Chapter 1

I put my Create a cat on hold, sorry guys...

Redheart gazed at the stars. They twinkled through the tree branches and bathed the small group of trees in silver light.

She purred and stood up to head back to camp.

When she reached the camp, the camp was mostly quiet except for a few cats chatting about the gathering last night.

"Russetstar seemed nervous about something," one cat meowed. "About her clan looking weak after greencough swept through their camp, no doubt!" exclaimed another.

Redheart shook her head and chose a fish from the pile, settling in her favourite patch of grass to eat.

"Hey, Redheart!"

Redheart looked up from her half-eaten fish. Stormgaze, Mossfire, Sunstripe and Tallgrass had found her.

Redheart looked shyly at Stormgaze. "Hi," she mewed quietly to the golden tom.

Mossfire acknowledged her crush on Stormgaze with a flick of her tail. Changing the subject, she meowed, "We're going out hunting. Want to come with us?" Redheart nodded and gulped down the last bite of her fish.

The five young warriors waded through the river surrounding RiverClan's camp. They bounded out of the water and into their territory. Mossfire, Sunstripe and Tallgrass disappeared down a hill towards the river, while Redheart entered her clearing.

Redheart caught a whiff of rabbit from behind a rock. She crept around it and pounced, hoping a rabbit would be between her paws when she landed.

"Is that really the way to catch a rabbit?"

Stormgaze appeared. His whiskers twitched in amusement.

Redheart felt her brown fur grow hot. She quickly delivered a killing bite to the scrabbling prey and stood up.

"Ughh, this rabbit is really big!" she moaned, trying to drag it away.

Stormgaze leaned over to help. "Great catch," he praised.

They managed to reach the river when Stormgaze dropped his end of the rabbit and peered into the river. "What's that?" he meowed.

Redheart looked, too. "I think that's a dead fish." She turned to grab her rabbit again when Stormgaze meowed, "There's more dead fish!"

The brown she-cat gasped when she saw the river filled with dead fish.

"We should leave the rabbit and tell Reedstar," she meowed finally. "We'll pick it up later."

Stormgaze nodded and splashed through to the other side.

Redheart hopped over some stones onto the other side.

Stormgaze snorted. "What are you, half ShadowClan?"

"I didn't want to take any chances. What if that water was poisoned?" Redheart snapped. Stormgaze shrugged and bounded over to Reedstar's den.

Reedstar was sharing tongues with his mate, Icewing.

"Good evening," he greeted them. "Have you heard? Icewing is having kits."

Redheart purred and Stormgaze nodded his approval.

Redheart meowed, "The river is filled with dead fish. Something is wrong."

Icewing gasped and Reedstar shook his head. "Twolegs," he mewed. "Definitely Twolegs."

The black tom added, "Please leave now."

Both warriors left. When they saw the camp, Stormgaze let out a gasp of disbelief.

In the middle of the camp lay Petalflower, Emberblaze, Skypaw, and her sister, Nightpaw.

Prickletooth, the elderly medicine cat staggered over to them. "The fish are poisoned. Half the Clan are sick," he rasped. "All my herbs are gone."

"We'll go collect some," Redheart offered. "You need yarrow, right?"

"And juniper, poppy seeds, water mint... You'd better take Frostleaf with you." Prickletooth gestured to the fluffy white medicine cat apprentice, who was treating his Clanmates with a tiny pile of herbs.

Frostleaf joined the two warriors and led them out of camp.