Wednesday the 23rd of August 2011 on a mild hot afternoon the time is 1pm.

H was on her way to colete her best friend from the medical.

Even she had a rough night with her asthma and the aching muscle.


"Hay how you doing?"


"Hay I'm fine."

"How are you and why have you got sunglasses on?"


"I got into a fight down at the pub last night."


"Sure looks like Rocky's here."

"Just be careful I don't trust him or his sister."


"I'll be careful I promise."

"Mary Beth will be here shortly to pick you up."

Rocky was waiting for H and he didn't look happy Rachel his sister was waiting in the taxi with Joe they was going house riding for a couple of days at Oak Well college.

Now outside the madical wing centre.


" What the hell was you thinking bitch."

" I told you not to be late!!"


" I told you !! i needed to see my friend before we left."


( Dragging H into the back of the taxi.)

" Com'on lets get go before you change your mind cow."

There is a surpise for Mary Beth and Christine one of their old work mates all so moved here to the uk and working at Oak Well college.