Melrose Place: Our Way

Chapter One: Welcome to the Jungle

Jasmine Rodriguez, a twenty-two year old woman walked out of her apartment wearing a short little black dress that complimented her hourglass figure as she locked her door behind her. She brushed her black bangs out of her emerald green eyes and walked down the stairs of her building and around the pool towards the street, her little black clutch purse in hand, where her 1996 silver pathfinder waited. She entered her vehicle and stepped on the gas as she headed to her favorite bar.

She pulled into the parking lot of Toxic, a bar where happy hour was every hour. She walked in making heads turn here and there, heading over to the counter and waiting to be serviced. Music pumped loudly over the speakers as a group of people danced at the center of the dance floor situated in the middle of the bar/club. Kyle Dobson, a twenty-five year old male, walked over to Jasmine from the other side of the bar to take her drink order. He was dressed in a grey shirt and Dark jeans, dressed more for comfort rather than show, his short brown hair windswept to the right where it covered his right eye.

"What do you want ma'am?" He asked her. "A Cosmo? A Whisky Sour?" He asked giving her a few options. "No, I want a Dry Martini on the rocks." Jasmine ordered. Kyle grabbed a glass and began mixing Vermouth with a little bit of Vodka, before dropping an olive inside. "Here you go." He said smiling at her as he handed her the dry martini. She grabbed the drink and swallowed the entire thing in one gulp. "Whoa" She slightly shouted. "One more." She told him as she munched on the olive, almost seductively.

"Ha, you sure you don't want to drink that a little slower?" Kyle asked her in disbelief, beginning to make another Dry martini for her. "I'll drink it at whatever pace I want okay?" Jasmine responded, her words coming out a little bit slurred as she hadn't even bothered to eat before coming to the bar. "Whatever you say." Kyle smiled, handing her the martini, before walking towards another customer looking back at her every once in a while as she slowly drank her second Martini.

Tess Johnson sat on her bed reading a book in her apartment. Sometimes she wished she wasn't so shy. Here she was, alone on a Saturday night, in her pajama's reading a murder mystery novel while other people her age were out enjoying L.A. and all it had to offer. She had been so cautious and sheltered her entire life, she was never really a people person.

Then She heard Rock music booming from outside her room in the courtyard. She walked over to her window and noticed Jensen Kincaid, a twenty six year old male who had moved in a few weeks ago, working on his bike. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, which was covered in oil stains as he worked with the motor. Tess wouldn't admit it but she had often wondered what it would be like to be held by him, looking in to his brown eyes as he caressed her in his arms.

Suddenly an amazingly beautiful blonde woman walked in and snuck up behind Jensen. She was dressed in a revealing red gown and was around her late twenties or early thirties. She reached her hand out and reached for Jensen, rubbing his shoulders as to get his attention.

He immediately turned off his music and looked at her. "Matilda? I thought I told you never to come here!" Tess heard Jensen say to the blond. "I'm sorry, I was feeling a little lonely." Matilda responded, smiling as her hands continued to roam his body. "Inside now!" He told her as she entered Apartment number one, his apartment.

He looked around and noticed Tess watching from her window. She quickly let go of the curtain and hid behind her wall, Jensen entering his apartment behind the blond. Tess took a deep breath as she peeked outside to see he was gone. "Who am I kidding?" She asked herself looking I the mirror. "That girl was gorgeous and I'm just plain." She mumbled running her fingers through her long brown hair and looking at her green eyes hidden behind her glasses. She threw herself back onto her bed and continued to read, accepting she wouldn't go anywhere with Jensen.

"I told you to never come to my home, I have neighbors you know." Jensen said looking through his blinds to make sure no one saw him go inside with Matilda. "Please, I'm sure you bring girls home all the time, I won't make a difference." Matilda smiled sitting on his couch. "What do you want?" Jensen asked as he turned to face her. "I was hoping we could have a little fun tonight. My husband is out of town and I was feeling a little lonely at my house in Beverly Hills, I started thinking about you Jens." Matilda Smiled.

"You know my price." Jensen said regrettably knowing he couldn't turn Matilda down. She was his best customer. "Ten thousand. Three thousand for you and seven for you're uncle." Matilda said as she pulled out a roll of money from her chest, and placed in on the coffee table. "I know how you like to see the money first." Matilda smiled as she stood up from the couch and walked over to Jensen, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Good escort." Matilda hummed as she began to kiss Jensen along his jawline, while taking his shirt off.

