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Chapter Three

"Wake up Lelouch. I know you were sleeping, your hand stopped moving" shouted Milly, while bonking the daydreaming Lelouch over the head.

"Well you don't have to beat me up over it, do you?" Lelouch retorted.

"Ah, serves you right for ditching me like that" Rivalz said.

"That's right. What was up with you yesterday?" Shirley asked, while giving him a suspicious glance.


"That's enough you guys. Let's not get sidetracked here. If we don't come up with a fix for the club activities budget, there won't be money left for anything at all" Milly interrupted.

"And if it comes to that point..." Nina started.

"...the equestrian club will be pissed. We don't want them coming in here on horseback" Rivalz finished.

"Rivalz, can't you be a more serious student council member" Milly commented with a stern look.

"You know it would have been nice of you if you would have reminded this mess days ago" Shirley said to Milly.

"I would have to say a day later. Then we would have given up" Rivalz said.

"Good idea, we can still do that" replied Lelouch.

"GUTS" shouted out an annoyed Milly at them all, causing them to cringe.

"Are you trying that 'guts' spell again?" asked Rivalz.

"Yup. I want you people to start giving your all into this" replied Milly.

"I don't think your magic is going to do a whole lot" commented Lelouch.

"Actually it's got me going Madam President" argued Shirley with a smile.

"Supple and willing, that's what I like" Milly commented, giving her a sly glance.

"I train hard in the gymnastics club" Shirley agreed, pumping her arm muscle.

"That's not what I was getting at"


"You're a ten." Milly commented.

"Huh?" Shirley uttered out. She followed Milly's eyes down to her chest.

"From what I have seen in the girl's bathroom anyway. You've been filling out in all the right places huh" Milly continued.

"Huh hoh" Rivalz uttered out, sneaking a peak at Shirley.

"What are you talking about, you perv" Shirley shouted, covering her arms over her chest.

"Oh you're so easy to tease" Milly giggled.

Shirley continued to hold her chest and blush in embarrassment.

"Anyway, let's start guys. See even Naruto is wide awake, thinking of how to start, eh Naruto" Milly said.

Everyone turned to look at the blond boy, who was wearing sunglasses.

"Naruto. Come on say something" Milly asked.

Lelouch saw a dab of saliva drooling from his mouth.

"Eh Madame President, I don't think he's awake" he commented.

"Huh?" Milly uttered out and moved next to the boy. She waved her hand in front of his face, getting no reaction. She then placed her ear beside his face and heard soft breathing. She stood back up straight.

"Why that no good..." she commented. She breathed in deeply.

"Uh oh guys, better cover our ears" Rivalz commented, which they did.

"NARUTO WAKE THE HELL UP" Shirley yelled in his ear, causing our hero to launch himself into the air.

"What the hell Milly, you almost gave me a damn heart attack" he shouted at her, once he landed.

"Serves you right. Here I am trying to inspire you all into doing good work and your sleeping" she replied, with a smug look.

"Grrr" he growled, which just made her smile wider.

"Anyway let's get started" she said moving away from him.

Several hours later, they managed to leave the Council meeting to go to their next class, which they had free.

"Geese, our President is just a dirty old man on the inside. Sullying the meaning of her filthy mind" commented Shirley.

"Oh don't worry, she just tries to make things interesting anyway" Naruto replied. He had been filled in on what happened and grilled Milly about it.

"That's Milly for you" Nina said.

"Well look on the bright side we got the budget balanced didn't we" Rivalz commented as they walked into the classroom.

"They used poisoned gas" they heard someone say.

They looked around to see several people looking at different laptops lying around the room. On the screens was a news report running about a terrorist attack in the Shinjuku province.

"Man that's freaky. Shinjuku is only 30 minutes away" a student commented.

'It seems the military covered up their massacre, to make it look like our work' Naruto thought.

"Shinjuku?" Shirley asked.

