Chapter Eight: Domino

Author's Note: I'm oober sorry for thefive month wait. I started Role-playing again and basically stopped writing fanfics. I feel horrible. =(. The events here happen almost simultaneously to the events of the last chapter so the endings merge in a way. You'll get it when you see it. anyways. enjoy.

Ryan Magnin

Knock. Knock. Knock. Ryan stood outside his father's door waiting for a response. The door slowly opened, revealing Amanda standing on the other side. "Oh. Hey Ryan, How are you doing?" Amanda asked. "I'm great. Listen, can I speak to my father?" Ryan asked looking over her shoulder. Amanda's smile turned into a frown as she looked at Ryan. "He's upstairs packing." Amanda informed him.

"He's packing? Packing for what?" Ryan asked incredulously. "He's packing for our honeymoon. We're leaving for the Caribbean tomorrow." Amanda smiled. "Wait. You're married already? He just proposed to you less than a month ago." Ryan pointed out. "Well, when you're our age, you can't really wait to get married." Amanda said, "Your father was a little hurt that you didn't show up at the courthouse this morning. I doubt he's in the mood to talk to you."

"How could I have shown up? I didn't even know you were getting married" Ryan protested. "Really, I left you several voicemails informing you of the event." Amanda said, "Well, I have to go. Your father's not going to pack my bags." Amanda said, beginning to close the door. "Wait; is there something you can tell my father?" Ryan asked. "Why of course." Amanda said, opening the door a little bit.

"Tell him I got a job at Ophelia's. I'm going to be singing there tonight." Ryan said, giving Amanda a card with the directions on how to get there written on the back. "I'll make sure he gets it." Amanda said, taking the card and closing the door in his face, throwing the card away in the trash before heading upstairs to pack for her Trip with George.

Sebastian Schroeder

"Sebastian, I have the information you asked for." Chief Daugherty said as Sebastian passed his office. Sebastian entered the Chief's office and sat across from him. "May I see it?" Sebastian asked, reaching out to grab the file as the Chief handed it to him. Aryanna Schroeder, The folder read. "Thank you sir." Sebastian responded, getting ready to leave the chief's office.

"Excuse me, but may I ask why you wanted your sister's file?" The Chief asked, stopping Sebastian from leaving. "I've been trying to contact her but she hasn't responded. I've even gone as far as going to her job but they've told me that she hasn't shown up for work in the past two weeks." Sebastian answered. "You think something's happened to her?" Chief Daugherty asked.

"I do. We've had our differences before but she'd never not return my calls or not show up to work." Sebastian explained. "I see. And what do you plan on doing with the folder I gave you?" Chief asked. "I was going to register her car in the stolen vehicle system and hope we could at least find that and get some clues to where she is." Sebastian explained. "I hope you can find her." Chief Daugherty said, Sebastian leaving his office to report his sister's car as "stolen".

Tess Johnson

Tess glared at Athena as her blond rival passed her desk and walked over to her temporary office. Athena gave Tess a smile before disappearing into her cubicle. It was then that Tess lost it. She pulled her headset off and slammed it on her desk. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Tess asked angered.

"I'm only doing what's necessary to make sure you fall flat on your ass and never work in this town again." Athena smiled as she grabbed several files from her desk drawer. "You Bitch…" Tess began before Athena cut her off. "Sorry, I'd love to chat but I have to help my client set up for his gig." Athena walked out leaving Tess in her office.

Tess felt lightheaded as she walked out of Athena's cubicle. She gripped the wall as she headed for her desk but she became so disoriented, she collapsed in the middle of the aisle. "Are you all right?" Amanda asked Tess as she came to her side after grabbing some files before her trip. "I'm fine." Tess answered, sitting upright.

"You don't look too well. Maybe you should see a doctor." Amanda advised, helping Tess up before heading out. Tess stumbled over to her desk and picked up her office phone dialing her physician. The phone rang a couple times before there was an answer. "Dr. Faris, I think I need to talk." Tess said, making an appointment.

Amanda Woodward

"Honey, I'm home." Amanda said as she entered George's estate, locking the door behind her. Amanda wandered into the living room, glancing around for her husband. "George, are you here?" Amanda called once again before walking into the Kitchen, not really surprised at the scene in front of her.

