I feel guilty. I promised my friend I wouldn't start another one of these FMA fics till I finished my first one but the idea has been lingering to long in my mind, it festered and now it's on fanfiction YIPPEE!

...My friends probably gonna kill me.

Oh well, he doesn't have to know.

This is a fic I'm trying in third person but it's still got plenty of my usual sarcastic dialouge so I hope it won't dissapoint. This is just the prolouge and as such must be serious. Anyway I hope you like!

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It all came down to will.

A will to sever her contacts from those who loved her if they did love her anyway.

Actually she wasn't even sure they did anyhow. In between her two adorable little twin sisters and prodgidal older brothers there wasn't much time for her.

They weren't even her real family. She didn't know anyother home but she had been found abandon, a wandering two year old with no home, no where to go. Maybe they cared for her... but Hell if that made things any better. It would only make things worse.

So she was leaving, bailing out, skipping town, running away, fleeing the scene, ditching... and all other terms of the word. She didn't say good bye or leave a note. She just left. They would forget about her. They had lived before she was part of their family.

Family... she shook the word out of her head. Hardly a family why would she need them anyway.

"Coward!" the voice in her head screamed at her. "You're a coward for leaving and not telling them. Selfish!"

"It's easier this way" she muttered to herself brushing stray strands of hair from her eyes.

"For them or for you?"

"For me, got a problem" she snapped impatiently pausing for just a moment to glance back at the house. With a low growl she turned back away violently, mentally punching herself for her hesitation.

Maybe she should've given them warning... or stayed or tried to get help. But things were just getting worse and the worse things got the more pity and sadness would come and she didn't want any of that.

So she would leave.

She left everything behind besides two knives and her own hardened heart.

Cara was alone.

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