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Somewhere in Scotland


"Coming" a voice shouted.

A man quickly walked along the corridors of a small, top of the range hospital. This man was Hamish McLeod, head doctor of the institute. He opened the door to reveal a delivery man.

"Hello Mr McLeod?"

"That's me"

"A delivery here for you sir. A restock of medication and supplies for you" the man told him, pointing to the pile next to him "If you could please sign here"

Hamish signed the form and watched the courier drive away. He signalled for some of the interns to take the new stock and take it to the supply hall.

'Another lot paid by Naruto. Almost everything in this place was bought by that man' he thought, shaking his head in wonder.

He entered his office and sat down in his seat. He poured himself a small glass of whiskey and proceeded to gulp it down. He went to pour himself another when he was interrupted.

"You know, drinking on the job isn't the sign of a good employee"

Hamish dropped his glass in surprise and spun around in his chair, to find Naruto holding a woman in his arms.

"Bloody hell Naruto! How many times have I told you not to teleport in without warning" Hamish shouted.

"Lost count. Anyway I need you to take in this lady and give her the best care possible, no matter the cost" Naruto told him, laying her down on the couch nearby.

"Quite the looker. Is she your girlfriend?"

"No. She's my girlfriend's mother. She's Japanese and has been treated as a slave since the occupation. So when she wakes up she may try and leave, thinking you are Britannian and her better" he explained.

"Bloody Brits. Fuck with everyone and treat them like crap" Hamish cursed "What's she suffering from?"


Hamish developed a scowl at the word. A small company had invented the stuff trying to make a fortune. At the beginning it was accepted and spread to all corners of the globe. But people started to get addicted and it caused medical problems to the body. If you used it for a long time it could cause irreversible damage. It was made illegal worldwide.

"How did she get her hands on it?" Hamish asked as she checked the woman over.

"A group of Britannian businessmen smuggled it into Japan and were selling it to the populace. The military didn't care about it, so it spread through quite a lot of Japanese population. Luckily a group called the Black Knights wiped the dealers out, before it could cause a lot of damage" Naruto explained.

"The Black Knights eh?"

"You heard of them?" Naruto asked.

"Small mentions here and there. Not done enough to make it worldwide news though" Hamish commented.

"Oh I have a feeling they will" Naruto said.

"You wouldn't by any chance have anything to do with them, would you?" Hamish asked.

"I don't know what you're on about"

Hamish just laughed. He picked up the woman and started to carry her to her room, with Naruto following. They passed patients and staff in the corridors. All stared at Naruto in surprise before greeting him with cheers.

"You know this country owes you a lot. I mean you have woman everywhere trying to go out with you here and most people praise you as our hero" Hamish reminded him.

"I know, but there are plenty of things I need to do before I try and relax too much. Anyway Kallen is the only one for me" Naruto said.

"Oh? And there is no one else in the world that you love hmm?" Hamish said.

"Maybe" Naruto mumbled, thinking of a certain Brit.

"Here we are" Hamish said, opening the door to reveal a decent size room, with a single bed. He sat her down and turned to Naruto.

"Not that I mind, but why bring her here? Why not a hospital in Japan?"

"All the hospitals are run by the Britannians, so she wouldn't receive the best treatment. Plus taking Refrain is illegal and after recovering she would be thrown in jail" Naruto explained.

Naruto stayed in the hospital for a few days, making sure she was being taken care of before deciding to return back to Kallen.

"Hamish. I am entrusting her health to you and your staff. Do your best my friend".

"Will do"

Naruto then teleported away, leaving the man to return to his duties.

The members of the Black Knights had grown from a small group into a larger organisation due to detailed recruitment. They had also been given equipment from Kyoto, a special secret society, which supplies anti-Britannia organisations.

They had all been called down to one of the docks to inspect the new equipment.

A large group of new people were crowding around a bunch of new knightmares they had been given.

"These are Glasgow's, aren't they?"

