Here is the second chapter of this story. Some things might not make sense just now but they will be explained later. As usual I don't own any of the anime/manga used in this story. It would also help if you have watched the series before, as it will get very very confusing if you haven't.



"Radio Talk"

It is the year 2017 of the Imperial calendar. Seven years ago the neutral country of Japan was invaded by the Holy Britannian Empire. Japan put up a good defensive front but were inevitably defeated thanks to the Empires Humanoid Autonomous Armoured Knight (or as they named them the Knightmare Frame).

The once proud country was diminished into a dominion of the Empire. The country was stripped of its freedom, its rights and its name. Renaming it Area 11.

Currently at the Ashford Academy, the student council were discussing important details over lunch. Unfortunately three of their members were missing.

"Where's Lelouch?" asked Milly.

"He went somewhere with Rivalz" responded Shirley.

"Maybe its poker this time" Milly suggested.

"They seem to forget they are on the student council. They are off gambling for money. Lulu maybe smart but he wastes his brain on stupid things" ranted Shirley "If only he applied himself at school he would get high grades".

"Oh I wish my darling Lulu would be a serious young man. How adorable is that" teased Milly, embarrassing the young girl.

"Please madam president, don't do that" Shirley responded.

"Oh don't worry I'm just teasing you" she responded.

"Where do you think the other is" mumbled Nina.

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps hurrying towards them. They turned to find a young man running towards them being chased by a crowd of girls.

The man turned a corner of the building near them and quickly hid behind a dumpster. The girls ran straight past him and continued on.

He stood up and dusts himself off. He then walked towards the three council girls.

"Hey there you guys" he waves and proceeded to sit down near them.

"Hey Naruto" welcomed Shirley.

"Hi Naruto" said Nina.

"Well hello Naruto Kun" greeted Milly flashing her eyelids at him.

It is true the young man is Naruto Namikaze, member of the student council and lead singer of the famous band Nightmare Ends.

Unknown to the public he was hiding out at the school to keep his identity a secret. He became a singer for a cover story. Due to his later appearance than most students he was placed into the student council. He had also changed his appearance slightly. He had bright blond hair, looked less muscular and hid his tail via Genjutsu.

"They not here again?" he asked.

"Nope" Milly responded cheerfully.

Naruto looked at Shirley and noticed the girl had a faint blush on her cheeks.

"Milly teasing you again?" he asked, earning a nod from the girl. He turned to the President of the council "Milly" he groaned.

"Oh come on. A little teasing never hurt anyone" she responded.

"You know she has a crush on Lelouch. Why bother her so much"

"You're no fun" Milly pouted.

Naruto just smirked. He then proceeded to take out his lunch and eat.

"I wonder how long they are going to be away for." Nina spoke out.

"Probably until the next class starts. That is unless trouble finds them again" responded Milly.

"Are you sure it isn't them looking for trouble" Naruto debated.

She just smiled at his response.

Naruto kept a cool expression on the outside but was worried about his friends. He had become friendly with a group of Japanese who wished freedom from Britannia. Unlike him, they could not hide themselves as Britannians.

'I hope you guys are okay, especially you, my love' he privately wished.

Meanwhile in another section of Tokyo, a truck was speeding along a highway route. There were two people inside, both dressed uniforms. They had hijacked the truck but not everything was going to plan. They were being followed by the military.

"Perfect. After we finally steal this damn thing. It's all because Tamaki couldn't stick to Naoto's plan and now we have a problem".

The monitor in the truck showed a broadcast about to begin.

"We apologise for the delay, now his royal highness Prince Clovis, fourth prince of Britannia, will address the nation" the announcement said before disappearing.

The screen revealed a man with smart dress with the mark of the royal family. He was blond and had medium sized hair.

"To all my imperial subjects. Including of course the many cooperative elevens who choose to serve the empire of Britannia"

"We are not elevens we are Japanese" the passenger shouted.

"Do you not see my pain. My heart was ripped from my chest only to be torn apart. The remnants are filled with rage and sadness. However as ruler of area eleven, I will not tolerate terrorism of any kind. Because the battle we fight is a righteous one, a...."

