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Kallen awoke with a yawn. She went to get up out of bed, but was obstructed by something. She looked down at her stomach. She was being held by an arm, which she recognised.

She turned over to face the sleeping Naruto. He looked so at peace. She raised her hand and massaged his cheek. She smiled when he nuzzled further into her palm.

"What did I do to earn such a brilliant wake up?" he mumbled.

"After your performance last night, I should think so" she giggled and nuzzled into his chest.

"I love you Kallen"

"You said that last night" she said amused.

He chuckled and hugged her gently.


"Who the hell?" Naruto mumbled.

He slipped out of her hold and got of the bed. He put on some underwear and a shirt. He opened the door to reveal Rivalz.

"What's up Rivalz?" he asked with a yawn.

"Hey Naruto. You do know that class starts in 20 minutes, right?" Rivalz asked.

"Oh crap, I forgot. Cheers for the heads up Rivalz. I'll see you in class" Naruto said and waved him goodbye. When he was gone, Naruto shut the door.

"Do we have to go?" Kallen asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. Unless you want to be caught doing this?" he replied.

"Not by those stuck up Brits" she commented.

They both went and had a quick shower and changed into new school clothes. They quickly walked to class, with Kallen entering first and Naruto at a few minutes later.

People were chattering away with each other as normal. But that was knocked aside, when the new guy, Suzaku, appeared. Of course the chattering turned towards about him being allowed here.

"Alright class. I hope you remembered about today's History test" the teacher spoke up, when everyone was in their seats.

'Crap that was today. Oh well, reading the books Charles had, might come in handy' Naruto thought.

After class they were given a free period, which they spent on the roof. Naruto had phoned Ohgi for an update.

"Yeah the 'Blood of the Samurai' faction was wiped out by Cornelia. The largest group in Central Japan".

"I see. And have you contracted Zero yet?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but he said he would speak about it later"


"So did you both have a good time last night?" Ohgi asked.

"Yeah. Dinner and a show. It was great" Naruto responded.

"Riiight... Well I better go. See you"

"Bye" Naruto said and hung up.

"What's wrong?" Kallen asked.

"Ohgi says 'The Blood of the Samurai' group was wiped out" he told her.

"Really. Wow. Each faction is being wiped out, one by one" she replied.

"We better get back. Next class will start soon" Naruto said.

As he began to walk to their staircase, the door near it burst open, revealing Milly. He hid quickly. Milly looked around and noticed Kallen.

"Hey Kallen. Have you seen Naruto at all? He skipped a council meeting yesterday" Milly asked.

Noticing Kallen looking near her, she turned to find Naruto trying to sneak past her.

"I've got you now, mister" she said and grabbed him by the ear "You're coming with me to sort one or ten things out".

She waved goodbye to Kallen and dragged Naruto along by his ear.

"Oh well better go back to class" Kallen muttered and walked away.

Naruto was sitting in the council meeting room, with Milly, sorting out the upcoming party, they would be having.

"Why do you need me here for this?" he asked.

"Because you were supposed to be helping with this yesterday and you weren't here" she answered.

"But I told you, I had band practice" he said.

"Doesn't matter. Don't feel too bad, Lelouch will have to do this too" she retorted.

They heard a noise and an automatic door opened to reveal Rivalz, Nina and Nunnally?"

"Hey pres. Do you think you could help Nunnally?" Rivalz asked Milly.

"Sure. What's up dear?" she asked their youngest member.

"Well Lelouch and I were talking together, when he screamed out 'give that back' and took off after what sounded like a cat" Nunnally explained.

"Must be important" Naruto said.

"I'm not sure what exactly it was, but it must have been something of high value to him. I have never heard my brother sound like that" Nunnally responded.

"That's weird. What could be so important to the guy?" Rivalz wondered.

"A love letter?" Nina suggested.

"An embarrassing photo?" Milly suggested.

"Poetry he wrote" Rivalz said.

"His private stash of porn" Naruto said, earning himself a bash on the head from Milly.

"Perv" muttered Milly.

"Porn?" Nunnally wondered.

"Leave it to us. We'll get our hands on this before Lelouch, has a chance to blink. Just you wait" Milly shouted out and rushed off to the tannoy room, with the others following.

They arrived inside the room and Milly went to the microphone.