"They are Burai's. A Japanese modification"

"I have never seen these before"

"Man, the Black Knights have some serious muscle"

Meanwhile our original group were standing in front of a single red knightmare frame.

"Those guys from Kyoto, they believe in us. They sent us this" Sugiyama commented.

"A completely made Japanese knightmare" Tamaki said.

"The Guren Mark 2" Kallen added, staring at it in awe.

"Did you check out the manual?" Ohgi asked.

"Yeah. The thing is so complex" Inoue replied.

"The big shots in Kyoto are recognising us. We've got their approval" Tamaki said.

"Tamaki, would you show me how to use this" a new recruit shouted from further away.

"Oh sure, hang on I'll be right there" he replied and ran to help.

"Newbies, what are going to do" Inoue commented and the group walked away, while Kallen continued to look at the new specially made model.

"First Tamaki and now Inoue and the rest are treating this as a party" Zero commented as he appeared from the shadows. "Kyoto is backing multiple resistance groups correct?"

"Yes this means that we finally made it in. They know that we are worthy" she replied.

"No, you're wrong there Kallen. This is merely a test they have put to us" he replied.

"So what if it is, this is still incredible"

"You are an optimist" Zero said and chucked a key which she caught "The Guren mark 2 is yours now Kallen"

"Mine? But we have a lot more people now and we can't afford to lose you. We need the Guren's defence to protect you and..."

"You are a top notch pilot. I am a commander. I'll use a Burai. But you are our only ace to play during a battle. Besides, you have reason to fight" Zero interrupted.


"Zero, got a second? We got some weird Intel here from a Britannian who wants to join up with the Black Knights" Ohgi said as he approached them with a folder.

"Hmm" Zero said, as he looked in the folder.

"This maybe a trap to draw us out. I would say if we want to confirm the information, it's too risky to contact him directly. But news like this isn't something we can just ignore. What should we do?" Ohgi asked.

"This weekend we are going hiking" Zero said.


"To the Narita Mountains" Zero said.

"Very well then. I had better get back to work" Ohgi said before walking away.

Zero turned to find Kallen looking deep in thought.

"Are you okay Kallen?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I am fine, just getting my head around this" she replied.

"Take care of yourself Kallen, you're too important to lose" he said.

"You wouldn't be coming onto my girlfriend would you Zero?" a voice sounded.

They turned to find Naruto leaning against a crate with his arms crossed, giving them an amused smirk.

"Naruto!" Kallen shouted and hugged him.

"Haha. It's good to see you too my love" he said.

"I thought you would be back sooner, as you didn't contact me" she said, before calming down. "How...how is she?"

"She's doing fine. I have one of the best doctors looking after her" he assured her.

"Where did you take her Naruto?" Zero asked.

"I am sorry Zero, but I don't fully trust you just yet. So I will be keeping that information to myself" Naruto replied, earning a nod in understanding.

"On a different note, may I have word in private with you Naruto?" he asked.

"Very well, I have been meaning to have one with you as well" Naruto replied. He turned to Kallen and kissed her cheek "I will come see you after this"

He then turned and followed Zero to a private office, which he locked.

"So then 'Zero', we have a few truths to reveal to each other I believe. Or should I call you...Lelouch" Naruto said.

"Hahaha. Since you know who I am, then there is no doubt in my mind that you are definitely Naruto" Lelouch said, removing his mask to reveal to Academy student.

"It is good to properly see you again, little brother" Naruto said, as he removed the illusion on himself, to reveal his black hair and monkey tail.

Lelouch charged at the taller man and hugged him tightly.

"I missed you so much big brother, I thought you didn't care about us" Lelouch sobbed.

"I am so sorry Lelouch. I have heard everything that has happened to both yourself and your sister Nuna"

"But why did you leave?"

"It was your father" Naruto said. Seeing the anger in the boy's eyes he continued "I see that you detest him also. Your father tried to make me into a weapon for himself. He also started to invade other nations, which I did not agree with. So I travelled the world, helping people where I could. When I heard you had been sent here, I set myself up here also, to watch over you" Naruto explained.

