Chapter 1
Years to Yearn For

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Tamaki laid on the bed, Kyouya stood at the dresser taking off his shoes and ring; he was scared of losing it during the night. He had been working so much overtime lately, he hardly saw Tamaki.
"You need to take a day off, I don't want you to get sick."
"I needed to make the deadline or else everything would be messed up." Tamaki slid off the bed to stand behind him.
"I know things are busy for you right now, just please try to take it easy."
Kyouya turned to Tamaki, bringing him close. They had been married for five years already, time had flown by with them both attending Tokyo U. They had just finished last year and already Kyouya was working hard with Hiroshi. He was only a step away from being just below Hiroshi.

Tamaki kissed the lips he missed so much lately. Usually Kyouya came home to collapse on the bed and sleep all night to get up and leave for work again.
"I've missed this."
"Me too, I promise to take it easy."
"Thank you," He brought their lips together again, enjoying every moment they had together. Both broke apart at the sound outside their door.
"So much for that that." Kyouya laughed as he walked to his closet to change out of his suit. Tamaki opened the door to the hall.
"Michelle what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Tamaki lifted up the five year old up into his arms in hopes to calm her. He had adopted her last year, she had wondered into a center in France. The staff on duty at the time tried to find her parents only to find they had been killed leaving her alone. Tamaki learned about her and quickly went to France in hopes to take her in. A decision he never looked back on.

"Daddy T, I heard something in my room." She nuzzled her head in his chest while he laughed lovingly at her.
"Let's go figure out what it is, does daddy K care to join us?" He looked over his shoulder to see Kyouya roll his eyes at his nickname, one that Michelle gave them both once she was comfortable leaving with them. None the less he joined the trip to her room. Kyouya couldn't help but love the family Tamaki had again created. He noticed Tamaki was always smiling, and seemed to be enjoying life every day. They had finally gotten past his demons allowing him to again smile his true natural smile.

Once Michelle had calmed down again and was asleep both went back into their room.
"Care to pick up where we left off?" Tamaki was surprised to hear Kyouya say that knowing how tired he had been. He played with Tamaki's hair with one hand while unbuttoning his sleep shirt with the other.
"I've missed you, I missed this, next week I'll put in for vacation. Let's get away for a while." Tamaki's face brightened at the thought, they hadn't been away since they got married. Tamaki loved his life more than he ever had before, lately thought he seemed as if more time had passed than in reality. As if he woke up one morning and wasn't twenty-three anymore but in his fifties. What could have changed that? When he grow up so fast? They both ran to their careers as soon as they could. Maybe they should have waited a few years so they could enjoy their youth while they could. They had done everything so much faster then most. Perhaps that was why he felt older, to be married at eight-teen and raising a five year old daughter by twenty-three. If he hadn't left back in high school he would probably be getting married now, but the centers may have never been opened so he just accepted and tried to ignore how he felt.
"Tamaki, are you okay? You seemed to go off in your thoughts?" He whispered in Tamaki's ear, he seemed to become so out of it all of a sudden.
"Sorry, I was thinking about that trip you mentioned."
"Oh, so that is why you were drooling, and to think I thought that was for me."
Tamaki kissed his neck, "Oh stop being so mean."

In the morning Tamaki heard Kyouya's alarm meaning he still had an hour before he had to help Michelle get ready for school. He decided to not hire a nanny for her but a housekeeper became a must when it came to the house staying in order. He felt Kyouya's arm leave his waist as he heard Kyouya huff to getting up. Tamaki would never tell Kyouya this but he needed to stop forcing himself to go to work. He knew Kyouya wanted to surpass his father than take him down; make him suffer for being so cruel to him but this wasn't healthy. He would stay supportive and let Kyouya do this, he also trusted Hiroshi to step in and make Kyouya take a break.

Once Michelle was at school Tamaki headed to his office. The centers were all non-profit so to bring in more income he became a music therapist to help people cope with their depression and anxiety. He had the best job ever, working there three days a week he got to watch people change their lives for the better. Also he didn't have to play the piano to help them so his hand issues where never a real problem. On the days he didn't work at the office he worked at the center to make sure each building was doing what they should and that their bills could be paid. So far every location was getting amazing feedback; from the people that attended to the community they loved the idea and supported it greatly.

Friday night Tamaki sat in the kitchen with Michelle watching her do homework, Kyouya was in the office finishing up the paperwork he couldn't get to at work. Tamaki jumped as the doorbell rang, he wasn't expecting anyone at this hour and they hardly got visitors unannounced. He told Michelle to stay there and went to see who it was only to nearly collapse at the sight of Hikaru and Kaoru.
"Mi'lord! Long time no see."
"I'd say, what brings you here?" He let them into the living room, calling to Kyouya and Michelle that they had visitors."
"We were in the neighborhood, thought we would stop by."Kaoru stated as he sat down, Hikaru looked around the room. Neither he nor his brother had been here since Tamaki and Kyouya moved in. Hikaru still thought the house was small, one living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom, four guest bedrooms; one of which he now guess was Michelle's after he now met her, and a handful of both full and half baths. The backyard made up for the small living quarters though for it held a swimming pool with a diving area along with plenty of space for large objects should they chose to add more.