"This is Milly Ashford, your Student Body President. Cat hunt everybody. There's a cat loose on campus that needs to be rounded up. Put everything on hold people. Participating clubs will get budget priority. And whoever catches our feline friend, will get an extra special prize. A big old kiss from one of the members of the student council" she said, which was spoken throughout the school grounds.

"Whoa Milly. Don't you think you should discuss that with the whole council" Naruto stuttered out.

"Nope" Milly responded.

"And when you do catch the cat, bring what it's carrying to me, to me, to me" she said before laughing evilly. And then started coughing.

"Give it a break will ya" Naruto said and handed her a glass of water.

"Nunnally is there anything about this cat, that's special" Nina asked.

Naruto placed the microphone in front of her.

"Hmm, I think that its leg might be hurt, as its footsteps sounded off to me. And oh, I forgot, it meowed like this" Nunnally said, before breathing in deeply and shouted "MEOW!"

Milly turned off the tannoy and took off downstairs, while Nina walked in another direction.

"Well done Nunnally. Let's go take a slow walk and search shall we?" Naruto offered.

"Sure. Thank you"

"You're always welcome" he said, before adding to himself 'Little sister'. He started pushing her wheelchair away to the lift.

Elsewhere Kallen was running with Shirley, and seen the cat running into a dead end.

"Okay, we do this right and our lips will be safe. Shirley, you cover the rear" Kallen advised and took one step towards it.

"Wait a sec" Shirley shouted, stopping Kallen.

"Huh. What's the matter?"

"Who would you want a kiss from? Is there anyone in particular?"


"It wouldn't happen to be Lulu would it?" Shirley asked.

"Just what would make you think that?" Kallen blurted out.

"Oh well. I's just..."

"Hey have you guys seen the cat yet?"

They turned to find Nina walking towards them.

"No, not yet" Kallen replied "It's right here..."

She turned to find the cat had escaped.

"We better go look for it again" Shirley said and they walked into the campus, outside the Academy's bell tower.

They noticed a crowd staring up at the bell tower, so walked forward to join.

"There are Naruto and Nuna" Shirley said, pointing to the two in the crowd.

"Hey you guys" Naruto greeted as they stood next to him.

Suddenly a screeching could be heard, as Rivalz's bike braked and Milly jumped off.

"So someone's got it cornered huh?" she asked.

"Up there" Shirley said, pointing at the top of the tower.

They looked up to find a male student climbing out of a window, onto the roof.

"Suzaku" Shirley wondered.

They then saw Lelouch stepping out the window. He then fell, slipping down the tiled roof.

"Lelouch" Suzaku shouted and intentionally slid down to meet him. He grabbed a hold of the window ledge and grabbed Lelouch's hand with his free one.

"Is it possible those two are..." started Nina but didn't finish.

Suzaku pulled them both up to safety and looked like they were talking.

"Hey. What's going on?" Nunnally asked.

"That transfer student just saved Lelouch from a really close call" Milly replied.

Suzaku picked up the cat and the two students' went back in through the window. Suzaku then reappeared down on the ground, near the crowd, a few minutes later.

The crowd stared at Suzaku, who looked uncomfortable. Shirley sensing this approached him.

"You saved him. Thank you so much Suzaku"

"Yeah, way to go new guy" Rivalz said.

"That cat was carrying something, wasn't it?" Milly asked.

"Yeah, there was something on its head, but I never got a good look at it" Suzaku replied.

"Do you know where Lulu is?" Shirley asked.

"He said he forgot something. Told me to go ahead"

"THAT'S IT. The embarrassing secret that he's hiding" Milly shouted out.

"So that's it Madam President"

They turned to find Lelouch exiting the building.

"Oh. After all this time, I thought I had some dirt on you" Milly complained.

"Yeah, he almost lost his cool for once" Shirley commented as Lelouch approached them and stood next to Suzaku.

"So, uh, do you know each other?" Kallen asked.

"Yeah, but he's an Eleven" Nina said.

"No. I just..." began Suzaku, but was interrupted by Lelouch.

"He's my friend. Madam President, would you permit him as a member of the Student Council" he asked earning shocked gasps from the crowd.

"The rules are clear. All students are required to join a club" he said.

"Well, you are the Vice President. I suppose I can't refuse" Milly responded cheerfully.

"Well then, I would say that's the end of that. Now come here you two, lend me an ear" Nunnally said as she approached.