"I understand, but why didn't you tell us?"

"It would have directed too much attention to all three of us. And I couldn't let your father hear of your location" Naruto explained.

"So you kept quite to keep them out of his reach" a soft voice interrupted.

They both turned to find a green haired girl, lazing back in a chair, watching the two.

"C.C! What the hell are you doing? I need you to stay under cover and out of sight" Lelouch shouted.

"It doesn't matter, he knows who I am, don't you Naruto" she replied.

"Well well. If it isn't Eli..." he began, but with a slight glare from her changed his mind "...emm...C.C. What have you been up to?" Naruto said.

"Huh? You know each other?" Lelouch asked.

"Oh for quite a while" she replied.

"So if you're involved then that explains a lot. All these strange events where people have been making wrong decisions and the group has got out of tight situations" he said. He then turned to C.C. "You gave him a 'Geass' didn't you?"

"Yes I did. What will you do with this information?" she asked.

"Nothing. As long as Lelouch doesn't use it on his friends or the group, then that it fine with me" Naruto responded, smiling at the two.

"We better get back to the others Naruto, before your girlfriend misses you" Lelouch said smirking.

"True. Maybe I should try and get you and Shirley together, eh Lelouch?" Naruto retorted.

Lelouch didn't reply. But Naruto noticed a small blush on his face, before he placed his helmet back on. Shaking his head in amusement he placed the illusion back on and headed back out the door with Zero, leaving the green haired witch to herself.

Zero went to go check up on the new lead they had been given, while Naruto talked to Kallen. Or at least he tried to, but she seemed so excited about her new 'toy'.

Three days later – Narita Mountains

A white light was flashed from the top of one of the mountain peaks, where it was spotted.

"I have confirmed the signal from Zero, we are heading for waypoint two" a Black Knight scout reported.

"Roger that" Naruto responded as he escorted the Burai's and trucks up the mountain path in his Sutherland.

"Hey, why doesn't Zero just use the radio in his Burai?" Tamaki asked.

"What do you suppose he meant when he said hiking?" Inoue also asked.

"Um military training right?" Yoshida answered.

"Only with Zero in another location?" Tamaki replied.

"Maybe we will be building a hot spring?" Sugiyama suggested.

"Is that why we brought those excavators? If so then I am all for it" Yoshida said.

"Kallen, you heard anything about this?" Tamaki asked.

Kallen was currently riding in the Guren, reading the big instruction manual that came with it, with the canopy open.

"I haven't"

"You Ohgi" Tamaki asked.

"Nope, not a word"

"Hey Tamaki, could you shut up, I'm trying to relax here" Naruto interrupted.

"Grr, why you"

Eventually they reached the rendezvous point and started to unload their gear and do routine maintenance on their Knightmare's. They had also drilled the excavators into the points Zero told them to. Naruto had got out of his own and was currently sitting on the Guren's shoulder, napping. A little while later Zero arrived on the scene and spoke to Ohgi.

Sounds of explosions in the distance came and Britannian planes flew by.

"So it has begun" Zero commented.

"Huh? What the hell? You have got to be kidding Zero, those troops coming in have the entire area surrounded, there is no way out?" Tamaki shouted.

"We have already been cut off! Our only way of surviving now is to fight" Zero replied, earning shocked looks from those around him.

"What! We can't fight the Britannian's" Inoue commented.

"Let me get this straight. We are surrounded and you want us to fight them straight on" Tamaki commented.

"We would be fighting against Cornelia. Her forces are the strongest we have ever come across" Sugiyama added.

"Correct. It would be a miracle if we win this" Zero said.

"Zero, what are you saying?" Ohgi demanded.

"Even messiahs need to perform miracles if they are to be acknowledged! Which means we have to produce our own miracles don't we"

"Now look, miracles don't come cheap! The price could be out lives. I knew it was insane to make you our leader. It should be me!" Tamaki shouted and took his rifle off his shoulder.