Jensen never planned on becoming a male escort, more commonly known as a gigolo, but he'd do whatever he had to in order to raise enough money to open his own custom car shop. His uncle was essentially his pimp. He arranged the dates while Jensen carried out the tasks. Lonely housewives with rich husbands were usually his customers. He was just waiting until he had enough money to pay his debt off to his uncle, get out of the escorting business, and open his custom car shop.

"We're about to close." Kyle told Jasmine as he wiped down the counter with a moist rag. "I'm not ready to go home." Jasmine mumbled, her head laying on the counter. "You don't have to go home, you just have to go." Kyle told her, a smile spreading across his face. "Well, maybe I can go home with you?" She said seductively. "You don't mean that." Kyle laughed. "What if I do? What time do you get off?" Jasmine asked him, smiling.

Kyle couldn't believe he was actually thinking about hooking up with this girl. The first rule in business was to never date the client but she was more than beautiful, and willing. Plus, he wouldn't technically be dating her, they'd just have meaningless sex throughout the night. "I get off in fifteen." He told her. "Well, I'll wait for you around front." Jasmine said grabbing her purse as she walked out the doors of the empty bar, stumbling a little along the way.

"Took you long enough." Jasmine said staring at Kyle's 2008 black Lexus, as he pulled up to the front of Toxic. She entered the car and looked at the back seat which was full of home essentials such as lamps, a plasma screen television, and piles of clothes. "Going somewhere?" she slurred nodding her head towards the pile of objects in the back seat. "Ah, My house burned down a few weeks ago and I'm staying at a motel a few blocks from Toxic." Kyle confessed, oddly feeling comfortable with the drunken female.

"Right… So what's the real reason?" Jasmine asked. "Hiding from the Mafia? The F.B.I? The ISS?" Kyle couldn't help but laugh. "Actually I'm serious. But I found a place this morning so I piled everything I could in this afternoon. I'm moving in tomorrow." Kyle truthfully told her. "I liked the Mafia excuse better." Jasmine said as Kyle pulled into a motel.

The two walked to a motel room as Kyle fumbled to open the lock. When he finally opened the door, He walked in with Jasmine behind. Jasmine didn't waste any time as she immediately slammed the door and turned Kyle around, pulling him into a passionate kiss. The two of them stayed like that before falling on top of the bed, with Her on top of him as she pulled off his shirt.

Jensen woke up at around six o'clock in the morning in his apartment alone. Matilda must've left in the middle of the night after Jensen had fallen asleep. He got up from his bed and headed towards his living room where the roll of money Matilda had brought him for his services still sat on the coffee table. He sat on his couch and opened the roll and pulled out his three thousand and started to count off the seven thousand he owed his uncle.

When he was through counting, he discovered there was an Extra two thousand dollars with a note from Matilda. "For your Car shop" the note read. Jensen smiled just as his cell phone rang on the coffee table before him. 'Uncle Burns' The caller Id said. Jensen picked up the phone and answered. "Hello, Uncle." Jensen said a little irritated. "Matilda called, said you did good." Peter Burns, Jensen's uncle said from the other side of the phone.

"You could've at least warned me you were going to send her over." Jensen retorted. "But where's the fun in that?" Peter laughed. "So when are you going to come for you're seventy percent?" Jensen asked. "I'll be over soon." Peter said before hanging up. Jensen took a deep breathe before leaning backwards on the couch and covering his face with both hands.

Jasmine turned to her right and blinked as she slowly woke up. In front of her was an alarm clock blinking the time, 6:21. She got up slowly as to not wake up Kyle who slept beside her. 'How drunk was I?' She asked herself. It wasn't that he wasn't good looking, he was, It was just that she never slept with strangers whenever she drank. 'God, now I can't go to Toxic.' She thought as she zipped her little black dress back on, grabbing her prada heels and slowly leaving outside, barefoot, as she tiptoed down the road heading to where she parked her car the night before.

When she arrived to the parking lot, she started her car and drove away to her apartment. She pulled up to the apartment Complex she lived at and stepped out of her pathfinder and sneaked through the entrance, hoping none of the residents were awake to see her come home from a one night stand. Suddenly, Rose Milano, a nineteen year old female with Long Brown hair and chocolate eyes, walked into the building with earphones in her ears playing her favorite rock hits. She was dressed in a black sports bra and short-shorts, Her hair in a pony-tail, as she had just returned from her morning jog.

"Jasmine? Are you just coming home?" Rose asked in disbelief, pulling her earphones out of her ears as she looked at Jasmine. "My my, and I thought Librarians didn't know how to party." Rose laughed as she walked past an embarrassed Jasmine, and up the stairs to her apartment that she shared with her brother, Derek, who was currently out of town.