The two put their ears next to her. She then kissed the two on the cheek, earning shocked looks from them.

"There you go the reward Miss Milly promised. Since you both the cat, you'll just have to settle for me. Almost a real council member" Nunnally said.

"Alright then. Let's celebrate the catching of the cat. Everything's on the new guy of course" Rivalz said.

"Oh back off" Shirley snapped at him "Hi there, I'm Shirley. Pleasure to meet you"

"Oh right. I'm Rivalz"

"Milly Ashford. Student Council President"

"The pleasure is mine" Suzaku replied.

Naruto approached him and stuck out his hand.

"Naruto Namikaze. It's a pleasure" he greeted.

"Wait, you're the lead singer of Nightmare Ends, aren't you?" Suzaku commented as he shook his hand.


"Hi, my name is Kallen" Kallen introduced herself.


"Well since that's over, shall we go back in" Lelouch said, seeing the crowd of students still there.

"Su..." Naruto said before being interrupted.

"WAIT. I want to know something" Shirley blurted out and turned to Kallen.

"What is it?" Kallen asked.

"I want to know why you have been acting differently lately. Are you up to something?"

Everyone was shocked at the question.

'Shit, what do I do now?' Kallen thought.

"Tell us now Kallen" Shirley demanded.

"Enough" Naruto said, stepping between the two.

"Huh? Naruto do you know?" Milly asked.

"I am sorry Kallen, but I have to tell them" Naruto apologised.

'What the hell is he doing? He couldn't be telling them about the Resistance could he?' she thought.


"Kallen and I are, well..."

"Just tell us already" Shirley shouted out, worried it had something to do with Lelouch.

"We are engaged" he finished.

"Eh!" was the crowd's reaction.

Kallen masked her surprise at Naruto's excuse.

Most of the girls, swarmed around Kallen, while the Council stood around Naruto.

"So, why didn't you tell us man?" Rivalz asked.

"We wanted to keep it quiet. Family arranged, you know" he lied.

"Well congratulations" Lelouch said.

"Yeah, well done" Milly cheerfully replied.

Naruto caught her eyes and noticed that they held sorrow.

"Hey Naruto"

He turned towards the group of girls, finding one of them who had shouted.

"What about the rings?" she asked.


"Well...we decided not to wear them, as due to my lifestyle and Kallen's illness, that it would be a hindrance" he explained, with Kallen nodding in agreement.

"Well we better get back to class" Milly told them, as they saw some teachers heading towards them. The crowd headed back to the Academy, to their next classes.

A couple of days later, Kallen and Naruto met up with the other Resistance members, to go and meet their masked ally, Zero.

"So Britannia attacked the Saitama Ghetto, huh?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, they were led by Cornelia herself. I heard it was a massacre" Ohgi replied.

"They butchered them all. Men, women and children" spat out Tamaki.

"I have a feeling they will be avenged" Naruto commented.

They turned into a warehouse, to find a large vehicle, which was usually owned by Nobles. Ohgi pressed the open button at the door, which caused it to automatically slide open. He hesitated, but was called in.

"What are you waiting for? Come in" Zero told them.

They walked inside, staring in awe at the size and design of the interior.

"As of now, this place will be out hideout" Zero added, as he was sitting on the couch.

"So, you think joining up with us is a good idea?" Ohgi asked.

"Yes. We are comrades after all"

"Holy cow. So what is this, huh?" Tamaki commented on the vehicle.

"Do you mind if I ask how you came by this?" Ohgi asked.

"I borrowed it from a very libertine nobleman, who indulges my requests"

"You asked for it. Just like that!"

"Don't worry. No strings attached"

"It's huge. Check it out it even has a second story" commented Yoshida, as he looked up the stairs.

"On the other hand, no one would expect us in something like this" Kallen added.

"It's even got a TV" Minami said, as he sat down and turned it on.

Airing was a live broadcast.

"What's this?" Inoue wondered.

"I'm here in front of the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Centre hotel. The hotel jackers have identified themselves as the 'Japan Liberation Front'. Members of the Sakuradite Allocation meeting, most notably Chairman James, were taken hostage, as well as several tourists and hotel employees. This footage was taken by the perpetrators. In it you can clearly see Chairman James, including some students" the news reporter said.

A video was run, showing the hostages and also...

"From the student council" Kallen gasped.

