Sneaking onto the Phantomhive Estate was no difficult task. After all, I had already been there several times with my lovely red mistress. But then…I killed her, didn't I? Oh well, she was boring anyway. And then Will showed up and took me away, lecturing me on how "irresponsible" I had been, blah, blah, blah…. So I ran away again! Where was I going? Why, to find my Sebby, of course! After seeing him in action, I certainly wasn't going to let him get away that easily. Maybe there was a way I could get him out of my head and into—

"Ahem." A soft voice pulled me away from my thoughts as I paused in the entrance hall of the grand Phantomhive manor. I looked up to see my sexy Sebby standing there with a candelabrum in hand. Ironically, his form was practically glowing in the darkness. "Grell Sutcliff. What are you doing here? And in that disguise again…."

"I…actually came to see you," I told him, putting up my front of shyness. After all, not all men are strong enough to handle a fiery girl like me. "I thought…maybe you would like me more like this."

"You were mistaken. Now, I'll ask you to leave; my master is asleep." Frustrated with his coolness, I let my façade drop, pulling the ribbon from my hair.

"Oh, come on. You've got to work with me a little," I said. "Tell me what you do want and I can be it, I promise."

"Somehow, I doubt that," he answered stoically.

"Tch. That's just because you're into little boys," I grumbled. "But if I showed you what a real woman can do, you'd never be able to do it with someone else again…"

"I'm sure. Please leave," he repeated. Still, I'm not the type to give up once I've set a goal.

"Fine," I said, starting up the stairs.

"Where do you think you're going?" He didn't seem terribly concerned.

"To look for your little 'master,'" I told him. "I'm gonna wake him up."

"I can't allow that," Sebby said, suddenly meeting me at the top of the stairs. His cool gaze had turned icy, and I just loved it…! "If you wake him, he'll be displeased. If my master is displeased, I'll be displeased. I can't let you disturb him."

"That is a problem. After all, the only reason I'm here is to please you," I purred, leaning in close and rubbing up against him. "So throw me out." Not surprisingly, he hesitated, and I smirked. "But then, if we fight, it'll be loud, won't it?" I neglected to mention that Will had taken away my special Death Scythe, leaving me with only two pairs of very quiet scissors. "Of course, there's another way to keep me away from him."

"Are you trying to blackmail me into sleeping with you?" he asked plainly.

"If it were anyone else, it might be blackmail; for me, it's more like redmail," I giggled. "But you've got the idea right."

"There's a problem with your logic," he pointed out, cocking his head slightly to one side. "Even if I were to agree, you would surely still be loud."

"Ooh, that's just more exciting," I told him, nearly shivering with anticipation. "I'd be able to stay quiet, if that's what you wanted." He smirked just a little…or maybe that was my imagination.

"You might find that a harder task than you think." Meaning he could abuse me into screaming…!

"Why don't you try me," I suggested. He didn't answer, glancing away, so I added, "Remember, I'm not giving you much of a choice. Unless you stop me, I'm going." I strode past him, but had only taken a step or two before he grabbed my wrist, sending butterflies into my stomach.

"Fine," he said, though he seemed reluctant. "Follow me." Still keeping his grip on me, he led the way up the stairs in the opposite direction. My mind was buzzing with excitement; it was like a dream come true! With him so forcefully leading me through that huge house, I was already praying he would be mean to me. After being a mass-murderer for so long, maybe I could do with a little…punishment. When he brought me into a room and closed the door behind us, my heart swelled with excitement; I was in his bedroom!

"Now we're getting somewhere," I said, hopping up onto his bed while he set his candelabra down. I pulled my shoes off and threw them to the ground, letting my hair fall in my eyes in a sexy way. A brief roll of his eyes was his only reply. He took off his jacket and hung it in his closet, making my mouth practically water. Take it all off and get over here, now! While he walked back to the bed, I tore my own coat off and tossed it to the floor.

"Kiss me!" I said, pouting up at him as he took his tie off. He didn't even look at me.

"Excuse me; I was under the impression that I was in control here." He sat at the edge of his bed, and I threw myself at him, clinging to his shoulders.

"You have all the control you want; just do something," I whined. He made a "hmph" noise and pushed me down on my back, putting his lips to my neck. "Mm…why won't you kiss me?"

"If it's all the same to you, I'd rather your mouth stay as far from mine as possible," he said, only disappointing me further.

"What? Why?" I cried, and he paused for a moment.

"Open your mouth." Not eager to refuse an order like that, I did. He took off one glove and ran a finger over one of my teeth. He then showed me his fingertip. It was bleeding. "That is why."

