Chapter 20

Disclaimer- I own nothing….except the poem that's mine.

Tamaki and Kyouya stared out over the balcony. Staying true to their promise to each other they all went to their house in France for Golden week. They got lucky that the house was large enough for them so they wouldn't have to find another place so soon. The girls were asleep in the other bedroom leaving the two alone to look out over the city. Life was perfect; this vacation only enhanced that fact.

Tamaki woke up early the next morning. Carefully he slipped out of bed; he didn't want to disturb Kyouya. As he was waking up something came into his mind. He wanted to write it down before he forgot it. Reaching into his suitcase he tried to find his notebook that he always carried with him. Recently he seemed to always be writing down poems or sayings that popped up in his head. Kyouya told him that they were coming from his heart and were about how he was truly feeling, he had a feeling Kyouya was right. He sat at the desk in their room; it was nothing fancy just a small little desk that was perfect for what he needed it for.

As he finished writing he looked up at the shadow that was being cast over him.
"Can I read it Tamaki?"
He handed the notebook to Kyouya without a second thought. He loved knowing that he was no longer held back by his insecurities. To let Kyouya know everything that troubled him or pleased him without worry was the best feeling. It took a while and lots of hard work but it was worth it.
"It's beautiful. Just as everything else you've written."
"I beg to differ, only a part of what I write is any good; though I think I'm getting better."
"Don't sell yourself short."
"I'm not; I'm just stating what I think. Come on I hear the girls talking in the other room."
Tamaki placed the notebook back on the little desk and pulled Kyouya out of the bed room.

Never before have I seen the beauty
That surrounds me so.
The sunset's reflection captures the scene
of the city with its wondrous glow.
This Beauty is nothing I've seen
The sights and sounds, the colors paint a picture
Unlike one I could have dreamed.
A perfect harmony
One that lets you forget
One that you could get trapped in
Before I forget it all I want to see it all
And Now I have.
Perfect Serenity.


There now I can finally claim this story as complete. The poem was something I wrote for my creative writing class about a painting. I suck at poems but liked this one so I changed a line to make it work. Thanks again to everyone that read and reviewed this story. I will now work on the request that I got…to the person that requested it, I'm sorry I forgot your name I thought I saved it but apparently I failed to do so. I am sorry. Anyway thanks again and Love you all!