"Shirley, Nina and... Milly" Naruto confirmed, his fist shaking in rage.

Kallen noticed and took his hand, stroking it to calm him down.

"So they made their move" Tamaki commented.

"Their easily the biggest Anti-Britannian force in Japan. And now their prides hurt" Ohgi said.

"Because of us?" Minami asked.


"I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that, because they are all going to end up dead" Tamaki said.

Naruto snorted out in anger, before stomping out of the vehicle.

"What's with him, huh?" Tamaki asked.

"He has been with the student council at the Academy for years. He cares about them" Kallen responded.

"But they are just damn Britannians" Tamaki commented.

"But you should know Naruto by now. He cares about all forms of life" Ohgi added.

Kallen turned and went outside, to find Naruto punching a wall.


"I feel so helpless Kallen. My friends are in trouble and I can't help them" he said, with tears falling down his face.

She hugged him from behind.

They collapsed to the floor, where she switched to sit next to him, still hugging.

Later on they brought their operation equipment into their new base. Naruto was helping configure some of the equipment, while Kallen was unpacking things upstairs. She heard news coming from Zero's own personal room further along.

"Sir is there anything you would like to say about your daughter?"

"She was just sightseeing. Shirley is still a student. But these criminals act indiscriminately. Savages. I want to know if my daughter is alright. She hasn't done anything wrong"

Kallen decided to ask if he was going to do anything, so she went in.

"Zero, what will happen to the hostages?" she asked, as he switched off the news.

"Eventually there will be no reason to keep those Britannians alive" he said.

"Yeah, I'm sure your right" she replied.

Ohgi came in with a box in his hands.

"Hey Zero, I found these. Should I hand them out to everyone?" he asked, opening it to reveal black uniforms.

"I mean as far as gear goes, it looks pretty hip, but we are just a resistance group, so..." he added, before he was interrupted.

"Wrong! We're not a resistance group, is that clear" Zero told him.

"Well then, what are we?" Ohgi asked.

"What we are... What we are trying to be, are knights for justice" Zero responded.

"Knights for justice?" Kallen wondered.

"We will do something, so listen up" Zero said and went to talk to the whole group.

Later, during the night, the group were travelling along the road towards the Britannian military camp, situated outside the hotel. Zero had contacted the military group, telling them he was coming. They had stolen a news van nearby and were travelling inside, while Zero stood on the roof.

"Hey, when Zero went off about justice earlier, what do you think he meant?" Ohgi asked, while driving past the enemy knightmares, guarding the camp.

"Don't know. But we many die first before we find out" Kallen responded "Seems all of our escape routes have been cut off".

"I'm just wondering why we didn't use that other vehicle?" Minami asked.

"Oh, so you want the whole world to see where we hide out, huh?" Yoshida mocked.

"Point taken"

"I don't know about this Zero character. You sure we should trust him?" Inoue asked.

"No, that's why I said he look shifty to me. But if anything goes wrong, I'll do something about it" Tamaki commented, cracking his knuckles.

"Keep your calm. There is no point in overthinking it. Besides its too late now" Naruto said.

The van headed towards the bridge separating the mainland, to the island in the lake. Suddenly, three Gloucester type Knightmares blocked their route, causing the vehicle to halt. The lead Knightmare opened to reveal Princess Cornelia.

'Cornelia, you sure have grown more beautiful' Naruto thought.

"Well well, we meet again Zero. Are you a member of the Japan Liberation Front or perhaps you intend to help us? Regardless, our concerns take priority over yours at the moment. And so for the death of my half-brother Clovis..." she said and pulled out a long barrelled pistol, aiming it at him "...I shall take revenge right here".

"Cornelia. Which would you choose? Clovis who is dead or Euphemia who is alive?" Zero asked.

'Euphy? Does that mean she is stuck in there also?' Naruto thought, but it was confirmed when Cornelia hesitated.

"It's within my power to save Euphemia for you" Zero told her.

"What do you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about" she lied.

"I said I am able to rescue her" he replied.

Cornelia said nothing for a while, but then ordered her troops to let them pass.

"What the hell just happened?" Tamaki asked.

"Euphemia must be held inside. That's her sister" Naruto told them.

The vehicle drove over the bridge and through the gates. They were then escorted by the Liberation Front members to a room. The others stood there, while Zero was taken to meet their leader.