Suddenly Zero was pointing a pistol at him. But he twirled it around holding the handle to him.

"Our path of retreat has been cut off. If you think you can win without me, then shoot me. Anyone!" Zero said.

Naruto looked shocked on the outside but inside he knew what Lelouch was planning.

All of the members around Zero were shocked at his actions.

"Since you've joined the Black Knights, you only have two choices. You either live with me or you may perish with me!" Zero declared.

No one seemed to say anything, so he continued.

"What's wrong? Challenge me and strike me sown"

"Tch. Fine, do what you want" Tamaki said and holstered his weapon.

"Right, you are our leader Zero" Sugiyama said.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate it" Zero said and turned away, causing the others to carry on with their work. More explosions were heard.

Naruto was listening in on the radio chatter from the JLA through the Guren and there was some mention of a man named Todoh.

"Toudoh eh?"

"Huh, have you heard of him?" Kallen asked as she slipped her Black Knight uniform on.

"I met the man once. He is a very honourable person and a great combatant"

"It sounds like you admire the man"

"You could say that"

"Right, all preparations have been completed. Black Knights, prepare to move out!" Zero commanded from his Burai.

Naruto kisses Kallen and hopped off the Guren and headed towards his knightmare, when he heard two of the newer members complaining.

"Just do as you're told and carry this RPG" a man in his thirties said.

"But I was trained as a pilot" another in his late teens said.

"Well tough luck, there are none left" he said and pushed the weapon in his arms.

"Excuse me" Naruto interrupted.

"Oh Naruto, sorry for the commotion"

"No problem" he said and turned to the young pilot "Can you pilot a Sutherland?"

"Yes sir"

"Then here" Naruto tossed him a key, as he took the launcher off his hands.


"Trade places with me. I am much better on foot anyway" Naruto said.

"Thank you sir" the pilot said and jogged away.

Naruto turned back to the other soldier and asked where the ammunition was. Once shown he picked up several packs and put them on his back, next to his sword, showing off some of his strength.

"Are you sure you can carry that?"

"Yup, let's go" he said before taking out a radio "Kallen can you read me?"


"I gave one of the pilots my ride and I am going to help the anti-armour units a hand okay"

"Okay. Please take care"

"I will"

"We the Black Knights are going to mount a surprise attack on the Britannian's from the mountain summit" Zero radioed to the force.

"On my instructions you will charge down on mass down toward point three. The intent of this operation is the capture of Cornelia, second princess of Britannia"

"Our breakthrough group will be opened by the Guren Mark 2"

"Kallen, use penetrating electrode number 3. Settle things with one blow"

"Got it" Kallen replied and reached the clawed hand of the Guren to the excavator marked three.

"Output confirmed. Wave surger levels ready and holding" Kallen reported, before charging the gauntlet with power. She breathed in deeply, before releasing it.

"Activating gauntlet now"

Red light enveloped the sky, as the power went straight through the device and into the water deep underground. Then there was silence. Suddenly the ground started to shake heavily.

"It worked" Kallen announced happily.

The ground tore upwards further away and it caused a giant landslide, which headed straight towards the unsuspecting Britannian military and Japan Liberation Front forces alike. It tore straight through all in its path. It continued all the way to the small settlement below, which had luckily been evacuated.

"Move out" Zero ordered and the Knightmare's went surging downhill.

"Well we better get moving also huh?" Naruto said to Inoue.

"Right" she replied.

"Cornelia only has limited reinforcements headed this way. We will just break right through them" Zero announced.

"Yeah we can do this" a pilot announced.

They opened fire at the incoming enemy, tearing them apart.

"Our duty is to be the rear-guard and watch their backs got it?" she said to the people around her "Good"

"Enemy tanks coming to flank squad three" Naruto reported, pointing at them.