Jasmine cursed under her breath as she ran past the stairs Rose went up and snuck into apartment number 4, her apartment. She tiptoed her way towards her room only to be stopped by her roommate who was eating cereal in the Kitchen. "Where were you?" Tess asked Jasmine, taking a bite of cheerios. "Out." Jasmine said sheepishly, getting caught sneaking in by two people. "Who was he?" Tess continued. "The bartender at Toxic." Jasmine confessed.

"If we're banned from Toxic, I'm moving out." Tess called out to Jasmine who ran into her own bedroom, to get away from anymore criticism or embarrassment. Tess chuckled picking up her pen before starting to do the day's crossword puzzle. Jasmine undressed and got into her robe before walking over to the bathroom she shared with Tess to take a shower.

Kyle woke up at around eight in the morning only to find Jasmine gone. He wasn't really disappointed, He expected Jasmine to leave early he just thought he might've been

awake before she left. He Packed the last of his thing into his Lexus before handing the manager, of the hotel he stayed in, his room Key. He entered his car and drove off to his new place.

He arrived on the street and arrived at the place where he had signed the lease to live at the day before. He parked his Lexus at the entrance of the apartment complex before and carried a box full of picture frames out with him as he headed inside. At the courtyard, He saw a young brown haired female with chocolate eyes swimming in the pool with a black haired male with blue eyes and a goatee. Sunbathing was a light skinned male with a Shaven head and brown eyes wearing a pair of trunks and a white wifebeater.

The male who was sunbathing stood up from his deck chair and walked over to Kyle who looked at the Spanish style apartments, still not believing he was going to get to live there. "Hi, I'm Ryan Magnin, You're Kyle Dobson right?" Ryan asked shaking Kyle's hand. "Follow me, you've got a great room." Ryan told him as He led Kyle around the pool towards the last room on the right side of the apartments. "Sorry." Another brown haired female said as she bumped into him, as she exited her apartment wearing glasses over her green eyes and a sophisticated business suit.

"The rent is a grand a month, You've got a single bedroom, one bath with Kitchen, Living room, and dining room, and free Satellite." Ryan told Kyle, unlocking the door to apartment number six. "It's perfect." Kyle said. "Listen, Do you own this place? You seem kind of young." Kyle inquired. "No, It's my father's place. I just manage the building." Ryan responded. "You need help bringing your stuff in?" Ryan asked. "Uh yeah, just let me set this down." Kyle said putting down the box he'd been carrying the entire time and walking with Ryan towards the entrance.

"Is he staring at me?" Kyle asked Ryan after noticing the guy with long black hair in a ponytail and a goatee staring at him from the edge of the pool. "Who? Marcus? He does that to everyone. He's actually pretty cool…..If you call emotionally detached and moody cool." Ryan said thinking about it for a while before following Kyle outside of the building to get more of his belongings.

Jasmine walked out of her Apartment, in a bikini, with a towel in her hand as she headed to the pool where Rose was splashing water at Marcus who was covering his hair. "Hey Marcus, guess who I caught sneaking in at six o'clock this morning?" Rose smiled, getting out of the pool and drying her long brown hair. "You?" Marcus laughed. "That's what I said! I used to respect librarians so much." Rose mocked her. "Whatever. Can you just quiet down a little? I still have a raging hangover." Jasmine said making Rose laugh.

"By the way, Have you seen the new guy?" Rose asked Jasmine. "He is such a hottie." Rose said as Jasmine looked towards the entrance after hearing two males laughing. Shock filled her face as she quickly turned around to avoid Kyle's Gaze. "What's the matter?" Rose asked at Jasmine's strange behavior. "It's him!" Jasmine whispered in a horrified tone.

"No way!" Rose said realizing that Kyle was Jasmine's one night stand. Kyle stared at Jasmine trying to verify if she was the one from Toxic. He looked over her and noticed a Tattoo on her lower back of a butterfly and he knew it was Jasmine. "Hold on a second." Kyle told Ryan who stopped halfway to Kyle's new apartment, holding a plasma screen. "Jasmine?" Kyle asked as he neared the two girls. Jasmine gave in and turned to look at Kyle. "What is it?" Jasmine asked. "I just wanted to give you something back." Kyle said reaching into his box as he pulled out a bra and gave it to Jasmine.

The entire building burst into laughter. Ryan at the center of the courtyard, Rose who stood right next to Jasmine, and even Marcus who usually never shows any emotion laughed in the pool. Jasmine fumed and watched as Kyle and Ryan went to the apartment Kyle had just rented. Jasmine ran into her own apartment on the other side of Kyle's, locking the door behind her.