Quickly knocking out the guards, they set out to plant explosives on the upper floors of the building. Suddenly the building started to shake, as the building started to sink. They managed to evacuate the hostages and escape in time, while Zero blew the explosives, causing the upper floors to explode. In the confusion and dust cloud, they managed to reach the ship they had prepared to escape on. They went onto the deck, while Naruto went into the ship and prepared the equipment needed.

"Are we ready for this?" Ohgi asked, as they faced a camera they had set up.

Everyone nodded and Naruto started the feed, which he had hacked to run on news channels everywhere.

"My dear Britannians, have no fear all of the hostages of the hotel are safe and sound" Zero said as the camera shifted to a shot of life boats with the survivors on them.

"I Zero return them to you unharmed"

Naruto changed the camera again to show Zero and the other members. They were wearing the uniforms they were given, along with visors to hide their faces.

"People, fear us or rally behind us as you see fit. We...are the Black Knights"

"We of the Black Knights stand with all those who have no weapon to wield. Regardless if they be Elevens or Britannians. The Japan Liberation Front cowardly took innocent Britannian lives hostage and then mercilessly executed them. It was a wanton and meaningless act. Therefor they have been punished"

"Just as Viceroy Clovis was punished, for ordering the slaughter of countless Elevens. We cannot standby and allow such cruelty to be carried out. And so made him pay for his actions. I will repudiate battle on a fair and level field, but neither will I tolerate one sided massacres on the weak by the strong. The only ones who should be killed are those who are prepared to be killed. Whenever oppressors use their power by attacking those who are powerless, we shall appear again. No matter how mighty, how formidable our foe maybe"

"Those of you with power fear us. Those of you without it, rally behind us. We the Black Knights shall be the ones that stand in judgement of this world"

Naruto then cut off the feed and sailed the luxury boat that was anchored next to the prisoners. They sailed through the dust cloud to safety.

They had reached the opposite shore. Deciding to escape, they separated and took off in opposite directions, saying they would be in touch.

A few days later, the double life that the Black Knight/Britannian students were leading was catching up to them. Kallen kept daydreaming in class, while Naruto was used to it. Naruto had noticed that his classmate Lelouch had been falling asleep in class too, but he shoved that aside for the time being.

The group had been raiding warehouses where the drug Refrain had been getting distributed to the Tokyo settlement. The Japanese people had started taking it, desperately trying to grab a hold of their precious past. Members of the Black Knights had been complaining that they had to do the police's work for them.

The happy couple were heading down the corridors to the council room, which they were called to. Kallen kept yawning, while Naruto was teasing her.

"Man this double life sure is a killer" she mumbled, while Naruto snickered. "How do you deal with it?"

"I have been doing this for quite a while" he said, then mumbling "Longer than you think"

"What was that...?" she began, but was interrupted when they heard people arguing inside.

The door opened to reveal Lelouch tied down to a chair, with Suzaku and Rivalz holding him down and Shirley applying makeup to them. Milly was overlooking, with Nina was on her computer in the corner. They were all dressed as cats.

"What the...?" Kallen began.

"Huh? Good meowning" Milly greeted them, when she noticed them.

"Oh hell no" Naruto commented and turned to run, when Milly draped herself over his back.

"You're not going to try and run now are you, Naruto?" Milly seductively said, causing a certain action in his trousers.

"" he stuttered.

"Good" she said and dragged him to another seat and tied him there.

"What is all this?" Kallen asked.

"What? Didn't Naruto tell you?" Rivalz asked "It's our welcome party for Arthur?"

"Arthur?" Naruto asked. He then turned slightly to see a black cat sitting on a stand nearby.

"Sounds like fun" Kallen mumbled.

"Hehehe. Well classes are postponed, so we may as well have fun right?" Milly said.

"Fun for you, you mean" Naruto mumbled.

"What was that?" Milly asked.


"Good boy" she replied while patting his head.

"I set some stuff aside for you, over there" Shirley said to Kallen, while pointing to a clothes stand "To make up for me getting so nosey before. Take your pick"

"What for me?" Kallen squeaked.

"She doesn't need a costume" Lelouch began, earning her attention "You're already wearing a mask, right"

"You really are a riot, you know that? You ought to be on television" Kallen responded.

"What do you think Miss TV star?" Rivalz asked Shirley.