"Open fire" Inoue ordered and the squad fired their RPG's at the enemy armour, blowing them sky high.

Kallen followed Zero's squad, when suddenly they were attacked by a squad of Glasgow's.

"Is Zero here? If he is then face me!" one of the enemy pilots announced "Come forward and face Jeremiah Gottwald!"

"Well well, if it isn't Jeremiah. So you're still in the army? I would like to stay and chat, but I am afraid I don't have time to chat at the moment…Orange Boy" Zero taunted.

"O…Ora…Orange. DIE!" Jeremiah shouted and sped straight towards him, only for Kallen to jump in front of him and smack his rifle from his machines hands.

He retreated a little and flipped out the Glasgow's blades.

"Lord Jeremiah!" a female voice came.

"Stay out of this! This is my duel"

"But look at it. I have never seen a Knightmare like that before! Could the Elevens have…?"

"You think the Elevens are capable of such technology?" he snapped at his partner, as if he never heard such stupidity, before launching himself at the Guren, who blocked.

Kallen dodged the incoming blows before jumping over Jeremiah and swiping at him and entered a deadlock.

"Is this the thing that destroyed Cariah's unit?"

"Yeah that's right Britannia. We can finally go up against you on equal footing head on and our counter attack begins with this baby the Guren Mark 2" Kallen replied and went to grab the Glasgow's head.

Jeremiah dodged backwards believing he could stay out of the claws reach, but he was proven wrong when it extended and grabbed him.

"Sorry" Kallen said and activated the Radiant Wave Surger, which caused the Glasgow to start to bulge as a chain reaction occurred. A few moments later the pilot escape pod ejected and the Glasgow fell before exploding.

"I won't lose, not with this Guren Mark 2" Kallen said to herself.

Kallen launched towards another of the enemy squad using the Radiant Wave Surger again, but this one did not eject on time.

"Alright! Guren Mark 2 move to plan point. We will break through the rest of their line and take Cornelia"


The Burai's charged down the hill, but met fierce gunfire, causing casualties. One of them was Sugiyama who luckily was only disabled and managed to climb out.

The ground forces on the other hand were being annihilated as they did not have the armoured cover as the Knightmare's did. But with Naruto's leadership they were managing to keep up with the advance.

At last the first of the advance force had reached Cornelia but she was a skilled pilot and fighter, so they fell. Cornelia had a small amount of forces with her but they were managing to keep the rest of the Black Knights at bay for the moment.

"Zero, Cornelia is under attack down below" Inoue reported.

"What's that? Which team made the move?"

"It's not our people! It looks like the JLF!" Inoue replied.


As if they had received renewed courage the JLF were fighting back against the Britannian forces, causing their forces to retreat.

While Cornelia's royal guard held back the new forces, which were revealed as Toudoh and his squad, Cornelia retreated. But she was ambushed by Zero's squad and Kallen down the canyon.

"CORNELIA!" Kallen shouted and charged in.

"Lowborn scum" Cornelia replied and thrust her lance, which Kallen somersaulted over. She struck out but Cornelia fired her Slash Harkins at the canyon walls, pulling herself upwards.

Suddenly she was fired upon by the Burai's at the top of the canyon, causing her to release her grip and fall to the ground.

"Can you hear me Cornelia? This is checkmate" Zero said.


"Yes. Should we celebrate our reunion? Of course you will have to surrender to us first and after than there are a few questions I would like to ask you. Your probably wandering about your reinforcements, well they will not get here in time. I win Cornelia"

"You are a fool Zero. If I take out this one, I am free and clear" Cornelia said and opened fire on Kallen, who dodged.

Cornelia fired a Slash Harkin which Kallen deflected. She then fired her lance which was caught. Kallen then activated the Radiant Wave Surger, causing the lance to bulge up and spread towards her knightmare. Cornelia ejected the arm holding it at Kallen, causing it to explode. Zero opened fire and blew her other arm off also.