"I heard about it in real time from a friend. That's why I called you yesterday" Lelouch told her when he entered the room.

"Hey check out the footage of those dead elevens" someone shouted out.

Naruto crushed his fists in anger.

'Damn Britannia. Why do they have to treat the people like livestock' he thought.

He turned to look away, when he noticed Lelouch bending forward with a hand over his mouth. Like he was about to be sick.

"You okay Lelouch?" he asked, causing the other council members to look.

Lelouch looked at Naruto and shook his head.

"Right, let's get you to the men's restroom" Naruto said, while gently guiding the boy away.

After a short while, Lelouch came out of the lavatory, looking better and started to wash his hands.

"I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was" he said softly.

"Yeah, but don't worry about it. Pretty sick of the media showing off those bodies though" Naruto commented.

Lelouch jumped slightly, as if he forgot he was there.


"Come on. Let's get back before the others get worried" Naruto suggested.

They walked back to the classroom to a group of girls surrounding someone.

"Kallen it's been ages" one said.

'Kallen. What the hell is she doing here' Naruto thought. She told him she was going to stay at home a while longer. Unlike when she is with the resistance group, she has her hair brushed down and also looks frail.

"Are you alright?" another asked.

"Yeah, I just have to go easy for a little while" Kallen replied "Anyway if I stay at home any longer I'll never catch up".

Lelouch went and sat over by Rivalz while looking at the new girl in wonder.

"What's up buddy, see something you like. You've got a thing for her, don't ya" Rivalz commented.

"Just thinking this is a rare event. She hasn't been here at school since this whole term started" Lelouch replied as the girls laughed together.

"Kallen Stadtfeld. They say she's sick or something and she barely showed up at school last year either. Still her grades are at the top of the class. And she's a member of the Stadtfeld family, which means she's well bred and rolling in money. Man you sure know how to pick them" Rivalz explained.

"It's not like that. Plus I think someone else likes her" Lelouch said.

"Huh?" Rivalz uttered out before turning to see Naruto approaching the girls.

The group of girls looked to find Naruto approaching them.

"Oh hi Naruto, you need something?" one of them asked.

"Yeah, I need to speak with Kallen Chan for a while" he said, looking at Kallen directly.

'Crap. I'm about to get ranted on' Kallen thought.

"Huh. You know Kallen?" another girl asked.

"Yeah, we have known each other for a long time, since kids actually. Eh Kallen" Naruto explained.

"Yeah, it's true" Kallen lied.

This got shocked looks throughout the class. No one knew the rock star, was friends with the ever absent Kallen.

"Come on Kallen, let's go for a little walk. Some fresh air should do you good" Naruto suggested and they both walked out the door.

"Did you know?" Shirley asked Rivalz and Lelouch.

"Nope. Do you think he is just after her money?" Rivalz asked.

"No way. Naruto already gains a lot of money from his music anyway" Lelouch added.

He had always wondered about the boy. He seemed so like his eldest brother Naruto, but this boy seemed different from him. Plus his brother had a monkey tail anyway.

Meanwhile Kallen had been lead to his bedroom that he owned on campus. Except he didn't have to share with a roommate. The privileges of being rich.

She sat down on his bed and prepared herself for the telling off she was about to receive.

"What the hell Kallen. You told me and the guys you were going to lay low at home for a while before coming back here" he yelled.

"Well excuse me mister rock star. Unlike you I don't have much of a public life you know. You're able to say that you have band practise or other excuses for not attending. Besides if I didn't show up it would be suspicious. I mean I am meant to be ill, not in a coma" she yelled back.

"That's not the point. You should have told me you were coming back" he yelled.

"Why the hell should I have?" she yelled again.

"Because I care about you damn it" he shouted, earning a shocked look from her. He collapsed into his chair, with his hands holding his head, while he looked down.

"I...I don't want to lose you. You're too damn important to me" he mumbled.

He flinched slightly as he felt her hug him from behind.