"Turn that crap off. Bloody royals. Do nothing but complain" the driver asked.

The passenger switched off the screen.

They continued to speed down the road, until something got in there road. It was a motorcycle, holding two teenagers.

"You idiot, watch were your going" he shouted then proceeded to turn left into a service road that was coned off.

"No. Not that way" the passenger reprimanded him.

But it was too late. They went straight into a construction site and crashed into an unfinished building. The crash kicked up a lot of smoke and had deployed the airbags in the vehicle.

The passenger awoke first and turned to the driver, who was still unconscious.

"Nagata. Nagata we have to go, before they get here"

"R...Right" Nagata responded. He proceeded to reverse out of the building and then drove off along the construction site.

"Stop the vehicle"


Nagata looked into his side mirror to find military copters following them.

"Surrender now and you get the chance to defend yourself in court. Stop and surrender at once" the pilot ordered over the loudspeaker. The pilot proceeded to deploy his belly gun and fired at the lorry, hitting the road beside it.

"Give up now or we shoot to kill"

"Now what do we do, that's the army" Nagata asked.

"Have you forgotten that's what I am here for" the passenger responded and took off their hat. It revealed a young woman with spiky red hair.

She got up from the seat and proceeded to walk towards the back of the vehicle. She took of her coat as well.

"Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?" she shouted back.

"Kallen, let's use it here, why not" Nagata asked.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath" she responded and proceeded up the stairs at the back of the lorry.

"Your right"

She proceeded to climb into a knightmare frame, classed as a Glasgow. She activated it and fired her Slash Harkens at the copters, bringing one down.

The back of the lorry opened up and the Glasgow hoped out of the vehicle. It sped towards the copters.

"You fellas know full well what this bad ass mother can do" Kallen shouted out and proceeded to dodge the incoming fire.

She fired the Slash Harken again, bringing down another copter. Suddenly an odd shaped plane appeared.

"The rest of you back off, I will take this guy" the newcomer announced.

The plane flew above Kallen to reveal it was hollow in the middle, which was filled by another knightmare.

"I can only assume you dug that obsolete relic out of some scrap heap" the newcomer said, while his knightmare exited the plane, twisting until it landed onto the ground "An over the hill Glasgow is no match for a Sutherland".

Kallen launched her Slash Harkens at the new target but was countered with the same weapon.

"Not to mention a filthy eleven who spurns the compassion of our glorious empire" he finished while firing the Giant Cannon at her, which just hit the Glasgow.

"Kallen. We'll both split up. Both of us can't risk being killed. Run for it" contacted Nagata.


"You should know by now that if anything happens to you he will hunt us down" he chuckled and cut communication.

Kallen smiled. She hated her boyfriend, but couldn't be happier with him. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she went to fire the Slash Harkens again, but they wouldn't fire.

"No way, its stuck" she panicked.

She looked up in time to find the Sutherland had deployed a sword and was about to strike. Using her quick reactions, she fired the Glasgow's right arm at the enemy, and evaded to the right.

"I'll admit I really like your spirit, however...." the enemy commander proceeded to chase after her.


He stopped and answered the radio

"What is it?"

"Urgent orders. You are to proceed to the following coordinates immediately"

"Tch. Fine"

Kallen proceed to escape in the confusion and went into the subway areas. She contacted her allies.

"In all of the confusion, I left it in my coat"

"It's okay" her friend Ohgi replied "The Glasgow circuitry is useable. So were we right?"

"I think so" she responded while resting "I bet its poisoned gas like intelligence said"

"And Nagata?"

"Unknown. I think he made it underground"

"Okay. Just rest there for awhile. We will check up on things on our end" Ohgi responded and cut off.

"sigh Man this is such a pain" she said.

Suddenly her phone went off. Looking at it she smiled.

"Hello you" she said earning a chuckle from the caller.

"You seem tired. So did everything go okay?"

"Not really. Tamaki fucked up again" she explained.

"Hahaha. Trust Tamaki to do his job wrong. So how is Nagata?"