"Coward, you shoot from behind"

"Really? And your own attack patterns don't show any cowardice?" Zero replied.

Suddenly the ground shook and a Knightmare burst through one of the canyon walls. Dust filled the air, but parted shortly after to reveal a white knightmare, holding a large rifle.

"Viceroy, are you alright? I came to help your highness"

"Special core? Who authorised you?" Cornelia asked.

"Hey isn't that knightmare…" Tamaki began.

"Yeah, it's the one from Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchi" Ohgi replied.

Zero opened fire, but the knightmare activated its shield to protect itself and the princess.

"Guren Mark 2, destroy that unit immediately! It's interfered with us enough"


Kallen charged forward dodging the incoming energy shots from the enemy's gun. It launched out with a kick, but the Guren caught it and activated the Wave Surger. The enemy knightmare ejected its foot plating, escaping from the attack.

Suddenly Cornelia sped towards zero firing her Slash Harkens, missing Zero but soring a direct hit on one of his squad.

The white knightmare activated its sword and fired its rifle at the evading Guren, which climbed to the other side of the canyon. Kallen charged yet again but both sides were too quick to hit the other. Kallen was eventually forced to the edge of the canyon, but caught the sword and made it burst apart. But this left her wide open, as the enemy fired another blast.

Kallen quickly blocked it by activating the Wave Surger to form a shield, blocking the round from reaching her. Unfortunately it caused the Guren's footing to give way and she fell down the cliff. She landed safely but the Wave Surger was damaged. Ohgi and Tamaki approached.

"Are you okay?" Ohgi asked.

"I am" she replied.

"Ohgi is the Guren okay?" Zero asked.

"The right arm is damaged; we have got to fix it"

A moment silence occurred before Zero responded.

"Retreat. All Black Knights move to your escape points. At this rate it will turn into a war of attrition. Retreat!"

Naruto was walking through the woodland that was still intact. He had managed to rack up a lot of kills with the primitive equipment he had. He heard a noise and decided to go and investigate. He entered a small clearing where a battle had taken place.

A Britannian Glasgow was standing over a downed knightmare. That was when he realised it was his Sutherland that he had given the young man.

"Stupid Eleven, you killed my friends. How you managed I have no idea. You have shamed them greatly, by being killed by an inferior being such as yourself. I will look for your family and when I do I will make them beg for mercy"

"No please don't touch them" the young pilot pleaded as he lay heavily wounded in the cockpit. The canopy had been ripped off.

"You are pathetic. Just die"

The enemy swung his sword downwards to end the boy's life.


Both were shocked when they noticed Naruto standing before the young man blocking the sword with his much smaller one.

"Hey kid" Naruto said smiling gently at him.


"It's okay. You just sit there for a moment while I deal with this idiot"

"Oh yeah and what can you do? You don't even have a knightmare to fight in"

"I don't need one to beat the likes of you" Naruto snarled before bashing his sword away and causing the Glasgow to stumble backwards.

He walked forwards blocking all the attacks the pitiful soldier sent at him. He suddenly sliced the arm that the machine gun was on off. And then the other followed closely. He then jumped upwards and sliced it straight down the middle.

He turned and headed back to the fallen pilot and spoke to him, while holding him up.

"Hey kid. How are you feeling?"

"I am cold sir. And so tired"

"I see that you took out at least six Glasgow's. That is very impressive, you should be proud of yourself" Naruto said.

"But I wrecked your Sutherland. It can't be fixed"

"It doesn't matter; you used it to the best of its ability"

"I'm going to die aren't I?"


"Don't worry sir. I am just upset that I won't get to see my family ever again. It's my little sister's birthday tomorrow…and I…I won't…"

"Wherever your family are, I bet they are very proud of you" Naruto told him.

"Thank you sir"

"You know you remind me of my kid, Natsuki" Naruto commented.


