Why didn't anyone tell me I double posted in my last chapter? Whatever, I might fix it later, maybe... Anyway it's summer now so I'm bored so I will probably be posting more stories and more often, so as promised here is the um... thrilling? end to our story

Disclaimer: you know the drill

~Later that night~

"Why did you let them ground you like that? I mean it's not like you didn't have good reasons to do it." Jacob asked me. He had snuck in through my window when Bella went to calm down Edward.

"Because at least if I am grounded then I have something to look forward to, anyway I know that they can't watch me forever so they will probably ask you to watch me, and that just means more quality time with you. " I explained.

"That is still silly, but then again so are you" he said and started to tickle me

"You know what, how about we start that quality time right now" I said and started to kiss him.

He kissed me back and slowly his hands felt their way up to my hair.

"Nessie..." he pulled back

"Yes Jacob?" I giggled

"What is this?" as he felt my head

"why, what-ever do you mean baby?" I asked innocently

"Why are you wearing a blonde wig?" He was very confused

"Okay so I have a good reason, so basically they wouldn't let me dye my hair anywhere without an adult with me. So instead I decided to just buy myself a blonde wig to see everyone's reaction. And I know what you are going to say 'that was a stupid thing to do, you got grounded for no reason' but I HAD to do something! And this was all I could do." I explained

"Oh Nessie, i understand and its okay, but don't you think you should tell your parents so you aren't grounded?"

"maybe, but later" I said and shook out my real hair

"oooooh you are right, later" he agreed and began kissing me again.

For those of you who stuck around till the end, congrats, you have won my respect for being able to put up with my bad stories. If anyone has any new ideas for a fanfic that they don't want to or can't (for whatever reason) write themselves I would be happy to help out, because I have nothing better to do with my life. Have a good day, summer and life ^_^

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