"Dammit." Amanda groaned. Before her was George on the ground clutching his chest. "You drank all of the Gatorade didn't you?" Amanda hummed grabbing an empty bottle from the ground. "You were supposed to die on the plane but I guess there's no turning back now." Amanda said aloud, George reaching out to her with his hand.

"Please, you think I'm going to help you? I just wanted you for your money." Amanda cooed, leaning onto the countertop, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl and taking a bite, waiting for George to hurry up and die.

Savannah Spencer

"And what emotions did you feel when you discovered your roommates body?" Savannah's police appointed grief counselor asked. "I… I felt shock at first. I couldn't believe that she was dead. Just a few days before, we had gone to see a movie and there she was, dead inside of her closet." Savannah answered. "I see," Her counselor said as he wrote down a few notes on his legal pad.

"What are you writing?" Savannah asked. "Just a few notes so I can keep up with your progress." He responded. "I see." Savannah said. "Now is it true you and Catherine got into an argument the night you had gone to see a movie?" Her therapist asked. "I don't see what that has to do with my progress." Savannah replied defensively.

"These are just required questions." He answered. "For a suspect," Savannah responded. "Listen, I've told you all I know. I had nothing to do with Catherine's death. I'm innocent." Savannah protested.

Ryan Magnin

"How many people are out there?" Ryan asked Athena as he tweaked the strings on his guitar. "It's a full house. You better not disappoint me." Athena responded, adjusting his shirt collar. "Is Tess here too?" Ryan asked Athena. "Actually, she had to deal with another client but she wishes she could've been here." Athena answered.

"Maybe I should give her a call and thank her for making this happen." Ryan suggested, pulling his cell phone out. "No time for that," Athena responded, taking his cell phone from his hands and placing it on the dresser. "You're up." Athena led Ryan through the backroom towards the stage.

"Thank you for being here. I don't think I'd be able to have the guts to do this if it wasn't for you." Ryan admitted before hugging Athena, walking out on stage when he let go. He sat on the stool in the middle of the stage and looked out to the crowd. He lifted his pick and placed his hands on the neck, playing a chord as he started playing.

Sebastian Schroeder

"Is this it?" Sebastian asked an officer as he exited his cruiser in front of the Regent Beverly Wilshire. "Her car was located here." The officer informed Sebastian. "Thanks." Sebastian responded, walking past him and into the hotel. "Is there an Aryanna Schroeder checked in?" Sebastian asked the receptionist.

"Yes, she's rented the Penthouse suite for the rest of the week." He responded. "LAPD, I need access to that room." Sebastian responded, showing the receptionist his badge. The two of them ascended to the penthouse suite and knocked on the door several times, waiting for a response. "Open the door." Sebastian ordered, the employee using the master card to open the door. Sebastian entered, inspecting the suite thoroughly.

"There's no one here." Sebastian noticed as he exited the room and walked into the hallway, pulling out his talkie to report Aryanna as an official "Missing person". That was when he noticed his mother's wedding ring on the floor. The ring which Aryanna had kept after their parents died. "Open this room" Sebastian ordered, picking up Aryanna's ring at the entrance of the door across the hall.

The employee opened the door and Sebastian stormed in. Inside, furniture was thrown around along with several linens. "What happened in here?" The employee muttered out loud. "I think I know." Sebastian answered as he bent over to pick up a business card off the ground. "Ralston's Junkyard,"It read. Sebastian jumped to his feet and ran out of the room, headed to his cruiser to find his sister with his newest clue.

Tess Johnson

Dr. Faris reentered her office as Tess sat on the examination table. "What's wrong with me?" Tess asked Dr. Faris. "I'm sorry to inform you of this but Tess, It seems you are pregnant." Dr. Faris said. "Pregnant? I can't be." Tess said in shock. "The tests confirm it. You are six weeks in." She explained. "But I can't be." Tess pressed on.

"I'm not going to lie to you Tess," Dr. Faris began as she pulled up her stool and sat near Tess. "When you first came into my office, I noticed bruising around your vagina. As a medical doctor, I was by law, allowed to perform a rape kit on you if I saw the slightest chance you could've been." She admitted.