"I'm sorry, I just thought this was the right thing to do" Kallen said.

"No I get too protective sometimes. Same can be said of my friends" he muttered.

She pulled him onto the bed and lay down on top of him. She kissed him, which he gladly returned. It turned into a deep kiss.

After a few minutes they separated, breathing hard to regain their breath. They looked deep into each other's eyes.

*Insert Your Imagination*

"That was amazing" she puffed out.

"Sure was" Naruto responded. He looked at the clock and noticed it was almost Lunchtime. "We better go or people will get suspicious"

"Yeah. Why do we have to go to a Britannian school though? Such prudes"

"Some are okay though" he replied.

Getting up they quickly washed and changed into their clothes and left the room.

Walking into the classroom they noticed people getting ready to go for Lunch. Kallen went and sat by her 'friends' while Naruto went and sat next to Milly who had arrived earlier.

"Milly" he said gaining her attention.

"Can I ask a favour?"

"Sure, what is it?"

Later on during lunch, Kallen was sitting with some of the other girls, chatting away about, in her opinion, stupid things.

"So Kallen, how do you know Naruto?" one of them asked.

"Well back when we were kids Naruto was my neighbour. At the beginning we hated each other but he saved me one day and we have been friends ever since" she lied partially.

Naruto had saved her. Several years after the invasion, some bureaucrat tried to rape her along with his lackeys, but Naruto had been passing by and beat them up. He had taken her to a gig he was playing at and made sure she was alright. When she found out he wasn't Japanese they became friends and he was introduced to the resistance. He had become good friends of Ohgi and Naoto.

"So, do you like him?"

"What do you mean?"

"She means do you love him?" another asked.

"Well kind of, for awhile now" she confirmed.

They continued to talk for awhile and she was growing bored. Suddenly the girls started screaming.

"A bee! A bee"

"Oh my god Kallen run" another shouted before they all ran away.

Kallen stood up calmly with her lunch and ran behind a bush nearby. Away from the girls.

"I don't get it, why is a bee after me" she whispered. "I wonder if there is a hive nearby." She then swiped at it when it flew past her, killing it.

"God I hate this. I'm sick of acting like a freaking invalid" she said, temporally turning into her normal self. She took a bite of her sandwich.

Noticing something to the side of her she turned to find Lelouch standing near her.

'Crap, he saw me'

"Can...Can I help you with something?" she asked.

Suddenly she felt weird and snapped back to attention to find Lelouch just looking at her.

"Um...did you want something?"

"No, I got what I wanted here" he said and turned away.

'Geese, what a jerk' she thought.

"Oh wait, just to be sure. Don't tell anyone about Shinjuku" he told her.

This alarmed her. Why would he ask that? Did he know something?"

"What do you mean about Shinjuku?" she asked timidly. "Why would you say that?"

"Go back to class" Lelouch ordered her.

"As soon as I get an answer to my question, I will" she replied hotly.

Lelouch looked surprised and started to back away.

"Hey Lulu, Kallen"

They both looked up to find Shirley waving out of one of the windows of the upper building.

"You know it's time to head over to the chem. Lab, you better get a move on" Shirley shouted.

"Oh crap, it's my time to set up for class" Lelouch shouted out and ran away.

'What the hell was that all about?' she thought 'Could he be him?'

"Hey Kallen we better get a move on" Shirley shouted.

"Yeah" she replied and walked towards the class, thinking of what just happened.

"Hey Kallen, what's wrong?"

She turned to find Naruto walking towards her. She smiled and they walked towards their next class together.

"Remember what I talked about before, the voice in Shinjuku" she said.

"Yeah, I remember. What about it?"

She then explained what just happened to him.

"Hmm, so you suspect Lelouch huh? Hahaha"

"What's so funny?"

"Heh Lelouch is a lazy guy. No way could he do something like that" Naruto explained.

"I guess you're right".

"Am I coming over tonight?"

"No, we are having 'guests' over tonight, so another time" she said.

