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By: Angua27

A/N: This is one of my few semi-normal fics. Most of the people are at least basically in character. Sorry I Harry and Sam talk so little, but I can't get the hang of writing them. However, I do love writing Pippin. He's so cool! Oh, yeah, and I don't own any of them because JKR and Tolkien got to them first. Grrr... Hope you like!

Chapter 1: Through the Fire to the Shire
(hee hee, that rhymes!)

"So what exactly does this spell do?" Ron asked cautiously
"It opens an interdimensional passage using floo powder to travel to other worlds," Hermione explained carefully as she flipped through an aging brown book.
"Are you sure it's safe?" he asked.
"Of course it is. Otherwise it wouldn't be in a book."
Harry and Ron exchanged a disbelieving glance. They remembered the polyjuice potion that had turned Hermione into a cat their second year. They both knew that a lot could go wrong despite Hermione's religious belief in books.
"Okay. I think I've got it," Hermione explained excitedly. She stepped back and threw a handful of the charmed floo powder into the fire. For a moment, it flamed the usual green, but immediately switched to a towering blue column.
"C'mon!" Hermione called and stepped into the fire.
Harry and Ron shared another look, but reluctantly followed their friend.


Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took were about to leave Bag End at Fatty's house. They were just about to step out of the door when a rushing noise erupted from Frodo's front room.
"Ow!" shrieked a voice.
The four hobbits stared in believe at the roaring blue fire and the girl that was now trying to squeeze out of his fireplace.
"Frodo, you never told us you kept young ladies in your fireplace," Merry chided.
"You could have at least shared a bit," Pippin added.
"I don't keep people in my fireplace! I don't know how she got there."
"Sure, that's what they all say," Pippin muttered.
Sam was too busy watching the girl to join in the conversation.
"Sorry," she said getting to her feet. "I didn't - ouch!" she gasped whacking her head on the ceiling. She stepped gingerly down from the hearth. "I didn't realize your fireplace would be so small." To her, this seemed to explain everything.
"That's Harry," she explained. "Watch your head!"
"Thanks, Hermione," Harry muttered rubbing his head.
"I'm Hermione," she bubbled turning back to the hobbits. She grabbed Sam's hand and shook it hard.
"And that's Ron - Ron Weasley," she squealed. "Ron, watch your..."
"Ow!" Ron, being the tallest of the three, hit his head the hardest and collapsed onto Frodo's table.
"Sorry," he mumbled pushing parts of the splintered wood out of the way. He scrambled to his feet again, this time being a bit more careful.
"My table..." Frodo moaned.
"My back..." Ron moaned.
"Anyway, as I was saying, I'm Hermione and this is Harry and Ron. We're from a different dimension and I was just trying this spell to get into another world and obviously it worked 'cos we're here and you're not like us. I'm sorry but actually I'm not sure about anything here. I don't even no if you speak English so you see..."
"Hermione," Harry said quietly. "Shut up."
"Well, um, hi," Frodo started. "I don't get many interdimensional travelers coming through my fireplace, and breaking my table. So anyway, do you want any tea?" he glanced suspiciously at the still-blue fire.
"That would be lovely," Hermione said.
"Great, then. Oh, by the way, I'm Frodo, this is Sam, Merry, and Pippin."
"Why am I always last?" Pippin whined. "Frodo should be last once."
"Oh, Ron," Hermione called. "You probably shouldn't -"
But it was too late. Ron had already aimed his wand at the ruined table. "Reparo!" he said.
Instead of the table rearranging itself into perfect condition, it was now advancing menacingly on Ron.
"Impedio!" he cried. This only succeeded in turning the table orange and giving it nasty-looking spikes.
"Through the fire!" Hermione yelled. Ron wasted no time in squeezing through followed immediately by Merry and Pippin. Harry and Hermione ushered the other hobbits through and followed quickly.
They arrived back in the Gryffindor Common Room and flattened themselves against the wall. Sam needed help standing because he was dizzy from the trip.
They watched the fire as it seemed to reach toward them. It extended its flames nearly two feet into the room and then suddenly extinguished.
The seven of them stared at the empty fireplace.
"Well, that was fun. Let's go home," Pippin said, but everyone was paying attention to Hermione instead.
"WHY did you do that?!" Hermione gasped (*gasp*) at Ron.
"I was trying to fix his table. I don't know what happened," he protested. "I even spellotaped my wand before we left."
"Didn't I tell you not to do magic? I can't believe..."
"No! No, Hermione, you didn't tell me."
"Oh. Well, you shouldn't have anyway," Hermione sighed dejectedly. "We didn't know how magic would react in a different world."
"You do now," Merry said.
"I'm so sorry," Hermione began and tears slid down her cheeks. "But it's okay. We'll just use the spell again and you can be home by morning."
"What Harry?" she spun around to see Harry holding out a very charred-looking book.
"Oh, no," she mumbled.
"We can just go find the spell somewhere else, Hermione. This can't be the only book it's in."
Hermione shook her head and pointed to the burnt lettering. It read: "Four Hundred Spells You Can't Find Anywhere Else."
Sam, who was listening intently to their conversation, piped up. "So you're saying you can't get us back to the Shire?"
"I don't know!" Hermione shrieked. The males in the room (i.e. everyone else) backed as far away from her as possible.
"Um...obviously nothing else is going to happen now, so maybe we should just try to get some sleep tonight," Frodo suggested.
"Great idea!" Ron agreed, thankful for Frodo's compassion toward Hermione. Ron smiled at him and helped guide a shaking Hermione to her room.

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