"I don't know. The military caught up to us and we got split up" she responded.

"Don't worry. He will be okay. Knowing him"

Suddenly there was a large explosion

"What was that?"

"I don't know it was over towards....towards where..."

"Where Nagata was heading?"


"We can only hope he survived then"

"I miss you" she said.

"And I miss you too Kallen Chan. Am I still coming over to yours tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure. Just don't expect a warm welcome from my step-mother"

"How is your mother anyway?"

"She's still a stuck up..."

"I meant your real mother"

"Oh. She's still a clumsy idiot, who can't do anything right" Kallen responded.

"Kallen, don't be so hard on her"

"I know but it's really frustrating"

"I understand. Anyway I better go, Milly is calling on me"

"Okay. Speak to you later Naruto Kun" she said, before hanging up.

Scene Change –Ashford Academy

"Who was that Naruto?" asked Milly.

"Oh it was just Kallen. She's still at home. She was feeling a bit better, but still not 100% yet" he responded as he put the phone away.

"Come on, we have the upcoming festival to prepare" she said and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the council building.

On the way, they found Shirley walking away from swim club.

"Hey Shirley, how was class?" he asked.

"Huh. Oh hey you two. It was fine. Just..."

"Lelouch hasn't returned yet?"

"No. And I just got a call from Rivalz saying there was an accident and they got separated" she responded.

"Why not give him a call?" he asked.

"It went straight to voicemail last time, but sure".

She fished out her phone and called Lelouch.

"Oh it's ringing this time...huh?" she said "Oh that jerk"

"What's wrong?" Milly asked.

"He hung up on me" she said.

"Oh well, the guy will get here sooner or later. Come on we have work to do" Milly ordered and continued to drag Naruto along.

"Come on Milly stop dragging me" he begged, whilst Shirley just followed with sweat dropping at the sight.

"Stop your complaining. You know that because of your busy life style you never help out so much. So this is our best chance since you are free at the moment" Milly explained.

"Fine, but could you at least let me walk by myself"

"Not a chance. You'll just run of again"

Naruto sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He stopped, when a chill went down his spine. He turned towards the direction the Getto.

'I don't know why, but I have a feeling something terrible is happening'

He was brought out of his thoughts by a tugging of his hands.

"Come on Naruto, no dilly dallying" Milly ordered and they continued towards the Council building.

Meanwhile in the subway

"Kallen. We just got word that the Britannian military are slaughtering the civilians in the Getto. Do you think you can do anything to help?" Ohgi asked over the Communication set of the Glasgow.

"Their slaughtering Japanese?" she asked in shock.


"Very well, I'll see what I can do" she responded and started the Knightmare back up. She proceeded along the subway tunnels until she reached the area.

Sensing trouble she fired the one working Slash Harken upwards which penetrated a Britannian tank armour.

She came above ground and looked around. She was shocked to find several dead civilians in pools of their own blood.

"Those damn Britannians" she muttered out, with tears in her eyes.

"Kallen, can the Glasgow still move" asked Ohgi over the radio. She could hear bullet fire in the background.

"Don't worry Ohgi, it's alright, I'll decoy them. Get the people out of here, the only ones that would be captured are those of us of the resistance" she advised him.

"I know but we are trapped, they've got us completely surrounded" Ohgi responded as what sounded like a rocket was fired off.

"We have to try our best" Kallen responded.

"Yeah, but it will take a miracle to get through this" Ohgi said.

Kallen nodded in sorrow. The military surrounded the Shinjuku area where the Getto resides in. The resistance were few and were poorly equipped to fight back against Knightmares.

She proceeded along the streets to help the survivors escape. She continued to fire the Glasgow's Slash Harken at the military copters.

She had fired it at one more Copter, but when it returned, she heard a noise behind her. Turning she found it to be the same Sutherland as before, along with another.

"Well if it isn't our Glasgow friend" the pilot said, before firing his assault rifle at her. She quickly dodged and proceeded to retreat through the narrow streets.

Suddenly an alarm sounded inside the Glasgow. Looking down at the control panel, she seen there was depleted energy.

