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Chapter Four

The next day, Naruto awoke, feeling good after a nights rest. He found himself lying on his back, with Kallen lying on top of him, stomach down.

He smiled. She looked at peace.

She slowly opened her eyes and yawned cutely.

"Morning Naruto" she mumbled.

"Comfortable huh?"

"Uh huh" she confirmed, snuggling into his muscular chest.

"We've got to get to school" he told her.

""Just five more minutes" she mumbled, earning a chuckle from him.

He pulled her up to his face and gently kissed her, causing her to sigh happily.

"Well I have to meet up with that guy today" she said.

"Yeah. And I'm coming with you" he replied.


He suddenly picked her up, earning a shriek from her. He started walking to the bathroom.

"Naruto! What are you doing?"

"I thought we could take a shower together" he said.

She gave him a sexy smirk.

"None of that just now. Maybe later, not time just now" he shot her down.

She looked away from him and pouted.

They both showered and got changed. They had managed to leave without seeing anyone. Once they reached the Academy, they met up with the others.

"Yo" Naruto greeted them.

"Hey" they greeted back.

"Come on everyone, we have to go to the assembly hall. There is an assembly for Prince Clovis's death" Milly told them.

They walked into the hall and were asked to stand with their classmates.

"Truly this has been a painful incident for all. The viceroy of area eleven, our beloved Prince Clovis, has been lost to us forever. However, we can and will bear the weight of this tragedy and from this darkest of hours draw strength" the announcement came through.

Kallen was bored. She didn't care if some royal had been killed. She looked at Naruto, out of the edge of her eye. He looked a little sad.

'Naruto is a good actor. He really looks upset'

"We shall now have a two minute silence in his memory"

Naruto was having an inner struggle.

'Clovis. You were a good boy when you were younger, always willing to learn. But you turned into an arrogant brat. Though you ordered the massacre of the Ghetto, you were still a good boy. May you find a better life in the next one' he thought.

"You may now leave in an orderly fashion" a teacher told them, as the memorial ended.

They walked out of the hallway and into the outside area. Rivalz ran up to Lelouch.

"Hey Lelouch, you got anything going on later. After all classes are cancelled for the day. Folks have been asking for a rematch"

"You are not gambling you guys" Shirley ordered.

"Come on, don't be such a stick in the mud" Rivalz responded.

"She's right though, maybe it's time to quit" Lelouch said.

"Did I just hear Lelouch Lamperouge, say he was going to quit gambling? Call the media, we have a miracle" mocked Naruto.

"I've found a better opponent actually" he continued, ignoring Naruto's comment.

"You did. I don't get it" Shirley said.

"You're cutting me in on the action too, right?" Rivalz asked.

"Haha, better not, it's not really up your alley" Lelouch responded.

Naruto looked along to find Kallen walking past.

"Excuse me guys. I'll see you later" Naruto told them and walked towards Kallen

"KALLEN" he yelled, gaining her attention.

"What's wrong?" she asked as he reached her.

"Nothing, just wanted to hang out" he admitted.

They walked around the Academy grounds, talking to one another.

"We have 3 hours until we have to be at Tokyo Tower. Want to go on a date?" he asked her.

"Uurgh. To a Britannian restaurant?"

"Nope. Trust me you'll enjoy it".

"Fine. But you have to give me a massage later"

They left the campus and headed off into town. She was surprised when they headed into the poorer side of town.

"You do know we are going into the slums, right?" she whispered.


They continued on through the area, earning strange looks from people as they passed by.

"Ah, here we are" he said as they stopped.

She looked up to find she was outside a rundown Pizzeria.

"Ladies first" he said as held the door open for her.

She entered to find the place deserted, except for someone behind the counter.

"Welcome, how can I help you, my lady?" the man asked.

"None of that now Tazuna" Naruto said as finally entered after her.

"Ah Naruto my boy, I thought I was going to have to be friendly to a Britannian" Tazuna said "No offence" he added to Kallen.

"None taken".

"She's actually half Britannian, half Japanese" Naruto explained, earning a glare from Kallen.

"Ah, you wouln't happen to be Kallen, would you?"