"I didn't want him to. He just forced himself on me." Tess admitted after a moment o silence. Tears began to stream out of her eyes as she spoke. "It's ok." Dr. Faris said, pulling Tess into her as she attempted to comfort her. "You don't have to go through this alone. We have counselors who can talk to you until you're ready to deal with this." Dr. Faris added.

Tess wiped away a few tears with the palm of her hand before looking up at Dr. Faris. "I don't think I can abort." Tess admitted, speaking of her baby. "No one is telling you to. You just take your time and think about what you're going to do." She consulted, Tess nodding as Dr. Faris offered her some tissues from a Kleenex box.

Amanda Woodward

Amanda stood next to the sink, unscrewing a bottle of champagne. She retrieved a crystal glass and filled it with wine and turned around to look at George, crumpled on the floor. "You are going to make me one of the richest women alive." Amanda said, taking a sip of the wine. "'91," Amanda said referring to the age of the wine. "The same year Ryan was born." Amanda pointed out, with a smile.

"Hello? Dad, are you here? I'm home." Mike called out as the front door to the house opened. Amanda panicked and dropped the glass of wine in shock, the crystal shattering and the red wine painting the floor. "No!"Amanda screamed, going into a bout of pure terror. Tears flowed from her eyes as she leaned over George's body.

Mike rushed into the kitchen and looked at the scene before him. "What happened?" Mike panicked. "We…we…" Amanda said several times as if on repeat, her sobs making anything she said anything but understandable. "Don't worry Amanda, I'm calling the hospital." Mike answered as he reached for the phone on the counter and called 911.

"Hello? I need an ambulance at 567 Virtue lane. I think my father's just had a heart attack." Mike explained, his voice trembling as Amanda sobbed. "Yes… I'll hold." Mike replied the operator as an ambulance was dispatched.

Savannah Spencer

"I think that's all the time we have for today." Savannah's counselor said, closing his legal pad. "Two hours of my life wasted." She responded. "You have made progress. Last week you barely spoke a word." He noted. "That's because you interviewed me not even an hour after I found my roommate's corpse." Savannah added.

"I'm going to prescribe_. Take it twice a day for a week straight." He ordered."Ok Doctor." Savannah said, taking the slip he was handing her. "It should help you sleep." He added. "See you next week doctor." Savannah said as she walked out of his office, bumping into a man in his early forties as she entered the rest of the police station.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." Savannah apologized. "It's my fault ma'am. I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm Chief Daugherty." He said introducing himself. "I'm Savannah Spencer." She responded. "You're the one who found the body of your roommate aren't you?" He asked, having heard her name before.

"I am." She admitted. "I'm very sorry for your loss. If there's anything you need. You can call me anytime." He said giving her his card. "Why thank you." Savannah responded, taking the card before walking away. She glanced back at him momentarily before leaving the station and heading back to her dorm.

Ryan Magnin

"Thanks, you guys have been great." Ryan said to the audience after finishing the first half of his set. "I'll be back in a few minutes." He added as he stood up and walked off the stage and to the area backstage where Athena waited. "They loved you!" Athena shrieked as she pulled him into a hug.

"Do you know If Tess made it yet?" Ryan asked, taking a drink from a cold water bottle. "I haven't seen her." Athena said sincerely. "I'm just going to check my phone real quick." Ryan said as she grunted. Ryan opened his cell phone and saw various missed calls from Mike. Ryan redialed and waited for him to answer.

"Hello?" Ryan said. "You called?" Athena paced around the room not knowing who he was talking to. "Your break is almost over." She added, pointing at the back of her wrist. "I have to go." Ryan said, pulling his guitar off and putting his phone away. "Where do you think you're going?" Athena demanded, grabbing his wrist.

"There's a representative from a major label here. If you leave now, your chance is over." Athena reiterated. "I'm sorry." Ryan added before leaving the back room and rushing to his car as he headed to the hospital to see his father.

