What's up? This one's short, but hopefully it works for now.

"Now that's something worthy of a sharing session," House said, chuckling.

Thirteen's eyes went straight to Chase's, then to Taub's. Her mind was racing, thinking of something to say.


House raised his eyebrows at her, looking on cheerily, and obviously enjoying the awkward situation. "I'm guessing your laundry got mixed up when you were with her in Boston?"

"You were with Cameron during the conference?" Taub said, not being able to keep himself from butting in. He immediately regretted the decision when he saw Thirteen looking daggers at him.

Thirteen was still searching her mind for a good lie to get out of the situation, but to no avail. She thought of what Cameron would do, and found the best answer she can come up with.

"Cameron and I are together now."

Chase rolled his eyes as he stood up. "I'm going to the clinic," he said, heading for the door. Thirteen followed him with her eyes, and when he was out of sight, she looked at House. His smile has faded.

"What…" Taub started again, looking at the patient's file awkwardly. He slowly raised his head towards Thirteen. "Seriously?"

"Seriously," the woman answered with a hint of a smile. She turned back to House who was looking at her blankly, and sneered at him.

"Taub, go follow Chase," House said, his eyes locked on Thirteen. Taub let out a sigh and then made his way out of the room, making eye contact with Thirteen as he walked through the hall. Thirteen knew that meant he wanted details.

"So I assume you've prepared a presentation to share as to how this all happened," House started again, with a tone that made it hard to tell if he was kidding or not.

"Yeah, right, like you're actually surprised," Thirteen answered. House turned towards his office and motioned for Thirteen to follow. The younger doctor stood up and entered the office, collapsing lazily on the chair in front of House's table.

"Just because I'm not surprised doesn't mean I don't want to know what happened," he finally responded, his eyes glued to his laptop. "But before that…"

House turned his laptop to face the screen towards Thirteen, and the young woman saw a picture of herself with Rachel in one of the briefings during the Boston conference.

"I checked all photos taken, and I did not find a single picture of you with Cameron. However, I did find this," he continued, grinning and pointing at Rachel. "Who is she?"

Thirteen squinted her eyes, trying to look uninterested. "Hm, some woman I met. I thought you were more interested on how Alison and I got together?"

"Really? You're driving this conversation to something that obviously means something to you than to talk about a woman you just met?" House answered. The way he was looking at her as he was trying to figure it out annoyed Thirteen to no end. It was like watching a Discovery Channel host talk about an ongoing slaughter of a buffalo.

"Come on," House went on again. "Did you sleep with her? Did Cameron sleep with her? Did you both sleep with her? Did you all slee-"

"No, sorry," Thirteen answered. "She's just someone I met."

"And by met, you mean?"

"Just talked. For a few minutes. Then we separated, and moved on, like normal human beings," Thirteen answered, growing both irritated and worried. This interest on Rachel felt so misplaced that she felt like she was missing something.

"If that's the case, then you might not be normal," House answered, his eyes set on something outside his office.

Thirteen turned and saw Rachel standing outside.