"Shame, I was wanting another 'taste'" he said, while giving her ass a squeeze.

"Naruto!" she squealed out.

"Can't catch me Kallen" he shouted as he ran away.

"Get back here you"

The next day Kallen and Naruto were on the roof, taking a break. Kallen was currently talking to Ohgi over the phone.

"How's campus life treating you?" Ohgi asked.

"Stifling. I was stuck in history class yesterday. Look maybe I should head back" she replied.

"The army is on high alert right now. Stay there and let things cool off"

"But what about the voice on the radio?" she asked.

"Can't go looking for a voice. Besides Naoto would be happy to see you back in school. Forget about Shinjuku for now. Pass Naruto over, could you?"

Kallen passed the phone over and sat on one of the benches.

"You Ohgi man, how's it going?" Naruto asked.

"Alright, we managed to escape along with the remaining civilians" Ohgi replied "What do you think we should do next?"

"Sigh Ohgi you're the leader, not me. Naoto passed leadership onto you and I approve. You just need some courage and believe in what's best. You know I will always help you"

"I know, it's just I didn't think leadership would be this hard. I still believe you would be a better choice. Somehow it's like you have done this before" Ohgi replied.

Naruto was silent as he remembered what happened when he was a leader in the past. He still had nightmares about it. Shaking it away he continued.

"I'm no use at being a leader, mate. I believe in you. Anyway I will do my best to protect Kallen here and you take care of your end okay"

"Right. I'll speak to you both later" Ohgi replied and hung up.

Naruto passed the phone back to Kallen and sat down next to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder as he held her.

"Shinjuku" she mumbled.

"Just forget it. No point in getting all wound up about it"

"I know but Lelouch sounded so much like him" She looked at him and noticed he looked amused.

"You know you keep thinking about him. Should I be worried?"

"Huh? No way. Stop thinking things like that. You know I love you and only you"

"I know. I admit I have grown very attached to you Kallen. And possessive" he replied.

She just giggled.

"We better go to class" she said and stood up.


All through class he noticed Lelouch taking small glances at Kallen, while she was trying her best to covertly do the same.

'If he knows who I am, then I need to take him out' she thought.

After class she noticed Naruto leave in a hurry, but that was cast out of her mind when a shadow loomed over her. She looked up to find Lelouch.

"You think you could spare a minute. I need to talk to you" he asked, earning gasps from all the girls in the class.

"Sure" she said standing up "I was wondering when you were going to ask"

This earned more shocking gasps from the girls, especially Shirley.

He led her towards the Council Building.

"I didn't even know this room existed" she commented looking around.

"It's the clubhouse for the student council, they built it as a ballroom for various special occasions" he explained.

"And we won't be disturbed inside here?" she asked as they stood in front of each other.

"Yes, that is correct" he replied.

"Here it is" they heard. They turned to look at the balcony above to see Shirley holding up what looked to be a computer chip. "This is it right?"

"What a relief you found our lab data" Nina said as she appeared next to her.

"Good my ass is killing me" complained Rivalz.

Suddenly the downstairs electronic door opened revealing Milly in an apron pushing a trolley of food out. Following her was Naruto.

"Where you able to find it?" she asked "I finished up on my end, shall we dig in"

"Oh wow" Rivalz commented.

"Way to go Milly" Shirley said.

"You adore me I know" Milly giggled. She proceeded to put the food on a table.

"Um, what is all of this?" Lelouch asked.

"Lelouch don't you know, I thought that was why you brought her. We're inducting Kallen into the student council. It was Naruto's idea" Milly explained.

Kallen looked curiously at Naruto.

"I thought that because of your poor health, you would have a harder time with regular club activities" he explained to her "Plus since your back you aren't getting away from me" he added earning a chuckle from the others.

"Oh I'm Milly, the president of the council. Pleasure to meet you"

"Oh, thank you, the pleasures all mine" Kallen said, bowing her head gently.

