Title: Janie

Author: The Music Woman

Fandom: The Music Man

Pairing: Charlie/Mrs. Squires

Rating: T

Theme: Without A Name

Warning: Immense amounts of crack, as always.

Disclaimer: I do not own the musical or characters, the amazing Meredith Willson, RIP, does. But sometimes I wish I owned Charlie cos he's pretty awesome.

Summary: No one calls her by her first, barely anyone even knows it, but he says it every time, just for her.

Her name is Janie Squires, but few people in the small town of River City knows this. To them, she's just Mrs. Squires, wife of the Jacey on the school board, friend of Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, mother of some nobody girl who wasn't much to pay attention to (the apple never falls far from the tree).

Those who did know her name rarely called her by it. To Eulalie, Maud, Alma, Ethel, Marian, and their husbands, she was Mrs. Squires. To the young people of the town, she was Mrs. Squires. To little Jennifer, she was mother. Her husband, though rarely home, preferring working or singing with his former enemies, would call her by Janie, but was their relationship worth anything anymore?

Gone all day and barely attentive to her when he was home, was that really a satisfactory marriage? Is it any wonder she found comfort in the arms of Charlie Cowell?

He was an honest, hardworking man who despised any and all dishonesty, yet he didn't say a word as they lay alone together, without her husband's knowledge. Somehow, the crimes of himself and his lover never registered in his mind as wrong.

She loved him. She didn't know why she had fallen for him or how it had ever come to this, but there they were, together once more. It was a Tuesday; that was one of their best days. Jacey was out all day, Jennifer had school, and the other ladies all had things to attend to. It was just the two of them, for hours on end.

"Charlie," she murmured, "I love you…"

"I know, Janie…" He didn't need to say that he loved her again. He reminded her more in his actions and the fact that he called her by his name. Every time, just for her, he'd call her Janie and it meant the world to her.

A/N: Holy freaking crap, she's here! I'm not even still on this account, but I thought I'd update anyway, just for the heck of it. So, you might just see some more of these, if I get inspired again.