"Em, yes I am. But how...?"

"Naruto talks a lot about you miss. Won't shut up about you" Tazuna chuckled.

"Really?" she said, looking at an embarrassed Naruto.

"Anyway. One large mushroom and onion pizza, please" Naruto asked.

"Right away" Tazuna said and went into the kitchen. He returned moments later with drinks, which he served and then he disappeared into the kitchen again.

Naruto and Kallen sat down at a table, across from each other.

"So how do you know this place?" she asked.

"I once wondered through here on a day off and noticed the front door was broken open. So I went in to find some arrogant Britannians beating up Tazuna. I interfered and helped him out. Since then I have been coming here, helping him cook and clean sometimes"

Kallen nodded, she knew Naruto to be a kind person. She then remembered something.

"Um Naruto. If you don't mind me asking, who are Sakura and Natsuki" she asked, making him choke on his drink. He hammered on his chest to clear his airway.

" do you know those names?" he asked.

"You were talking in your sleep" she explained.


He was saved by Tazuna coming back from the kitchen with a huge pizza. He laid it down between them and went to walk away.

"Hey Tazuna. Come join us and we'll catch up, it that's okay?" he asked, while looking at Kallen.

"Sure, I would like to hear more about your times together" she said.

So for several hours they sat and laughed about the good days, until it was time to leave.

"Here you go Tazuna, for the pizza and service" Naruto said, handing him more than ten times the actual amount.

"Bless you lad" Tazuna said, as the couple left.

"So did you enjoy that?"

"That was the best pizza I have ever tasted" she admitted.

"Life's full of surprises" he said.

They phoned the Resistance from an alleyway and agreed, that they would follow them when they entered the tower.

They finally reached and entered the tower. There were Britannians and Elevens a like inside. They started to look around the exhibits.

He couldn't blame her for her behaviour because of the message played over the tannoy.

"Britannia's resounding victory over Japan, opened the unenlightened nations eyes to its true place in today's world order. Since then the empire and are eleven have walked hand in hand down to revival".

Yeah. Naruto didn't like it either.

"Do you think it was Kururugi that phoned us?" she asked.

"No. He doesn't seem like the sort of guy" he responded.

Suddenly an announcement came over the tannoy.

"Attention please. Paging Miss Kallen Stadtfeld of Ashford Academy. One of your personal effects has been turned in at the kiosk on the observation deck".

They looked at one another and went upstairs.

"Hi. I am assuming this phone is yours ma'am" the attendant said, holding out a phone to Kallen.

Kallen picked it up and looked at it strangely.

"Is something wrong? It is yours isn't it?"

"Uh...yeah. Thank you so much" Kallen answered and walked away.

They walked onto the deck and Naruto looked out on the city. Flashes of past memories of the city passed through his mind.

He looked slightly out of the corner of his eye and could see Ohgi, Sugiyama and Yoshida looking out the windows of the deck.

"Oh yeah, there's no debating it, life is better here thanks to Prince Clovis. I mean it's all due to Britannia, that we could rebuild as quickly as before" Ohgi said out loud.

Naruto inwardly smirked. He could tell how much Ohgi hated saying it.

He was knocked out of his thoughts when the phone Kallen received rang. Kallen looked at it to see the caller's name was Zero.


She looked sideways at Ohgi, who nodded to himself, to signal her it was okay.


"I want you to board the outbound train on loop line five and bring your friends"

"What?...But..." Kallen began but was interrupted when the phone cut off.

"God damn him. He keeps doing that" she cursed quietly.

"What did he say?" Naruto asked.

She explained to him the short conversation and then they headed off towards the local train station. He quietly signalled their friends to follow.

Once they reached the station, they hopped aboard the train they were told to. They sat down next to each other and as it took off, they waited for the call.

It didn't take long.

"What now?" she asked the voice.

"Face forward and look to your right. What do you see?"

"The Britannian city. It was stolen away from us and built on our sacrifice" she responded, looking at the new buildings.

"And on the left?"

"I see our city, remnants of a desecrated city after the Britannians sucked it dry" she answered, looking out to see the ruins of old Tokyo.