"Oh I thought she meant Lelouch?" Suzaku commented.

"Would you quit joking about that? The whole things a huge pain in the butt. We've been hounded with questions day and night. Even in the bath" Shirley said.

"We haven't been able to leave school grounds in a week" Milly added.

"Not that I don't feel for you, but I don't see why we can't leave either" Rivalz commented.

""Hmm. That's the price of friendship. The romance of the Three Kingdoms. It matters not that we were born apart, upon this day we die as one" Milly said.

"Is that your idea of a love quote?"

"If I go down, then we all do" Milly explained.

"That's a little dark, right Naruto?" Rivalz said.

Naruto didn't respond. He just kept staring at the opposite wall from his seat. He had a blush and a nose bleed.


They all listened to him for a moment.

"Milly...naked...bath" Naruto mumbled, lost in his own little dream.

Everyone faltered. Milly looked away with a blush, while Kallen stomped over to him.


She slammed her fist onto his head, causing him to jolt upwards, forgetting he was tied to a chair, and fell to the floor.

"What the hell? Oh, hi Kallen" Naruto greeted.

"Don't 'Hi Kallen' me" Kallen gritted out.

"Hehehe. Don't kill me" he begged.

"Oh I won't. I'll do something worse" Kallen said with an evil grin on her face. She turned to Milly.

"Miss President, could you lend me a hand?"

"Hmm. Okay" Milly responded.

Naruto had lifted the chair and himself back up, only to see the two girls with mischievous grins, heading towards him, with cat clothes and makeup.

"What are you going to do with them? No, don't come any closer. Aargh. Help me! Is that a cat tail prop? Where are you going to put tha...? NOOOOOO!"

Later that day, Kallen was at home, in her room, looking at the photo that had just been took that same day. They had managed to get Naruto dressed up as a cat. They spared him the cat tail butt plug, which no one owned up to owning.

Kallen was interrupted from her thoughts from her mother calling her from downstairs. She walked down only to find her with Milly.

"Mistress Kallen, a guest for you"

"Madame President?" Kallen said.

"I just dropped by to give you something" Milly responded.


"Where would you like me to show her to? The Parlour perhaps or maybe...?" her mother asked.

"We'll be in my room" Kallen interrupted.

"As you wish"

"Oh I heard you had a friend down here"

They all turned to see her step mother on the staircase.

"I was sure it would be a boy. Out all night and missing school, not to mention all your visits to the Ghetto. You're lucky your father is back in the homeland. No fighting ones blood is there" she continued, causing Kallen's real mother to look down.

"You're the one enjoying dad not being around here aren't you?" Kallen battered back.

They glared at each other until a clash interrupted them. The elder Kozuki had bashed into a vase, which had smashed into the ground.

"Oh dear. What have I done?"

"What's wrong with you?" the elder Stadtfeld said.

"Forgive me my lady"

"Can't you do anything right? Besides selling tour body that is?"

Kallen stared at the poor excuse her mother had become, when she heard her step mothers last comment.

"Shut your damn mouth you greedy bitch" Kallen grilled out.

"What did you say? How dare you speak back to me girl. Hanging out with that sad excuse of a boy has done something to you"

"Naruto is ten times the person you will ever be" Kallen shouted back.

Deciding to get on with her business today she showed Milly up to her room. They sat down at a table.

"Quite the complicated home life you have isn't it?" Milly commented.

"So what was it you wanted to give me?" Kallen asked.

"Grandfather asked me to pass this on"

"You mean the principal?" Kallen asked as she was handed a letter.

"Your transcripts since middle school" Milly said "I thought I would better giving them to you off of school grounds".

"So my secrets out then, isn't it? That I am actually an Eleven and Britannian half breed. That was my step mother down there. My real mother was that clown of a maid who knocked over the vase" Kallen explained, as she signed the papers.

"And your father? Is the head of the Stadtfeld family?"

"My mother is such a fool. In the end she wound up a servant. She doesn't have any real skills, no matter who is ridiculing her; all she can do is laugh like it's nothing. She didn't have to choose to stay in this house you know, she's just clinging to some old lover who has jilted her"

"You really hate your mother, don't you?"

"I just find her depressing" Kallen replied.

"Well this is getting a little heavy. Imagine the wife and the daughter and the other woman all living together" Milly said as she poured them tea.