"Only 30 minutes left" she panicked.

"The west entrance, use the tracks to move to the west entrance" a voice came over the radio.

"Who is this, how do you know this code" she shouted out.

"That doesn't matter, if you want to win, you're just going to have to trust me"

"To win?" she uttered out as if it was a foreign word.

She didn't know why she did it, but she did as instructed. The Glasgow leapt onto the overhead bridge and hooked the Landspinners into the rail track.

"Okay what am I supposed to do now" she asked. She looked behind to find the two Sutherlands had returned. She continued to speed down the line, but noticed an oncoming train heading towards her.

"Since you trusted me, you are going to win. Jump onto the train"

"Gotcha" she responded and leapt the Glasgow on top of the train. It proceeded to jump from each carriage of the train. While the two Sutherlands stopped the train by force.

"You go after the Glasgow" the leader ordered, the second Sutherland pilot.

"Yes my Lord"

The second Sutherland leapt to jump onto the train but was shot in the head by two Slash Harkens. The leader turned to find that it had been fired from a fellow Sutherland.

"What the...shot by friendly fire? What's your name and your unit. We are after the one armed Glasgow...." but stopped as the Sutherland fired upon him with its Assault Rifle.

"Oh my god, a terrorist!"

He proceeded to retreat backward but the left ankle joint of his Sutherland was destroyed, causing it to collapse to its knees. The lead pilot pulled out its assault rifle and went to fire at the rogue Sutherland, when he noticed the Glasgow was charging him.

Deciding he couldn't win he activated the Ejection procedure, which fired the pod he was in out of the Sutherland.

Kallen noticed that the pod stopped a distance away and had deployed its parachute.

"You saved me, but how did you get a hold of a Sutherland...huh?"

She had turned to look at her saviour but he was gone.

"What... where did he go?"


She looked down to see her fellow friends and members of the resistance. There was Ohgi, Tamaki, Inoue and Minami.

"What the hell was that radio message earlier?" Ohgi asked.

"What? He contacted you too?" she asked.

"He sure did and Yoshida's group will be here soon" Ohgi explained, but was interrupted when his radio crackled.

"Are you in charge?" the mysterious voice asked.


"I present to you the cargo in that train over there"

Kallen looked at the train she had just came back from leaping onto.

"They are tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders"

Kallen used the Glasgow's remaining arm to open up the trains compartment, to find deactivated Sutherlands.

The others opened the remaining containers, to find more Sutherlands.

"Maybe we should give this guy a chance" Minami suggested.

"Remember what Naruto said, never trust someone straight away. It could lead to your downfall" reminded Inoue.

"Woman in the Glasgow"


"Stay where you are, your unit is going to run decoy got that?"


"Energy fillers status?"

"About 15 minutes worth".

"Then recharge it. In ten minutes I'll contact you with your next instructions"

Kallen was stupefied. How could this guy know what to do? Deciding to just go along with it she, shut the Glasgow down, and it proceeded to recharge.

They proceeded to get the captured Sutherlands out, along with the weaponry. Ohgi climbed into one of them.


"Huh me" Kallen asked.

"Yes you. Your task is now beginning now do the following.."

While Kallen proceeded to do as he asked, the others were not so sure about the mystery man. They argued about it until it was nearly operation time.

"Hey, are you certain about this whole thing. They have all had their IFF's removed, what if this is a trap?"

"The other side has total advantage in this war. They don't need to set any traps. Alright people let's move, get to your assigned points"

"P1 can you move? It operates basically the same as you're used to"

"Can't you tell us who you are?" Ohgi asks "At least your name"

"I can't do that. What if these signals are being intercepted? Anyway if Q1 is on schedule, enemy Sutherlands, probably two of them will reach you in 23 seconds. Shoot them through the wall".

"Aargh. He's out of his mind" Tamaki blurted out.

"Everyone, double check your weapons" Ohgi ordered.

"What! Are you serious" Tamaki argued.

Meanwhile Kallen had moved to the position she was ordered to. She noticed two Sutherland heading her way, while another two went around.