"Good answer. Now make your way to the front of the train" the voice said and hung up.

Kallen breathed in gently and put on a seductive smile on.

"Come on Naruto, the front of the train will be more secluded" she said.

Getting her understanding, he played along.

"Sure. You eager to make out?"

"Definitely" she replied and took his hand, leading him through the train.

Naruto chuckled slightly when he seen Ohgi and the others blushing. Especially the twitching eyebrow on Ohgi's face.

They passed through the carriage before their destination.

'Weird. All the passengers here seem to be day dreaming. They're not all there' he thought.

They reached the final carriage to find someone at the opposite end, looking away from them. The others came in and the door shut behind them.

"Was it you on the phone?" Kallen asked.

No answer came.

"Well. Was that you in Shinjuku? Was that ceasefire your doing?" she asked.

"Hey we're talking to you" Yoshida shouted out.

Suddenly the figure turned when the train entered a tunnel. It wore a costume and a full mask.

"What do you think of my tour of the settlement" the figure asked.

"Your tour?" Ohgi wondered.

"Oh come on, there was no way it was this joker" Sugiyama commented.

Naruto just stayed silent, observing the scene.

"I wanted you to fully grasp the two. The settlement and the ghetto"

"Yeah, we know. There's a difference between us and them" Ohgi said "A very harsh one. And that's why we resist them".

"You're wrong. Britannia won't fall to terrorism"


"It's little better than childish nuisance"

"What was that? You calling us a bunch of kids" shouted out Yoshida.

"You should know your enemy. It is not the people, but Britannia itself. It is a war you must wage, not on the innocent. Take up your sword. Fight for justice" the figure shouted out.

"Oh please, that's all easy to say isn't it? Hiding behind that mask. Why should we even trust you?" Kallen said.

"She's right. Drop the mask" Sugiyama demanded.

"Calm yourselves!" Naruto ordered, since Ohgi wouldn't.

"Very well, I'll show you. But instead of my face, bear witness to my power. If I deliver to you the impossible, then I might have earned your trust"

Before anyone could retort, Naruto interrupted.

"Enough. The next station we must leave. The station after is a checkpoint. Everyone gets searched"

"Very well. If you wish to see, meet me at the old ruins in Shinjuku at 1700 hours".

The train arrived and they disembarked. Turning back they noticed the figure was gone.

Naruto signalled them to meet back at the hideout.

After going through abandoned rail tunnels, they reached it.

"How did it go?" Tamaki asked, while the sat and explained.

Naruto sat in the corner, as he usually did, with Kallen on his lap.

"So will we go" Ohgi asked, trying not to turn to Naruto for advice.

"No way. Why go to some clown in a costume" Tamaki yelled out.

No one else agreed, bar Ohgi and Kallen.

"Sorry guys, I have band practise and a Britannian official is coming. If I don't show they will look for me" Naruto said, earning a nod from the others.

Naruto had to leave shortly afterwards, to get to his band practise.

Later on that night, Britannians lined the street. Waiting to see the accused murderer of Prince Clovis.

Only Ohgi and Kallen had volunteered to go and meet the masked man. Unknown to any of them, Naruto had come to the area, to make sure nothing bad happened. He was currently floating in the air, far above the spectators. He pretended to have a band practise so he could keep an eye on her...he meant them.

"Man it's boring up here. For some reason I just want a bad guy to come here, you know. Maybe Brolly. Ah Brolly, now that was a challenge" he said to himself "Then again I wouldn't wish that on anyone".

He noticed a reporter down to below and decided to listen in to pass the time.

"Any moment, any moment now. It's a sight to see, the throngs lining the route, all of them waiting on baited breath, waiting for the accused murderer of Prince Clovis to pass by. Honorary Britannian and former eleven, Suzaku Kururugi"

"Huh, here it comes" Naruto said to himself.

A vehicle came over the hill escorted by several Knightmares. On the main vehicle there was the accused himself, guarded by several foot soldiers.

"Voices of scorn, growing ever louder. Voices bearing testament of a people love of their prince. Raining their judgement down on a terrorist"

"Lord Margrave Jeremiah, integral in settling this case will be presiding over the trial as acting consol" the reporter continued.