Once Kyouya made his way to the living room the twins got down to business. Michelle started playing with Kaoru once she stopped staring at them for looking exactly the same.
"Mitsukuni and Mori are coming into town next week so we are holding a party so everyone can get together. It's been years since we did." Hikaru tried to count the years, the last time he remembered them together was for when they held a graduation party for themselves and Haruhi; that was already four years ago.

"Haruhi is coming; she promised us she would make it." Haruhi lived in Osaka for school, she rarely came to Tokyo, and everyone knew it drove Hikaru mad when he couldn't go see her.
"We would love to but I don't know if we can, we both have work in the morning and what about Michelle? I doubt you guys have changed much." Tamaki knew he wanted to go, but he had a family to take care of, the days of doing whatever he chose whenever he wanted to were over, they had been for years."
"Oh come on Tamaki, it's just one Sunday night, and if you really don't want to bring Michelle, hire a babysitter." Michelle huffed at Kaoru's words, she wanted to go too.
"Yea Mi'lord, when did you grow so old?" Hikaru questioned, he didn't see what the big deal was about them all getting together.
"I didn't grow old, I grew up!" Tamaki snapped back. He knew he felt older, but he never thought the others could tell. Hikaru's words really got to him. He had changed so much, but was this change doing him any good? Kyouya grabbed Tamaki's hand to help calm him down. Michelle slid off the couch with the twins to walk over to Tamaki.
"Daddy T, are you okay? I don't think you are old." He picked her up, placing her on his lap, "Thanks Michelle, I'm okay. Sorry Hikaru for snapping at you. Kyouya, you could come too right?"
"I see no problem in me going."

After that little outburst Tamaki cooled off and they all talked for a while before the twins had to go. Once Tamaki and Kyouya put Michelle to bed they walked into their room for the night. Tamaki sat on the bed for a moment before deciding to change clothes.
"Why didn't you say anything about that? From your blow up at Hikaru I get the feeling that the topic of your age has been on your mind."
"Just recently, and I didn't want to bother you, you've been so tired. It's no big deal."
"You're twenty-three, that's not old."
"It's not the year that's bothering me, it is how I feel. I don't feel like someone in my early twenties and that bothers me. I know it sounds stupid."
"Actually Tamaki it makes perfect sense after what you have been through over the years and the age you were when it happened. Something like that can change a person." He brought Tamaki close, "If you go back to how you were when we first met I bet you could still manage your job, Michelle and love a life that involves going up."
He looked in Kyouya's eyes, thinking heavily on what Kyouya said. Could he go back to being so carefree? Apart of him feared going back, what if he lowered his guard in the process and fell back into the pit. He tried so hard to overcome that over the years, he grew up from that experience had a new look on life. But, now he knew something had to give, this new him wasn't right, it wasn't him.
"You will be fine Tamaki, I'll make sure you don't stumble."
"Thank you Kyouya."

By the time he got together with the others he allowed himself to enjoy everything. Pushing work and responsibility to the back of his mind for now he joked around. He hoped it would last even after he went on vacation to the Bahamas. Two weeks at Atlantis with his family. It would be nice, a family friendly resort while still being able to have a chance to be romantic. This would be the perfect getaway.

Kyouya stood with Mori talking about both Mitsukuni and himself. They had been on training and teaching missions all over the world. Neither had changed at all apparently, Mori still kept the conversation short and sweet with Hunny drooled at the desserts. Kyouya watched Tamaki out of the corner of his eye. Since they talked he noticed little by little he was trying to relax more, not let his life change who he was at heart. Tamaki was never the type of person to enjoy change, whether it be himself or anything around him. He had changed his life a lot, it only made sense he now felt the weight of it. Kyouya knew they both grew up too fast but for him it didn't really matter, his childhood and teenage years hadn't really changed him. Not the way they had Tamaki. He did see that he needed to home more though, Monday he would talk to Hiroshi, before he went away in a few weeks. He enjoyed his job, more than he thought he would but he didn't want to lose Tamaki by never seeing him, it wasn't worth it.

"Kyouya, I think Tamaki had too much to drink." Kaoru was laughing at the pink in Tamaki's face. He wasn't wasted though.
"When will he learn, one drink is too much for him." Kyouya walked over to watch Hikaru laugh at Tamaki's inability to drink alcohol.
"How much did you bet him Hikaru?"
"Twenty bucks and lunch."


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