"Aw, but what if I'm careful? I promise not to bite," I muttered, hoping I could keep that promise; my kisses tended to get a little rough.

"Tempting," he said sarcastically. "But no." As he shoved me down again, his mouth ravaged my neck, snapping and biting cruelly. But he was touching me, and that's really all that mattered.

"H-hold on," I managed. "My glasses!" Of course, the idea of taking them off made me a bit nervous, but I would have rather made myself vulnerable that way than let them get hurt in the…heat of the moment.

"Shouldn't you have thought of that before?" he answered, one hand already working at the buttons of my vest.

"But if I don't take them off, they'll just be in the way," I argued, so he sat back again, seeming mildly irritated by the repeated interruptions. I quickly pulled my glasses off, but they were chained around my neck; in my speed, the chain got caught in my hair. "Damn it! How unromantic."

"I would hardly consider this a romantic situation," Sebby answered, watching me struggle, unconcerned.

"Even if you don't, I do," I grumbled. "Agh! It's no use; they're stuck!" Sebby rolled his eyes and smacked my hands away, going at the knot with his own skilled fingers. That was…strangely sweet of him; I think I might have blushed a little. Within seconds, my glasses had been freed and expertly hung on a bedpost. Quickly stripping me of my vest and shirt, Sebastian spoke.

"No wonder you were such an inept butler. You, Grell Sutcliff, have no patience." Oh my. For some reason, just his mention of my name when he was so close lit a fire in my stomach, and suddenly…oh, I wanted him so much! When I reached up and tried to take his vest off too, he slapped my hand again. What's more, he climbed up on top of me, straddling my legs, and shoved my hands down on the bed. I was utterly immobilized and enjoying every moment.

"Mm, this is nice," I breathed as his mouth descended hotly on my chest. Seeming completely apathetic to my pleasure, he slid his fingertips under the edges of my gloves to push them up and off. Maybe he was being a tease, but those soft little casual touches just made it that much more intimate. He paused for a second to remove his own vest, gazing down at my pale torso.

"What is it?" I asked, stretching out nonchalantly beneath him. "Cuter than your little brat of a master, huh?"

"My relationship with my master is none of your business," he informed me. "Keep in mind, I'm doing this purely so you won't inconvenience him."

"Maybe it started that way, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too." I sat up a little and tried to kiss his chest, but he wrapped one hand around my neck and pushed me back down.

"What did I say about your mouth?"

"Y-you said you wanted it away from yours. You mean you won't let me kiss you at all?" I whined. "No fair! It's like you don't even want to enjoy it!" I stopped as I realized that he probably didn't. But that didn't make any sense; what was the point of sex if he wouldn't like it, too?

"I've already said why I'm doing this; it's not for pleasure, neither mine nor yours," he told me. I let out a growl and sat up as far as I could, kissing him hard on the mouth. Without a second of hesitation, he broke away, pulled back his hand and slapped me across the face; he had probably been anticipating something like that.

"Haa," I sighed happily, licking my lips. "Worth it. And I didn't cut you or anything."

"So you didn't," he replied, his thumbs slipping into the edge of my pants. "Even so, don't do it again."

"Oh, you're no f…ah…" I gasped as his tongue teased my hips. Since I was trying to talk, the sudden pleasure caught me a bit off-guard. Once he managed to get my pants off, much to my blushing delight, he spoke again.

"Red. I suppose I should've expected as much."

"Of course. And yours are probably black—no, white. That's the kind of person you are, uniform down to the last detail."

"Don't presume to know me so well." He was leaving a trail of quick, painful bites along my hips bones, and I moaned with every one to try to provoke him.

"Oh, Sebby…that's not nice," I said, though my squirming proved me a liar.

"It isn't meant to be," he answered, running his tongue wetly over each of those marks and making my heart beat speed up.

"Weren't you…mh…the one who told me that I have an attractive screaming voice?" I asked, glancing down at him.

"I seem to recall saying something like that," he answered, coming back to outline my ear with his tongue and chuckle at me softly. He could laugh at me all he wanted, so long as he kept this up. "When you were on the ground, begging for mercy…yes, 'attractive' was the word I used."

"So, don't you want to hear me beg for you again?"

"Don't flatter yourself." But he was letting me unbutton his shirt. He shrugged it off and threw it to the ground, revealing all those lovely muscles that made up his chest and stomach. Yum~

"Can I…?" I asked with quiet excitement, running my hands down his chest. His skin was cool and—ooh—so firm against mine. It seemed like my asking was an inconvenience.