Suddenly the cavalcade stopped in their tracks.

"Show time I guess" Naruto mumbled, looking further down the road.

Meanwhile in a transport vehicle coming up the opposite direction, Kallen was driving and wasn't too sure this was a good idea.

'Hope they can't tell it's fake' she thought, sweating.

"So that's their disguise huh?" Naruto commented. "And the lead Knightmare will be Jeremiah himself. Hmm"

"You dare desecrate his highness's transport. Come out of there" Jeremiah ordered.

Suddenly the box lying on top of the vehicle, burst into flames. It burnt away to reveal the masked man himself.

"I am...Zero" the figure said to the public.

'Zero? As in nothing' Naruto thought. He then noticed a plane slowly moving below him, heading to the vehicle.

Mumbling could be heard throughout the crowd.

"I've heard enough Zero. This little show of yours is over" Jeremiah said, before firing a pistol into the air.

Suddenly Knightmares deployed from the plane above and landed next to the vehicle. They then aimed their weapons at the vehicle.

"First thing first. Why don't you lose that mask" Jeremiah ordered.

Zero's hand approached his face but then he clicked his fingers instead. Suddenly the compartment behind him broke apart.

To reveal a device with metal pipes extending from it.

'So this is the poisoned gas device' Naruto thought 'Interesting'

Jeremiah mumbled something he could not hear, but then raised his pistol and aimed at Zero.

"You intend to shout. I think you know full well what this device contains" Zero said, causing Jeremiah to lower his gun.

"Fine. What are your demands?"

"In exchange, this for Kururugi" Zero said.

"Like hell. He's charged with high treason for murdering a prince. I can't hand him over" Jeremiah responded.

"No your mistaken Jeremiah, he's no murderer. The man who killed Clovis was myself" Zero admitted.

'He...he killed Clovis. How the hell did he get past his guard dressed in that! ?' Naruto thought. 'He also got Kallen and Ohgi into an even worse mess to get out of'.

He prepared himself to fly in, if necessary.

"For a single eleven, you'll save scores of precious Britannians. I find that to be a bargain" Zero commented.

"He's mad I tell you, disguising his truck as his highnesses. He'll pay the price for mocking the crown" shouted out Jeremiah.

"Careful, you don't wish the public to learn of 'Orange' do you?" Zero commented.

'Orange? Did he just make that up?' Naruto thought.

Suddenly the vehicle started to advance again.

"If I die it will all go public. If you don't want that to happen..."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jeremiah.

"'ll do all in your power to let us go, your prisoner as well" Zero finished.

'Did his helmet just open up partially?' Naruto wondered as he looked down on the scene.

"Right understood. You there release the prisoner" Jeremiah ordered the guards, guarding Suzaku. "Get that man over here".

'What the hell just happened. Of what I can tell of this Jeremiah guy, he is an honour bound soldier. So why would he do this. Something doesn't add up'

"Hand him over, no one gets in his way"

The other Knightmare pilots started to approach the vehicle, to ask what was going on, but they were ignored.

Zero climbed down from the vehicle and approached the newly released Suzaku, along with Kallen.

'She looks quite sexy in that outfit. Wait now is not the time to be thinking of that' Naruto berated himself.

"It's time to go Zero" Kallen said.

"Very well, until next time" Zero said before pressing down on the plunger.

The machine spewed out a pink coloured smoke, covering the area.

A Sutherland went to aim at the three escapees, when Jeremiah's own Sutherland blocked it.

'Yup, something definitely doesn't add up'

Naruto then noticed Zero pick up Suzaku and along with Kallen jumped off the bridge the cavalcade stopped on. He flew below to find a catch net had been deployed. He was about to turn, to look back on the confusion, when he noticed Kallen wasn't going to make it.

'Shit' he cursed and at high speed flew straight towards her. And making sure no one saw him, changed her course, resulting in her landing safely into a truck.

Suddenly a knightmare was shot and destroyed, with the escape pod deploying.

'So that would be Ohgi, huh?'

