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Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the UK

Cagney and Lacey living the UK.

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Cagney and Lacey go horse ridding.

Title Cagney and Lacey standing on the side line.

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It has been over a moth since Twinkle Wilson had passed away.

It's Monday the 21st of August 2011

H and Alex were getting ready to do the college's charity fun run they running the fun run just like Twinkle would have wanted them to do.


(Locking her front door.)

"Good moring Alex."

"You ready for your big race this evening?"


"Moring Chris."

"I'm ready for the big race but I don't think H is."

Now near Mary Beth and Heavy's flat


"I'm sure she ready."

"I happen to know that she had a good coach."


(Now knocking on Mary Beth's front door.)

"How do you know?"

Before Chris could answer Alex's question H had opened the door to Chris and Alex who was standing outside.


(Now standing outside.)

"Good Moring Coach."

"Moring Alex."


"Moring H.

"You ready to hit the gym?"




"Didn't know that Chris was your coach?"


"Yeah I told you she had a good coach."

Mary Beth had joind Chris H and Alex outside the time is now 11.45am.

Mary Beth.

(Giving Alex a hug and turning to Chris to give her a hug.)

"You all set for your race Alex?"

"Did you know Chris use to do a lot of jogging?"

"To work every day."


"Do you want to grab a something lunch?"


"Sounds great to me."

"It's a date."

Now in the Sunny Pot cafe Mary Beth Chris H and Alex are sat cheating away.

Well it's time for H and Alex to get a move on and get to the starting line they are repenting Summer Set Rise College in the race there will be other colleges there too.


"We best get a move on."


"Looks like the other racers have left to go to the starting line."

Mary Beth.

"Well its time you two got a move on."

"Good luck and do us proud."


" We'll be rooting for you all the way round."

"See you later on you two at the finishing line.

H and Alex had said good bye to Mary Beth and Chris.

Rose Jones was going to follow Alex and H in her car with Chris and Mary Beth.

Lisa Penny going is following H in one of the buggies around the course.

Joe Hope also was going to follow Alex around the course too.

A voice had announce over the big speekers to the racers that the race was about to start and there will be signs showing the racers where the next checkpoint

Then there was a gun that was fired to mark the start of the marathon.

The runners were on their way to the first checkpoint.