"I'm Rivalz, the secretary. If there is anything you need help with I'm your man"

"Hi I'm Shirley and I'm a member of the swim club. Welcome"

"Um Hi there, my names Nina" greeted a timid Nina.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you" Kallen replied.

"Shirley, I'm sorry but do you think you could set this up on the table for me" a voice came.

Kallen turned to find a young girl in a wheelchair, which she guessed was blind, since her eyes were closed. She had a sweet voice.

"Oh sure, thanks Nana"

"Nunnally, what are you doing here?" asked Lelouch.

"This is Lelouch's sister" introduced Milly.

"I'm still in middle school group, so I can't be on the council yet" Nunnally explained.

"That's alright, you're an honorary member in our book" said Rivalz.

"Hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you Kallen" Nunnally welcomed her.

"Thank you. You as well" said Kallen honestly.

"And is Naruto here as well?" Nunnally asked.

"I'm right here Nunnally" he said as he stood in front of her.

Though he was fine on the outside, he was like a wreck on the inside. Nunnally had been one of his favourite little sisters. And he had greedily run away and this happened to her. He was upset at what happened. He hated Britannia more. Unfortunately he had to hide his true identity from her and Lelouch as well...for now.

"It's good to hear your voice again Naruto" she said.

"Same here" he said.

Suddenly a bump went down on a table nearby. They turned to find Rivalz with a bottle in his hands.

"Right. Shall we kick this off with a toast" he asked.

"Huh champagne?" Shirley wondered.

"Yeah but we're on the student council. We shouldn't" Nina mumbled.

"Just relax, its sparkling cider" Rivalz explained.

"You swear, let me see that bottle" Shirley said before grabbing the bottle and having a fight with Rivalz over it.

"What's going on?" Nunnally asked.

"Here Nunnally" Milly said and put a glass of juice in her hand.

"Lelouch heads up" Rivalz shouted and chuckled the bottle in the air. It was then caught by Lelouch on the way down.

Shirley ran towards Lelouch and tried to grab it off him.

"Come on Lulu, let me see that bottle"

Unfortunately they lost their balance together and fell over, causing the pressure in the bottle to fire the cork straight at Kallen.

She swiped it out of the air, but unfortunately she could not stop the liquid coming out and drenching her, from head to toe.

Everyone was shocked at what happened.

Kallen wiped the liquid from her face and glared at Lelouch. She turned to Naruto and noticed him mouthing something. Using the lip reading he had taught her she read

'The great Kallen Kozuki can't stop the mighty liquid attack by the mighty Britannians'

'Shut up you' she mouthed.

"Well done you guys" Milly complained.

"Sorry Kallen" apologised Shirley.

"Yeah sorry" Rivalz said.

"There's a shower in the building and we can get some new clothes for you to wear" Milly said. To keep her anger in Kallen just nodded.

They showed her to the bathroom and when inside she pushed her soaked clothing outside, which Shirley picked up.

She stepped into the shower and turned it on. She began to wash the dirt of herself and began to rant on. After a while she was almost finished.

"This is why I hate Britannians" she said again, when a knocking at the door interrupted her. Hoping it was Naruto with a change of clothes.

"Who is it?"

"It's Lelouch. I brought you a change of clothes"

"What happened to Naruto?" she asked.

"He got bored and fell asleep. Seems he got his hands on a sake bottle"

She cursed. She tried to keep him away from sake as he always fell asleep or got very moody. Now she had to put up with this jerk.

"You can come in. I've drawn the curtain already"

The door automatically opened and Lelouch came in with a set of clothes.

"Uhh, sorry about all this. I know they can be a little over the top" he apologised.

"That's okay, nothing wrong with cutting loose every once and a while, you know"

"These are some of my clothes, hope that's okay" he said and placed them in a basket.

"It's cool, don't worry about it. That was fast. You went all the way to the boy's dorm?" she asked.