"I hope he is right about this" she muttered.

Ohgi and the others had loaded the weapons onto the Knightmare Frames and when advised they fired them at the wall indicated. They were shocked to find they had destroyed two enemy Sutherlands.

"We did it" Inoue mumbled, unable to believe the evidence in front of her.

"P1, P4, P7 move 100 hundred metres to the right and fire your Slash Harkens toward three o'clock"

"You heard him, do what the voice says" Ohgi ordered.

"Damn, what else does he want us to do?" Tamaki muttered as he went to load himself into his Knightmare.

"P5, ready?"

"Uurgh, quit calling me that" Tamaki shouted as he entered.

Ohgi, Inoue and Minami fired there Slash Harkens at the enemy, destroying the two remaining enemies approaching Kallen.

"Q1 move onto the rooftop to your eleven o'clock. Once above attack the enemy Sutherland behind"

"Right" Kallen responded and fired the Slash Harken onto the rooftop and pulled herself up. As indicated there was one enemy there. Charging, she punched it in the head, causing it to fall down and deactivate.

"P5 fire Cannon at target 200 hundred metres, three o'clock"

Tamaki fired and it punched a hole through a tank.

"R2 fire anchor"

The rogue Sutherland fired its Slash Harken through an Enemy Copter.

"It seems he got in contact with Yoshida's group as well as supply them" Ohgi commented to no one in particular.

"N group continue your advance"

A group of 5 Rogue Sutherlands pushed the loyalist Britannian Sutherlands back.

"Damn you Filthy Elevens" one shouted before he was destroyed.

Meanwhile Kallen was waiting for her next instructions.

"Amazing, we seem to be winning" she commented.

"Q1, do you have an area map?"

"Yes, I have a map of the old town, but it has no current landmarks".

"It'll do. Do the following"

Elsewhere the fellow member of the Resistance group, Yoshida, was finishing off his part of the plan.

"Mission number three. Is it finished?"

"Yes it is" Yoshida replied. He and some of the others (including Kallen) had gone into the sewer system below.

He didn't think it would work, but surprisingly the Britannian forces were swarming the area above them.

"Do it"

Kallen fired her Slash Harken into the ceiling behind them, causing the ground above to give way along a large area. This caused the Loyalist forces to fall below and be destroyed.

"Heh, we did it. We can win this" cheered Ohgi.

They proceeded towards the coordinates that they were told to go to, destroying any Loyalist forces along the way.

"Huh...what is that?" Tamaki asked, as he looked off to his side. He noticed something heading towards him fast.

"What is it Tamaki?" asked Ohgi.

"I don't know it doesn't look like a Sutherland...." he responded before he was taken out.

"TAMAKI" Ohgi screamed out.

"This is B group. Reporting enemy presence".


"Everyone ejected, including Tamaki, but they took out four units in nothing flat"

"Enemy numbers?"

"Just one. I think it's a new model. Never seen anything like...Aargh" the Resistance pilot responded before being destroyed.

"What's happening out there?"

Over where the action was the new Britannian Knightmare was tearing the Resistance Sutherlands apart with ease.

"Bastard" a Resistance member shouted out, before firing on it. But the new model deployed an energy shield, which deflected the shots.

Then the white knightmare fired its Slash Harken, destroying the Sutherland and then launched itself at the second, kicking the head off.

"P1 its heading towards you, do something"

"I'll try, but I don't know what I can do" Ohgi replied.

Suddenly the white knightmare turned the corner and hooked Ohgi's Sutherland down, knocking the systems offline.

"P1 report"

"Ohgi is down, but he is fine. The enemy knightmare is heading towards N Group" reported a member of B group who had survived.

"Wait that's near me"

"Wait its heading up a worn down building. I think it's heading towards one of our own units" he responded.

Kallen decided that since she was nearby she would go help the lone survivor. Once she arrived she noticed it was the unit giving them commands.

Rushing forward she caught the incoming fist before it could hit the mystery man.

"Hey I'm returning the favour" she said.

She fired the remaining Slash Harken, but it was caught by the white knightmare. It destroyed it and proceeded to try and tear the Glasgows remaining arm off.

