk above Neo-Venezia,
Blue is the water in her dimming canals.
Golden is the ring worn on a finger,
Golden is the sunset from where I stand.