"Eh it could be worse. Three square meals and a roof right? I mean it's not unbearable. Most of the time anyway"

"That's good. Still something's in life we can bear on our own, but when you add them all up they eventually break you. Oh don't worry, I won't lie, I am always hungry for secrets, but never talk about this" Milly said, sipping her tea.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, until Kallen asked something.

"You look like you have something else to ask? What is it?"

"Well, I wandered how long you and Naruto had been going out?" Milly blurted out.

"Oh. Well around a year I guess. We didn't need people knowing about us, so Nartuto made up an excuse that day he said we were engaged. Why?" Kallen replied.

"Nothing, I was just wandering" Milly stuttered.

"Milly answer me one question and please don't lie. Do you love Naruto?"

Milly looked down at her cup, swirling it around.

"When i first met Naruto he had just become a success. It was around three years ago. At the beginning, he was quiet and never spoke much to anyone. He would keep to himself, a lot. My grandfather invited him around a few times for dinner and we spoke. He started to open up a bit more to me and then to others. He joined the others with the council and we got along great" Milly explained with a faraway look.

Kallen paid attention to her story, wanting to learn more about her loves past and to try and make a decision.

"He saved me you know. A Britannian noble ordered his Japanese employees to kidnap me. They took me to a warehouse, where they kept me. The noble wanted to get ransom money from my grandfather for my safe return. Of course by law he has to go through the Britannian police, but they said they did not negotiate with terrorists. Having nowhere to go to, he turned to Naruto. He accepted with no hesitation and came for me. I know I was guarded by seven armed thugs, but he took them all down singlehanded. Don't ask me how, as I blindfolded. But the next thing I knew, he untied my blindfold, and I saw his beautiful blue eyes. It was then that I fell in love with him"

Kallen could see tears start to fall from her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kallen, I shouldn't be saying these things when you are his boyfriend" she greeted out.

Kallen started to think about the current situation and the new given information. She handed Milly a napkin.

"Milly, I don't know what to say. I'm not angry, but I am not excited either. Please give me a few days and then I will let you know what I think okay?" Kallen said seriously.


They continued to chat for a while before Milly left, leaving Kallen to lie on her bed in thought.

'What will I do? I love him, but so does Milly'

Later on the following night, the group was waiting by another warehouse by the docks. They were waiting for their fearless leaders signal.

"What the hell is Zero thinking? After all his talk about bringing down Britannia, he's just got us running around helping the police" Tamaki commented.

"Still, it feels pretty good to have the will of the people with us though" Ohgi commented.

"Yeah, he's right. We are total heroes on the net" Sugiyama added.

"But still why this of all things?" Tamaki continued.

"Think about it. If all the Japanese people are doped out on this refrain drug, then who will help support us. We nip this in the bud and the peoples spirits will return" Naruto answered, as he sat on the shoulder of the Knightmare they had. He had a sword tied to his back.

Kallen just sat there in the pilot seat, thinking of things that had happened.

Suddenly there was a flashing light down the alley they were in.

"There's the signal from Zero"

"I can't believe he got in there" Sugiyama commented.

"How many tricks does this guy have up his sleeve anyway?" Tamaki added.

They rushed to the warehouse doors, while Kallen piloted the Knightmare quietly over. They counted down from five and fired through the door and then burst through.

"The Black Knights have arrived" Tamaki commented and fired at the workers inside, who began firing back.

Kallen stormed through with Naruto on her Knightmares shoulder.

"They have Knightmares" a worker shouted out and ran away, along with the others.

She continued along to the otherside of the warehouse, as Naruto jumped off and slashed some of the remaining armed workers. Kallen burst through a door they had just shut and stopped. She deployed night vision and was shocked at what she saw. More than a dozen Eleven's talking to themselves.

"Japan! Japan!"

"I am getting married next month"

"I am getting promoted. I am going to the Paris office"

"Leave it to us. Japan is on the vanguard of technology"

"I'm studying abroad. I can't believe I got in"

These were some of the things she heard from them. Getting her determination she prepared to scout ahead, when the last person she expected appeared.

"Be careful, it's dangerous to run like that"

Her mother appeared on the screen in front of her.


Suddenly the woman tripped, but was caught by the Knightmares arm and held upright.