The truck took them to an old abandoned building. They got out of the vehicle to find the other resistance members there. Making sure Suzaku didn't see them; Zero took him to another part of the building.

"Man I didn't really think he could do it" commented Yoshida.

"Yeah, who is this guy" added Minami.

"That's crap how many times could a bluff like that work anyway" retorted Tamaki.

"You have to give the guy some credit though. Got to admit it, nobody else could have pulled that off. Not the Japanese Liberation Front and certainly not me. We've always thought a full on war with Britannia wasn't a possibility at all. But maybe with him it is" Ohgi commented.

Noticing Kallen's faraway look, Inoue interrupted her.

"What's wrong Kallen?" she asked, earning the attention of the others.

"Huh...oh...well when we jumped off the bridge, I noticed I wasn't going to make it into the net. But then it felt like, at least for a quick second, someone pulled me back into alignment. Causing me to land safely" she said.

"Maybe it's a guardian angel" Inoue commented with a giggle.

"Maybe" Kallen said, but somehow was thinking of a certain boyfriend of hers.

"Oh crap I totally forgot" she screamed out loud.

"What?" asked Ohgi.

"I told Naruto I would be at his, for ten o clock" she said, earning laughter from the others.

They then heard Zero shout and while making sure they weren't seen, noticed Suzaku leaving, in the direction of where they had came from.

"Should we stop him" Minami asked.

"No. Leave him. If he doesn't want to join, then leave him be" Ohgi said.

About an hour later Kallen was unlocking Naruto's Academy room door and slipped in quietly. She took off her shoes and moved towards the kitchen, when the light went on. She turned to find Naruto, sitting on a seat, looking towards her.

"Hard night?" he asked as he got up and approached her.

"Yeah. We saved him but he wouldn't join. He went to hand himself back into the police" she said and yawned.

"Hungry?" he asked, earning a nod.

He went into a cupboard and noticed it was full of instant ramen.

"Never change at all huh" he whispered.

"What?" Kallen asked.

"Oh nothing. Here you can have some ramen and then we'll go to bed. It was getting cold without you" he admitted.

She smiled gently at him.

Once they had their snack, they got undressed and crawled into bed, hugging each other as they fell asleep.

The following day, they were at the Academy, attending classes as normal. Kallen wanted to get in contact with Zero for the Resistance, so she went to confront Lelouch.

She found him sitting outside during lunch, looking at his laptop.

"Lelouch" she said, gaining his attention.


"Do you have a minute?"

"Yeah sure, what is it?"

"About that phone call the other day" she said.

"Phone call?"

"Yeah, you know when you and I were in the bathroom"

"Uh huh" Lelouch said, closing the lid of the computer.

"Can you find out what the caller id was, I want to call that person again?" she asked.

"It was a school phone, so I am not sure..." he said.

"I see. Makes sense, I should have known" She said. She noticed he was looking at something behind her.

"What? Is there something wrong?" she asked, but was grabbed by his hands and held close to him.

'What the hell is he doing?' she thought.

"Excuse me. What are you doing?" she uttered out.

"What indeed"

"Hey Lelouch. You wouldn't be coming onto Kallen now would you?"

He let go of Kallen and they both turned to find Naruto, sitting in a tree across from them. He looked semi amused.

"No, of course not" Lelouch replied "Well I had better go"

He then proceeded to walk off to the main building, leaving a confused Kallen and a pissed Naruto.

"What the hell was that all about?" Naruto shouted out loud.

"Don't know. I was asking for you know who's number and he just grabbed me" Kallen admitted. She was suddenly grabbed and pulled into a long kiss.

"What...what was that for?" she asked.

"Just trying to prove that I am the main guy here" he said.

"Naruto you know you don't have to prove anything to me. I love you and only you" she said as she stoked his cheek softly.

They continued on with their lunch time and returned to class for History.

"Now everyone I have an important announcement. We are having a new...classmate join our class" the teacher announced.

The class erupted into chatter.

"Maybe it's a cute boy"

"It could be a beautiful girl"

Those were some of the murmurs that went around. But they were all wrong. Well depending on your point of view.

"Please come in" the teacher asked.

The person entered the room and stood in front of the room. Shocked gasps were uttered out and some curses.

