A week had passed since that day when Pluto made his strike. On the news, they said that he was being charged with illegal drugs and chemicals, murder, and kidnapping. Don't worry, he won't be alone. Kimono Princess, roppongi EVOLVED, and Trigger will be going to prison with him.

After seeing my mom's grave that day, I was outside on my balcony. When the night time sky appeared with some stars, I placed my hand over my mother's necklace, and began to sing her song. Singing my mother's song always made me feel better. When I was halfway done with my song, a beautiful, deep voice sang along with me. I stopped and looked around.

"Rage, is that you?" I called.

"Yup. I'm right behind you."

I turned around, and there he was. "Oh..."

"Don't stop the song. Keep it going."

"You were... singing along with me."

"Yeah... I kept singing your song all night."

I smiled a little. "Thanks..." Now, being with him reminded me with a question. "Wait, what're you doing here?"

"I came here to see if everyone was alright here..."

I nodded. "We're all okay."

There was a long pause. A quick flashback came back to me of Rage and I's first kiss. I wasn't sure what to say to him. How awkward...

"You... okay?" Rage asked.

I blinked. "I'm fine. I was just... thinking." I glanced down to the ground, watching the guards for a moment.

"You know that if they catch you, there will be trouble."

He laughed. "What's wrong with showing a little risk to see you, baby?"

I giggled when he laughed. When we settled down, his arms wrapped around me tight. The hug felt so warm, so right, so... comfortable. My arms tightened around his shoulders.

"Do you want to know a secret?" he asked softly.

I blinked. "A secret? That depends on what kind it is..."

"It's a good kind of secret. It won't hurt you. I promise."

I smiled. "Tell me..."

I felt his mouth near my ear. What was he going to say? Is this how people worry about what the person they love might say?

"I love you." he whispered.

My heart skipped a beat when he said those words. My head rested on his shoulder.

"I know," I said. "I... love you, too, Rage."

We pulled away from the hug, looked at each other in the eyes, and his forehead rested on mine. I wondered if this was how my dad felt about my mom when they were young like me and Rage. In the next few seconds, Rage's lips met mine. He pulled away, then kissed me again.

After kissing for seven seconds, I yawned.

"It's getting late," Rage said. "I'll let you sleep."

"Okay..." I said.

He looked down, climbed up on the balcony rail, and looked down at me. "Good night, Yune."

I gasped. "Rage, you'll get hurt or caught."

He jumped backwards. He landed on a tree, then climbed down, and went through the bushes. Rage disappeared into the streets. I watched him return home. I shook my head. No matter how old he gets, he's still as onery as he was back then.

Well, that's my story. So much has happened, and I'm sure it's only the beginning. Through all of the smiles, tears, the anger, and the laughter that follows, I know that I'll keep changing...

There! Are you all happy now? I got this last chapter done. It may have been three months or so, but hey! It's finally done! Okay, I wanna give some shoutouts to Princess-Yuni for reading and letting me borrow the bad guys, and the site's toughest critique Papersak for reading and reviewing. Okay, I'm leaving now so bye~