"If you must." Happy to be able to do anything for him, I sat up and set my lips against his chest, placing soft kisses all over, even licking him gently; I had to make a conscious effort not to bite him. He must have enjoyed it at least a little, because his fingers ran through my hair at least twice while I was at work. Finally, he stopped me by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me away. "That's enough. Wasn't there something in particular you wanted?" I bit my lip and glanced lustily up at him.

"Mm-hm." Grabbing his bare hand, I pulled it up to my lips and took two fingers in my mouth to suck on them eagerly; everything about him was just so tasty. Watching me calmly, my Sebby spoke through my treatment.

"If you bite me, I won't hesitate to hit you again. Listen while you're doing that. We're in the servant's wing, which is far from my master's chambers, but there are other servants, so you should keep yourself as quiet as possible. Use your tongue more." He moved those digits deeper into my mouth, pressing down on my tongue, sending fire through my stomach and down toward my hips. Even though his orders were entirely calm and without passion, he was still telling me what he wanted, so I tried my best to do it. "Hm. That's better. It seems you've done this before." After a few moments more, he pulled his hand away, allowing me to speak.

"I've been around…for centuries. I should know how to…ah…" He was very slowly pulling my underwear off with his other hand, letting them drop to the floor along with everything else. He observed my overly-excited body in silence for just long enough to embarrass me, then reached down and pushed my legs slightly apart.

"Angle your hips a bit." I did, and his hand slid down to the curve of my backside, one wet finger forcing its way in too fast. The pain was welcome, though, and I moaned at him to give me more. Shaking his head at my enthusiasm, he complied. Those fingers moved and I let out a breathless gasp, wishing I could have him already.

"Please…I want—ah!"

"Just as I said before…no patience." His fingers moved deeper still, tearing a muffled cry from my lips. I couldn't tell if he was secretly trying to please me, or if he was just effortlessly perfect. "But then, I suppose it's foolish to expect patience from someone so obsessed with the color red. It's hardly what you'd call 'passive.'" When I dared to look up at him, what I saw made me gasp in shock. Sebastian's eyes, previously a deep amber color, had turned dark, smoldering red. Red!

"Kiss me. I'm begging you. You can hit me again if I hurt you, but I want—mmh…!" He cut me off by covering my mouth with his, and I tried my best to respond while still being careful not to cut him with my teeth. While all that was going on, he pulled his hand away so he could unbutton his own pants, breaking away from me to remove them. I acted without thinking about the consequences, leaning forward to slip my hand between his legs. The soft noise of surprise that escaped his lips thrilled me, as did the fact that he was already hard beneath my fingers. Then his hand gripped my throat tightly, and he forced me back down, my hands flying up to clutch at his. If he thought those brief moments of force and pain were punishment, he was sadly mistaken.

"Remember your place, Reaper," he ordered, and I was ready to play the part of the obedient puppy if that was what he wanted. He reached up and covered my eyes with that same hand, then removed his own underwear (which were, in fact, white). I opened my mouth to voice my excitement, but he told me not to speak, so I shut up quickly. He positioned himself between my legs and, without warning, began to rub and press cruelly against me, without actually pushing it in. Sounding amused by my distress, he spoke into my ear, "This is what you came for, isn't it?" Still blind, I nodded fervently. "And you'll keep yourself quiet?" Finally, he pushed just barely inside, and I let out an almost silent gasp. I wasn't sure if this was mercy or just worse teasing.

"Yes," I agreed breathlessly. "Anything you want; just please…!"

"Begging is certainly a talent of yours. I suppose those manners should be rewarded." Making sure to go so slowly that I could barely stand it, he forced the entire length inside. It slid in relatively easily; the thought occurred to me that he must have wet it with his mouth, and I wished he'd have let me do it instead. Not that I had time to complain….

"Hm. Not…quite what I expected," he admitted, stopping where he was so I could get used to his presence.

"What…what do you mean?" I asked. Even though he took his hand away from my eyes, my vision was still a bit blurry.

"Only that your body temperature is abnormally high," he pointed out, slowly beginning to pull his hips back and sending my mind in a hundred different directions at once.

"That's natural. You are—ah—inside my body, after all," I managed, loving the way that sounded. I was also amazed with my own ability to form sentences even as he pushed back inside. The slow pacing was a blessing and a curse. Sure, I needed to get used to it, but part of me wanted him to disregard my comfort completely and use me however he needed.

"Even so, this is more like the heat of a fire. No human is like this." Though he was doing a pretty good job of staying calm, there was something in his voice that told me the feeling was affecting him a little more than he cared to admit.