"I'll be joining the student body here at Ashford Academy today. My name is Suzaku Kururugi. It is a pleasure to meet you"

"Very good. Please take an available seat. Now everyone the charges against Mr Kururugi were dropped" the teacher advised him.

Suzaku walked past the several staring students and sat at a chair near the back.

"What's a damn eleven doing here?" some guy whispered.

"He was a suspect in Prince Clovis's murder" a girl whispered.

"But the teacher said the charge was dropped" another said.

"Still suspicious enough to arrest though right?"

"You don't really think he is a terrorist right?" one of Kallen's 'friends' asked.

"Of course he isn't. The school board would know something like that" another answered.

Naruto's eyebrow started to twitch at the idiocy in this school. He was currently reading a book, with Shirley, Nina and Rivalz standing behind him.

"An eleven here at school. How?" Nina asked.

"He is an honorary Britannian" Rivalz answered.

"I know but still all the same..." Nina replied.

"Well he doesn't look all that scary to me. Why don't we just go talk to him. I bet he is totally..." but was pulled back as she moved forwards, by Rivalz.

"The guy just got here, give him some space" he told her.

Lelouch, who was sitting next to Naruto, got up and left the classroom, with Suzaku following moments later.

'Hmm, I wonder if they know one another' Naruto wondered, but was knocked out of his thoughts when Kallen approached him.

"Are you coming?" she asked.

"Yeah. Where do you want to go for lunch" he asked.

"Let's go back to yours. You are still due me a massage, remember?" She whispered.

He smiled and got up. They both walked back, avoiding detection by anyone else.

Once they entered, Kallen went and sat down as Naruto went to cook some instant ramen.

"Ramen again?" she asked, as he handed her a cooked one.

"Yeah. Sorry I don't really go shopping for anything much" he admitted "But how about tonight I cook you a meal here" he said.

"Sure. I hope you know how to cook" she replied.

"Oh I do. I do"

Once school finished he asked her to go home and get a fresh pair of clothes for the next few days. He went into town and bought messages for his small apartment.

When he returned he quickly created a shadow clone to start dinner, while he went for a shower. When he got dried and changed, he made it get the place ready for her arrival.

The clone laid out candles and incense sticks, along with putting on smooth romantic music. It also set the table as well.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Naruto dismissed his clone and answered the door. As expected it was Kallen.

"Hey" he greeted and kissed her cheek.

"Hey" she returned but grabbed him into a kiss.

"Mmm" they moaned.

They separated and he let her inside. She smiled at the length he had gone for their romantic night together. She breathed in deeply through her nose.

"Mmm, smells good" she commented.

"Thank you" He looked at what she was wearing "You look gorgeous".

She blushed at his compliment. She looked at him and noticed how good he looked himself.

"You look handsome yourself" she said.

He guided her to the table he had the clone set earlier. He pulled out a chair and pushed her in. He served her some wine, along with some for himself.

He then walked to the kitchen area and served her dinner. He brought their plates through to her and sat down across from her.

"What is this?" she asked, looking at her plate.

"It's called Spaghetti Bolognese. It originates from Italy in Europe. Eat, it's good" he told her and dug into it.

She looked at it and poked it with her fork a few times and copied Naruto. She entered some spaghetti into her mouth and savoured the taste.

"Mmm" she moaned out.

"Good, huh?"

"Yeah it is" she confirmed and dug into her own plate.

They spoke together for a while about general things. She asked him if he had any gigs coming up, which he responded he didn't.

"So did you contact that Zero guy yet?" Naruto asked.

"No. Ohgi was going to deal with that tonight, but told me he would tell us tomorrow. And to enjoy tonight" she replied.

They looked at each other and were mesmerised with the others eyes. They got up and approached one another.

"Kallen, I..."

"Shh. You don't need to say anything" she interrupted. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his lips to hers.

She separated from him, with a trail of saliva connecting them. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. She pushed him down on it.

"Stay there baby and enjoy" she said seductively, resulting in an increasingly turned on Naruto.


Hours later they fell asleep. A satisfied Naruto and a sore but happy Kallen.

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