Sebastian Schroeder

Sebastian drove up the dirt path that led to Ralston's Junkyard. He saw nothing that indicated that Aryanna was anywhere nearby. He pulled over to the side of the road and got out of his car and scanned the area, searching for his little sister.

Sebastian walked a little further down the road until he came upon a car parked before a group of people. It was two guys with a female in between, held by one of the guys from behind. It wasn't until a few seconds passed that he realized the female being held was his sister. "Aryanna!" He shouted, raising his gun and pointing it directly at the men before him.

"Sebastian, Help!" Aryanna shouted, Simon loosening his grip on her. Before Sebastian could react, Simon took off running, able to disappear behind a hill of metal around the corner. Samuel spun around to face Sebastian, pulling his own gun out in the process to shoot Sebastian, but was too late. Sebastian fired.

Aryanna wept as Samuel fell to the ground beside her. "She trembled as Sebastian came to her side, enveloping her with his arms, refusing to let go. "I'm here. It's going to be ok. I promise." Sebastian breathed into her hear as he scanned to area for Simon. It didn't matter though. He had his sister back.

Tess Johnson

Tess walked into the apartment complex in a daze. She still hadn't gotten over the fact she was pregnant. She also couldn't believe that even though she had the opportunity to tell someone what Edward did to her, she remained quiet. She just didn't have the courage necessary to do it.

"Tess, Are you ok? I heard you fainted at work." Vito said approaching her as he carried his mail from the box to his apartment. Tess turned around, allowing him to see her bloodshot eyes. "My go, are you ok?" He asked. Tess nodded trying to find the words within her to talk.

"I'm pregnant." Tess admitted, tears streaming from her eyes. "What? I thought you were abstinent." Vito pointed out. "That doesn't even matter," Tess said, wiping her tears away. "The point is, I have a human being growing inside me but no idea how I'm going to take care of it." Tess said.

"We'll help you." Vito said, referring to everyone living in the building. "We're all a family." He added. "Thanks." Tess whispered, a smirk appearing on her face as she walked off to her apartment. "Who's the father?" Vito asked out of curiosity. "You don't know him." Tess lied, entering her apartment and closing the door behind her.

Amanda Woodward

Amanda paced in the waiting room as she waited to hear word on what happened to George. "Ryan!" Amanda heard Mike say from across the room. She spun around and saw her oldest stepson walk in out of breath. "How is he?" Ryan asked aloud. "They haven't said a thing." Amanda admitted her voice full of worry.

Not because she was afraid that George was dead, but because not enough time had passed and if the doctors checked, they'd probably still be able to find the poison inside of him. "Ms. Magnin." A doctor said upon entering the waiting room. Amanda looked up to find her husband, well ex husband, standing there.

"What is it?" Amanda asked. "We need to talk about your husband." He said, Amanda nodding before joining him outside the waiting room. "You're lucky I was on call tonight." Peter said to her. "What happened?"Amanda demanded, wanting to know if she had been caught.

"I was able to fake that he had a heart attack but it wasn't easy with all the nurses around me." He whispered. "As long as he's dead, I'm happy. Peter nodded. "Good. Now go tell my stepsons in there that their father is dead." Amanda commanded, Peter leaving to do as Amanda asked. He had to if wanted to get is hands on that money too.

Savannah Schroeder

Savannah sat in her bed, "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks opened before her. She'd read the book several times but reading was better than watching television and being constantly reminded about what happened to Catherine by the crime that was constantly shown.

She jumped when she heard her cell phone ring. She calmed her nerves before reaching for it on her nightstand, taking a few deep breaths before answering. "Hello?" Savannah asked. "Ms. Spencer, we're calling in regards of the internship you applied for." Someone from the school's office said.

"Internship? I didn't apply for an internship." Savannah said. "You're right." The person said after a few seconds of going through paperwork. "You were actually requested to work down town at the police station." He informed her. "Can I ask who?" Savannah asked. "It say's here his name is Officer Daugherty." She was told. Savannah flashed back to earlier that afternoon when she ran into the police chief.

Why did he want to hire her though? Savannah switched her phone from her left ear to her right. "What exactly do I have to do to accept the position?" Savannah asked, grabbing a legal pad from her desk and taking notes.