"Actually I live here. It would be pretty hard for my sister to live off in the dorms. The principal of the school, lets us stay here as a favour" he explained.

"I see"

"Anyway" Lelouch said and turned to leave, when a thought entered her head.

"Hey wait! Can you hand me that pouch over there" she asked and pointed a hand around the curtain to the sink.

"Sure" he said and picked it up. Looking away he put his hand around the curtain for her to take the pouch from him.

She grabbed his wrist, causing the pouch to hit the base of the bath.

"You really are a live wire aren't you" Lelouch commented.

"Were you the one in Shinjuku?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb. You brought up Shinjuku the other day, why?"

"Why do you ask, is there something wrong with Shinjuku?"

"Don't answer my question with a question. Yes or No that's all I want to hear out of you" she said, as she bent down and picked up her pouch. Once in her free hand she deployed a knife blade, which stuck out of it.

Suddenly the phone rang.

"If I don't answer it someone will come. That okay?" he said and reached round with his free hand and picked up the receiver.

"Hello, Ashford Academy council...No this is...Oh...It's for you" he said, surprising her. "He says he knows you" And pushed the phone to her side of the curtain.

She looked at it for a moment and placed the pouch down. She then used that hand to pick up the phone, still holding onto his wrist.

"Hello?" she spoke.

"Glad you're still alive Q1"

She gasped. She looked to see that she was still holding Lelouch's wrist.

'Was I wrong?' she wondered and peaked around the curtain, to find Lelouch staring at the opposite wall.

"1600 hours the day after tomorrow. The observation deck at Tokyo Tower, meet there"

"Who are you? How did you arrange that ceasefire order?" she yelled but received a dead dial tone. "Hey don't hang up" she yelled and accidently pulled the telephone cable. This caused the curtain to move open.

"Did you say ceasefire? Sounds like you keep dangerous company" commented Lelouch.

"Oh...um...I was..."

"Let me guess. You're talking about a game. Something online?"

"Ah, yeah, you got me. Cause you know, I've been shut up in my house for so long" she replied and let go of his wrist.

"That's what I was trying to warn you about, when I told you not to bring up Shinjuku before. Seriously some guys will try to show you footage of what happened that day and it's pretty damn grim" he explained while rubbing his wrist

"By the way, you know I can see you right?" he asked

She turned to look at him and noticed the curtains had pulled open and he was looking in the other direction.

She panicked and crouched down and pulled the curtain over.

"Um...I won't tell anyone. Later" he said and walked out the door.

She looked down in thought of the conversation.

"I was wrong" she muttered.

Once finished she dried herself and got changed into Lelouch's spare clothes. She then walked to the room she was in before, to find it empty. She was about to leave when she heard someone snoring.

She walked up the stairs of the ballroom and went into a room to find Naruto laid out on a sofa, snoring his head off, with an empty bottle of sake next to him.

She shook her head and approached him. She wiped the hair from his face and got a shock. She had never seen Naruto cry but her he was with tears going down his face.

"Sakura Chan. Natsuki" he mumbled.

Getting over her shock she shook him awake.

"Huh...what the...oh...Kallen Chan...What's wrong?"

"You drank again" she stated.

"Sorry, it just takes some of the nightmares away" he mumbled.

Before she could ask him who the two people were the door near them opened, to reveal Lelouch.

"Oh there you are Kallen and your awake Naruto" he said.

"Yeah. What's wrong?" Naruto asked.

"We have to get downstairs remember?"

The couple looked at each other and then got up and followed Lelouch to their ballroom. He began to explain the council's duties.

"The council doesn't require much actual work I guess. Beyond the occasional paperwork, we'll sometimes plan school events".

"So you mean like the culture festival" Kallen said.

"Yup, like that along with the cross dressers ball, the absolute silence party and swimsuit day" Naruto responded.

"What's up with that?"

"Blame our president" Lelouch replied with a grin "You'll be spending a lot of time with her. I hope you're ready"

"Lelouch it's awful" Nunnally said.