"Yeah, he was a bright boy. Always wanted to learn things and always getting in trouble"

"He sounds like an interesting kid"

"Yeah he…"


Naruto was shocked to find that the pilot who he believed he had just killed had survived and had shot the boy in the head. Blood flowed over his hands. Images of the past flashed through his mind.

"Damn I missed. I was aiming for your big head, but I guess at least I get to shut his pathetic mouth up permanently" the enemy grinned.

Naruto shook.

"Aw. Is the little baby scared of little old me. Hahahaha"

"You killed him…"

"Yes I did and you will now join him" he replied, holding the gun right at Naruto's head. "Turn around so I can see the fear in your eyes".

Naruto turned to face the man and glared at him with hatred.

"What's with the frown?"

Naruto ignored him and pressed his head right against the barrel.

"Fuck you" Naruto said, before the man finally pulled the trigger.

The man flinched backwards to hopefully avoid the splash of blood and brain that was going to come out. He opened his eyes when he felt nothing hit him. His eyes went wide when he found Naruto still alive with a crushed bullet stuck to his forehead. He stumbled backwards in shock.

Naruto reached up and removed the bullet, before pining it at the man, making it go straight through his left leg.

"Aargh" the man screamed in pain, before collapsing.

"How does it feel, hmm? When you have pain inflicted upon you? It's not nice is it" Naruto said shuffling towards the Britannian.

"No, stay back. Stay away from me!" he shouted, crawling backwards.

"That's it crawl. Crawl like the snake you are you bastard. You took him away from me, just like her"

"What are you talking about?"

"You will die now Orochimaru" Naruto mumbled standing above him.

"Who? I am not this Orochi…"


"Die and go to hell" Naruto said before firing an energy blast at the man's head, reducing it to a gory mess.


The blast caused his old knightmare to finally blow, due to the damage it had already sustained, blasting Naruto off his feet and hitting his head. He managed to get back to his feet and looked around.

He started to pull himself back through the forest until he came to a dirt road, where three Knightmare's were coming. And one of them was the Guren.

"I am hating this retreat thing" Tamaki commented.

"We thrashed them but if we kept on pushing…" Ohgi said.

"Face it. We left the JLF there as bait while we ran away" Tamaki commented.

"I hate it when you say it like that, but…" Kallen said.

"Yeah. But people aren't just pieces in a chess game. Zero wouldn't think like that. If he did he would end up using us like pawns too. I don't believe he would do that. His rage is real. He hates Britannia just as much as we do. And I think a person who knows rage, also know sorrow" Ohgi said.

The other two stayed silent.

"Watch out it looks like someone's up ahead" Tamaki said.

"It's Naruto!" Kallen said, as they pulled up beside him.

Naruto collapsed on the ground, unable to stay conscious for much longer.


"He's covered in blood. He's in shock" Ohgi said as both he and Kallen climbed down to help him.

"I'm sorry Kallen" Naruto apologised.

"Naruto. Is this your blood?" Kallen asked him.

"Noooo" he said, before finally falling unconscious.

"Quickly help him into my cockpit" Kallen said.

They managed to squeeze him in to her cockpit and they sped off to the rendezvous point as fast as they could.

Hours later, the survivors were together looking after the wounded and awaiting the arrival of Zero. They were also celebrating their win over the Britannian's.

"You see. Britannia sure had its hands full just taking on the Liberation Front" Tamaki commented.

"Yeah. They gave us the chance we needed to escape" Ohgi added.

"Hey where is Zero? I can't raise his Burai on the radio" Kallen asked "You don't think he has been captured do you?"

"I don't know. We should send out some patrols to look for him"

"I will go as well. Please look after him" she said, looking down from her Guren at the man she loved being looked after at a medical tent.

"We will" Ohgi replied and watched her zoom off.

Kallen eventually received a phone call from Zero who directed her towards a nearby cave, where she found him with a girl with green hair.

"We will meet up with the others and head back to base" he said and walked out the cave, as Kallen stared at the mysterious green haired girl.

'Who is she really?' she thought and followed after.

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