"Really Naoto please, I need you to keep an eye on your little sister"

"My god how weak a woman are you mother. First you give in to Britannia, then to a man and now this. My brother is gone forever let him go" Kallen commented, but was interrupted when something hit her.

A police Knightmare fired from the side, blasting her right arm off.

"The night police!"

The enemy knightmare continued to fire at her, as she started to dodge.

The others finally caught up, when they noticed her situation.

"Isn't that a police unit?" Minami asked.

"There in on this deal! Tamaki!" Ohgi said.

"Don't look at me. When I checked it out there was no cops involved" Tamaki explained.

"Corrupted filth" Zero commented.

Kallen continued to slide through the aisles of the warehouse, firing her centre gun when able. She looked down at her available left arm, seeing her mother there.

"You are in the way" she said and tried to drop her, only to hesitate at the last moment.

"Damn it, I don't need you" she said, tears appearing in her eyes.

Suddenly she was hit on the back knee joint of the left leg and began to fall over. The knightmare skidded across the ground, until it came to a stop.

"Kallen. Naoto" the woman uttered out.

The police unit continued to fire at her, as the others caught up again. Suddenly the police unit ran out of ammo and threw its weapon away. It then proceeded to slowly approach the downed knightmare.

"Go on run" Kallen shouted to her mother, as the woman turned around "Get a moving you idiot!"

"I am here for you" she said, causing Kallen to gasp "I am here for you Kallen. I am here as I always have been"

"That's why you stayed there in his house. You foul" Kallen shouted before the Knightmare stomped on her Knightmares back and pulled out a combat knife.

"Guys hold onto this" Naruto said, throwing the scabbard at them. Ohgi caught it.

Naruto rushed quickly to his loves aid, blocking the cop's knife. This shocked the others as he held his own against a knightmares strength. He pushed the police unit back, causing it to stumble. Charging chi through his sword he jumped at the unit and sliced it down the middle. He turned around towards Kallen

"What the hell are you doing Naruto?" Tamaki shouted, watching as the Knightmare got back up.

Naruto didn't bother turning as the police knightmare prepared to attack, before the knightmare suddenly split cleanly in half. He continued over and opened up the hatch manually. He picked her up and jumped off the downed knightmare and landing next to her mother.

"I am so happy for you. You can finally become a Britannian now Kallen. Nobody will ever be able to hurt you now darling. And you're free to travel and use the phone anytime you want"

"So now you know Kallen" Naruto commented.

"You mean you knew" Kallen said.

"Yes. She stayed in that horrible house to help you and only you"

"Why are you helping me so much?" she asked.

"Because I swore to your brother that I would protect you and her. And because I love you very much" he replied with a grin.

She collapsed into his chest and started crying out loud. He patted her hair and sat there with her. Tamaki approached to ask what the hell he just did with his sword, but Ohgi just shook his head and placed the scabbard beside Naruto.

Ten minutes later Kallen had calmed down and they were preparing to take her mother to the hospital.

"She will be placed under arrest for using that drug you know" Ohgi commented.

"I know" Kallen replied.

"Kallen I want to ask you something" Naruto said.

"What is it Naruto?"

"I can take your mother to a place that she can be treated with the best care possible and not be put under arrest. I can't tell you where though, but please trust me in this"


"I have plenty of contacts worldwide. But I swear to you that I will make sure she is safe and that you can visit her shortly after. This is the same place I talked to you about before" Naruto told her.

Nobody else interrupted their talk, as all of them knew that Naruto could be trusted.


"Then please talk to your mother one last time for now. She maybe unconscious but she should still be able to hear you"

"Mother, you might not get better for a while. But just you wait, I am working to change things when that time comes, I swear to you. I will make a world where you and I can live a normal life again. So please mother..."

Naruto lifted the woman up but stopped when she started to move. She lifted her hand up and touched Kallen's cheek.

"Hang in there. Hang in there Kallen, my little girl" the woman said as she smiled faintly at her, before falling unconscious again.

Naruto stood up properly and waved goodbye. He walked out the warehouse and made sure the others were not there. He put two fingers to his forehead.

"Where is it? Ah there it is!"

He then disappeared from that spot, not noticing a certain green haired girl watching him.

So there is the fifth chapter. Now to answer a fe questions I have been asked.

1. Naruto will not just go destroy Britannia as it would make the story extemely short and he can not just reveal himself as the Emperor would then target people he is close to, to get to him.

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