"Hnn. Well, that only makes sense—ah, Sebby; I'm no human. I'm glad you…think I'm so hot, though," I laughed airily, clawing at the sheets beneath me so I wouldn't claw down his back; he was picking up speed now, and my heart followed suit. Of course, that was my Sebby; even before we started, I knew he would be good…. Shaking his head at me, he leaned down and pressed his lips to my neck. Teeth met flesh, and I whimpered in pain, but he ignored me and bit harder and harder until I let out a shriek. Immediately clamping his hand over my mouth, he paused while he was still deep inside, leaving me to struggle for breath.

"Haven't I already told you twice that you would have to be quiet? If you can't do that, I'll stop." He began to pull away, but I wrapped my legs all the way around him, holding him where he was.

"Don't stop," I whispered desperately, pulling his hand away so I could speak. "I can be quiet; you just surprised me. I promise I'll try harder!" Funny how my little scheme had gone from blackmail to redmail to flat-out begging. That must have pleased him, though, because his lips curved upward once again.

"If you're sure." Crushing my hopes of a kiss, he kept his lips at a horizontal parallel with mine while he resumed his slow thrusts, building up speed until I was moaning softly with every breath. He was just so damn good at that! Did he practice on his little master? If I'd had time to think about that, it might have bothered me, but I was too busy—

"Aah…ah…Sebas…tian…!" It was obvious to both of us that I was getting close to the edge of my sanity, close to being lost behind a veil of white heat…. Poetic, no? Sex does that to people, mortal or not. My chest heaving, I held tightly onto his shoulders, just seconds away from—

Then he stopped.

Right in the middle of all my thoughts of how amazing he was and how much I loved him and all that stereotypical stuff that goes through your head when your lover is pushing you to orgasm, he stopped.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I growled, looking up at him in furious confusion.

"Didn't you say that you wanted me to enjoy this too?" he asked softly, circling my lips with his fingertips. Ooh, he was dangerous.

"Yes." Somehow, I was spellbound. With just a few words and a glance from those red eyes, he had me completely under his control.

"Then you should have the patience to wait for me," he said into my ear, and I nodded, utterly intoxicated by his closeness. So he waited until I had calmed down before starting again. And it still felt just as good…but every time I started to get close, Sebastian would stop again and say something like, "You can be patient or I can stop altogether." Then I would have to shake my head vigorously and tell him, "I can wait, I can wait!" But we finally reached a point where I didn't think his stopping would stop me. He seemed to realize that, because he slowed down but didn't stop completely.

"Mm…I can't…I-I need…." I moaned incoherently, my own hand starting to drift between my legs. Not surprisingly, he grabbed my wrist and forced it up over my head.

"My, my. Where did those ladylike manners go?" he asked. Even as he called me a lady, I knew he was just making fun of me….

"B-but I can't…I need something there," I replied pathetically. This whole experience was degrading, and I couldn't decide whether I loved it or hated it. Much to my surprise and relief, Sebby then reached down between my legs to help me, his cool hand teasing me all the way to my breaking point. "Se-Sebastian…ah-hah!" Slapping one hand over my mouth, I allowed myself to moan wantonly, bucking my hips against him. His movement didn't stop, driving my hypersensitive body absolutely crazy. Just a few moments after I did, he came too, tearing my hand away from my lips so he could kiss me fiercely. Tongues met, teeth snapped, moans clashed, and my back arched tightly at the knowledge that he was coming inside me.

When he moved to lie next to me, I was still gasping for air, my hair vividly staining the clean white of his bed…but for him, it seemed like he'd done nothing more trying than serving dinner to a table of four. I swore to myself that someday, I would exhaust him completely, too. Sighing heavily, I crawled up close to him and wrapped my arms around his stomach, trailing my fingers along his skin. For about 7 seconds, I got to lie there and be happy, and then he pushed me firmly away.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Mmph. I just wanted to cuddle," I whined. Isn't that what everyone does after sex? Especially really good sex.

"Cuddle?" he repeated. "You're fooling yourself about my motives again."

"Oh, Sebby," I sighed, dragging a sheet over my weak and tingling body. "You know, it's harder for me to take those words seriously now that we're lovers." He actually laughed at that. Not just the dark chuckle I had heard before, it was a genuine laugh. Maybe not joyful, but at least real.

"We are not lovers."

"Sure we are. We made love; we're lovers," I explained.

"You're forgetting why I did this in the first place. It was simply a one-time occurrence that will undoubtedly never happen again."

"Never say 'never,' Sebby," I giggled, placing one more brief kiss on his neck.