Seeing that it was winning, she decided to escape via the escape pod. It successfully fired and she escaped. Luckily the distraction gave the mystery man time to escape.

"Ohgi, my Glasgow was destroyed, but I managed to escape" she said over the radio.

"Rodger, I see you. Once you land, run straight towards the old warehouse. We will meet you there" he said.

Once the pod landed, she ran to the rendezvous point.

"Kallen, over here" Ohgi shouted. She stopped and they both headed into the warehouse. Once inside she noticed a couple dozen civilian survivors along with her friends and members of the resistance.

"Ohgi, who was that voice we heard" she asked.

"Damn if I know. He doesn't answer when I call, but....." he explained but was interrupted when the front warehouse door was blown off.

And through the smoke a tank appeared, followed by the local foot soldiers of the military.

"See I told you, instead of following someone we don't even know, we should have used the poisoned gas. Damn Nagata to hell" complained Tamaki .

"So this is where you elevens vermin scurried off to" the tank commander commented "Prepare to fire" he ordered.

The soldiers aimed their weapons.

"Please Naruto" Kallen mumbled, prepared for the worse.

Suddenly there was an explosion. She looked up to find the Tank had a Slash Harken through it and the soldiers were being gunned down.

The smoke cleared to reveal a Sutherland with a Japanese flag painted on the side.

"But who...who could it be?" she mumbled.

"I told you I would always be there for you"

"Th-that voice...could it be" wondered Ohgi.

The Sutherland turned and the Pilots canopy opened, to reveal everyone's favourite Saiyan Ninja.

"Naruto" Kallen mumbled.

Naruto jumped off the Sutherland and landed safely.

"Hey guys" he greeted them.

"Man you have great timing" greeted Tamaki.

"Yeah, sorry I'm late, couldn't slip away unnoticed. Had to say I had an emergency band practise" he uttered out before something slammed into him. He looked down to find Kallen had him in a strong grip, hugging him.

"I'm sorry Kallen Chan"

"No, it's okay. I just thought I would never see you again" she mumbled into his chest.

He caressed her head gently before tipping her head upwards to look into her eyes. Those eyes that he loved, that reminded him so much of her.

He lowered his mouth to hers where they met in a romantic kiss.

"Hey you two, this isn't the time for that" shouted Tamaki.

"Huh, did you say something" asked Naruto.

"Damn you boy, you always do that" Tamaki argued, while the others laughed.

"Attention all forces, seize fire at once. I Clovis, forth prince of Britannia and royal viceroy of area 11 hereby command you" was spoken over a loud speaker.

"Huh. Why now when they have the advantage" Kallen asked.

'So it was you Clovis. I told you never to slaughter the innocent. But it seems my words fell on deaf ears' Naruto thought.

"All forces are ordered to seize fire at once. You will also seize destruction of any buildings or property. All casualties Britannian or Eleven shall be treated equally and without prejudice. In the name of Clovis le Britannia, you are hereby ordered. Seize fire at once. I shall allow no further fighting" the prince ordered before there was no more.

"So it's over" asked Ohgi.

"By royal decree it seems, but keep you guard up. I wouldn't put it past them if this was a trick" Naruto advised.

Though Ohgi was the leader of their small group, Naruto gave him plenty of good advice.

"Come on, it's time to return home. Can you guys get back safely" Naruto asked Ohgi.

"Yeah sure. We have plenty ways to get out now"

"Good. Come on Kallen, let's get out of here". He picked her up and jumped onto the Knightmare canopy and sat down with her on his lap.

He activated it and they started towards a storage area, that he kept it in. They headed past several units of Britannian knightmares, but none stopped them, or even noticed them.

"How can they not see us" she asked.

"It is a prototype stealth generator that I managed to get my hands on" he told her. But the truth was he had placed a Genjutsu over the unit, so no one outside could see it. That's how he managed to get there unharmed.

Once they arrived he shut down the Sutherland and they walked toward the local train station that would take them back to the Academy.

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Chapter Three - The Rise of Zero