"What is?"

The rest of the council were in front of the large television in the room.

"Prince Clovis has been found dead" Milly explained.

"There saying he was killed" Rivalz added.

Naruto, Kallen and Lelouch looked shocked.

'Clovis is dead. How? When?' Naruto thought with wide eyes.

"We now go live to Margrave Jeremiah" the announcer said before the picture changed to a stage.

"Prince Clovis has been taken from us. He fought for peace and justice against all of the elevens. He died a murder. We must all bury our sorrow and carry on his will"

'That voice, it sounds like that Sutherland pilot from Shinjuku' Kallen thought.

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring breaking news. The man suspected as the murderer has been captured. According to the report the suspect is an honorary Britannian"

"What the..." Lelouch uttered out.

"Private Suzaku Kururugi, a former eleven and honorary Britannian. I repeat Suzaku Kururugi arrested for murder" the news caster reported.

Later on Naruto was walking Kallen home. He had been invited over to her house to stay the night again.

They entered the large mansion to find it mostly empty. They walked upstairs towards her room.

A woman in a maids outfit walked by, but stopped when she noticed them.

"Good afternoon Mistress Kallen, Lord Namikaze" she greeted them.

Kallen just nodded while Naruto bowed in response.

"Good evening Madame Kozuki"

"Please sir, you must not bow to me. I am but a lowly eleven and you're Britannian, my better..."

"You're wrong. We are all equal...What did you do to your hand?"

Kallen looked over and seen blood running down her hand.

"Damn it, can't you do anything right?" Kallen snapped.

"KALLEN" yelled Naruto. He had told her to stop doing this to her biological mother.

He pulled out some bandages from his bag he had with him and rolled up her sleeve before she could decline.

He noticed a large scratch. It would leave a scar if left unhealed. So while wrapping the bandages on, he pushed some healing chi through the cloth.

"There we go just leave that for a few days and it will be as good as new" he told her. He then noticed what looked like needle marks.

"What the..."

But before he could get a better look, she pulled away and rolled the sleeve down. She bowed and thanked him.

"We are going to my room, mother, don't disturb" Kallen ordered.

"Yes Miss"

Naruto shook his head and followed Kallen up another flight of stairs.

"Oh I thought I heard something down here. I am shocked to find it to be a boy" they heard.

Turning around they found another woman dressed up in fashionable clothes and looked to be of nobility.

"Wait you're that Naruto. From the famous band that I've heard so much about"

"Yes" he responded dryly. He knew this woman. Kallen's Stepmother. A.K.A Bitch. One of the reasons the lady before was suffering.

"Don't just say yes to me you little worm. Treat me as my title demands" she shouted back.

"Sorry, but I only give people the courtesy if they are good people, which you are not" he replied and continued to walk on.

"You're lucky my husband is not here. He would give you a lesson"

"Your right of course. But it would be him who would be learning a lesson, not me" he replied and then they were out of sight.

They reached her bedroom and when they closed the door, Kallen gripped a hold of him. He hugged her tightly to his chest and let her cry.

He knew of the struggle of her family. But he had promised her brother that he would look after her and their mother.

"Why won't she just leave?" she asked.

"I don't know" he replied, but he had a feeling it was because of her.

"What am I going to do?" she wondered.

"I told you that I am looking for a way of getting her out of here to safety. I am almost ready, but need a little more time" he explained, earning a nod from her.

"Come on let's go to bed. Just sleep. I think that's all we can handle today" he advised her.

They removed their clothes and climbed into bed and fell asleep. With him behind he, holding her to his chest.

Well there is the third chapter. Hopefully the lemon was okay. I know they didn't go all the way but that will be in the future chapters. I am starting to enjoy making this story.

At the beginning I only knew of Naruto and Bleach. I asked a friend about Code Geass and he said he thought it was rubbish. So I tried it anyway and love it. Can watch the episodes over and over.

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