Holy Crap, New Story~!

0.o….wow. Been about a year since I last uploaded anything new. Well, I would just like people who have read my Bleach stories to know that I'm not giving up on them. Life has been pretty hectic this year, and I have had no time to update. So, this is a little thing to say I'm not dead!

The story that will be updated regularly is a crossover between Persona 4( my favourite game) and Class of 3000(my favourite show). I don't think this a far off crossover because 1. The setting in Co3000 is in modern America, and Persona 4 is in modern-ish Japan. 2. Atlanta is kind of like Inaba, a little rural. I'm still thinking of a title, and there might be a sequel. MIGHT.

First off, the characters. All Class of 3000 characters will be there. As for P4, I might leave some people out(Teddie, Namatame, and Souji) but they will possibly have cameos.

My oc, who is not going to be a Gary-Stu, will be the protagonist. He has a lot of my personality and might come off as a jerk to the readers, lol. Be aware this is my first and not last Persona story, I will definitely write more. I'll be playing as I write so expect an almost exact script(excluding names, places, and some wording). Battle scenes with random Shadows I will skip, only the bosses battles will be written in full detail.

I'm very likely to start on the prologue tonight, so if this interests you please story alert, favourite or even go back into your history to make sure. I would also appreciate critiques on my work or grammar. Even a "Nice!" would be awesome^^.

P.S. The writing will be from the American version of Persona 4, which is the only version I have. Also, OCs are welcome. Just make sure to tell me name, age, appearance, personality, and what instrument they will play. Arigato~!