Parting of the Ways


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Okay, so this idea popped into my head late one night after a two day marathon with the DVDs and it stuck with me. Any Constructive Criticism would be helpful. I may not use it, but I will read it. Keep in mind I have a plan . . . I hope you all enjoy.




Season 1-ish . . .

Ch. 1


She gazed out through the large window. The ship was in FTL at the moment and she loved looking out as the ship whizzed by the thousands of stars.

"It's all your fault, you know," a familiar male voice said from behind her.

She turned to face him. Scott was smiling a little. She smiled back. When she turned back to look out of the window, Scott was now standing next to her.

"How is that?" she asked.

"You were the one who talked me into joining the SGC," he reminded her.

Her smile broadened.

"I just wanted to spread the joy," she insisted.

"You just couldn't hold in this big secret from me for another eight years, Amy," Scott told her, still smiling

She gestured her hand to him, admitting defeat. Amy turned and leaned against the railing to face him.

"I'm sorry," Amy told him softly.

"I'm not," he said. "You promised me an adventure of a lifetime. And you were right."

"Yeah. Well, I've had enough of the adventure," she said with a heavy sigh.

"Oh, come on. I dont believe that for a second," Scott told her, shifting his weight.

"I was going to send in my resignation to General O'Neill when the Lucian Alliance attacked," she informed him. "When I joined the SGC a little over eight years ago I signed on as part of Dr. Jackson's Archeology and Anthropology team back on the Base. Now, after three years at the SGC and five years on Atlantis fighting the Wraith and the Replicators, I just dont know . . ." she finished, trailing off.

"You're just tired, that's all," he told her. "You should have taken that break O' Neill was letting you take."

She eyed him. "Oh, trust me, I regret declining that offer."

Amy walked around, finally sitting on the bench out-looking the window. Scott went over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder gently.

"Meet you in the mess in an hour?" he asked.

She rested a hand o top of his, "I'll be there."

Lt. Scott retreated his hand and left Amy to her thoughts.


Mathew Scott left his foster-sister to her thoughts. Having just started working in the Stargate Program, it was hard for him to imagine how she was feeling. But it didnt mean he could still be there for her and help her through this rough patch. Amy might have been older than he is by a few years, but he still looked out for her in many ways.

He turned a corner and found him face to face with a Kino.

"Hello, Eli," he greeted and walked right past it.

The Kino turned and followed Scott, "How'd you know it was me?!" Elis voice echoed.

Lt. Scott gave the Kino a knowing look aimed for Eli.

"Right," Eli sighed loudly.

Mathew continued to walk, before turning another corner he called, "Don't get into too much trouble!"


Eli steered the Kino in the direction Lt. Scott had just come from, the Observation Deck. There was only one person in the room at the time. A female with short, wavy red hair. She wore glasses, he noticed, that surprisingly survived the rough transit through the Stargate.

The woman sighed and stood up. When she turned to leave she found herself face to face with the Kino.

"Hello, Eli," she greeted.

"Um, hi," he responded. "How'd you know it was me?"

"My brother warned me about you and these Kinos of yours," Amy eyed the Kino playfully, her brown eyes sparkled in a flirty way.

That look made Eli blush a little. He was glad that she could not see him blush. Eli cleared the lump in his throat.

"Your brother, eh? And do I know this brother of yours?" he asked.

Amy stepped around the Kino, motioning him to follow her and began to walk the ship.

"You do know him, yes," Amy answered.

"You're going to make me guess, aren't you?" Eli asked.

She smiled for her answer. Eli grinned back at her, although she couldnt see that he did.

Eli recognized where she was headed: straight towards him! He began to panic slightly as the lump in his throat returned. Eli liked that she was flirting with him. After all, hed never had a girl flirt with him before, until now. He was worried that once she would see him, she would loose interest.

Eli sighed, "Okay, give me a clue?"

"He's in the Air Force," she told him.

"Oh, that doesn't help! There's a lot of people here from the Air Force," he said, laughing a little.

Amy laughed too. He liked her laugh. It made his day just a ,little more light-hearted.

"Okay, let me think of another hint, then," she said, still smiling.

She turned a corner, as she thought, the Kino floating next to her. After a while, she said, "He trusts you."

The Kino stopped. Amy had reached her destination. Eli could clearly see her through the Kinos lenses. She leaned against the open doorway and waited for him to notice her. Or she was checking him out, he thought to himself, hopefully. The look on her face seemed like she was checking him out, anyway.

When he turned around to face her, there was no indication whether or not she found Eli attractive or not. He hoped she had, but doubted it as well.

"So, any idea who my brother is?" Amy asked with a smile.

"Lt. Scott?" Eli guessed.

"Very good. You are as smart as my brother said," she told him.

"Really? He said that?" he asked, a little stunned.

She nodded. Amy stepped forward and extended her hand.

"Dr. Amy Reed, Archeologist and Anthropologist," she introduced herself formally.

He reached out and shook her hand.

"Eli Wallace. Just Eli, he introduced himself not-so-formally. So, an Archeologist huh? What kind of things were you required on Icarus Base?" he then asked.

"You're going to have to ask Rush. Hes the one that requested me," Amy answered, shrugging. "Anyways, I was on my way to the Mess. Wanna join me?"

"Oh. Um. Sure," Eli said.

He set the Kino to roam the corridors freely, stood up and followed her out.

To be continued . . .