Friends Comes first

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Somewhere deep in forest, there is a small house that looked inactive, rather it looked like a dumpe; not fancy, but humble. There was a sign on the door and it said 'The Chaotix Detective Agency'. It was midnight so of course the lights were off.

A green slender Figure walks out of one of the rooms, dragging him self, groggily rubbing his head and clicking his tongue, while stretching.

His name is Vector the Crocodile, a large strong crocodile; He is the "head honcho", of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He Has a strong sense of justice and kindness, despite his argumentativeness.

He hadn't noticed a Purple shadow walking through the hall; he put on his headset to listen to his music at a minimum volume, he starts bobbing his head to the beat of the song.

The shadow taps a finger on Vector's shoulder which causes him to jump

"Vector, Relax its just me.." Vector turns around and sees it's his friend, a purple Chameleon.

"Espio!" Vector Startled to see his companion, waves his arms around trampled over his own tail and falls down the stairs. Espio reaches out but it was too late to grab him, and Vector still falls. Vector lets out a yelp with each fall on each step till he finally lands on the ground with loud thud.

His legs were tangled above his head while neck flat on the ground. Groaning from his aches and pains, he was stuck until Espio could help back to his feet. That Very moment, Espio swiftly walks downstairs and leans on the door frame with arms crossed over his chest; as an expert Ninja he stares down at Vector, who slowly stirred and carefully unbends his legs and tail, a loud cracked came from The crocodile's back who yelped, it echo thro the house, Espio stifles a chuckle and helps him to his feet the rest of the way.

Espio the Chameleon is an expert Ninja, he's 16 years old and is the 'guardian of honor' of the three Members of Chaotix, also being the calmest. He has a 'militaristic discipline' while also being quiet and laid back.

"Ya know Espio, ya could've atleast warned meh.. before this happens." Vector grumbles putting one hand under chin, with the other tapping the floor annoyed and glaring at his friend. Espio's responds with a shrug still wearing a smile on his face. "If you hadn't put on those useless headsets . . . ."

"They ain't useless. They're my babies" Vector grins and pets his headphones. Espio rolls his eyes, to which Vector responds.

"Ya know; if you at least try hearing one of the songs, You might actually like music" Put's headset back on, "Ya don't mind do Ya?" Espio sighs dejectedly, "I would mind, and I don't think or imagine my self liking that kind of Music ever. Or wearing those" Espio points at Vector's headsets.

Vector pouts at Espio's disdain "You won't know if you don't try it." Espio turns his nose up at Vector giving him a humph, as a response.

"Fine be like that, just next time warn me when you show up." Vector says not wanting to take another tumble down the stairs. Espio sighs "Very well, though its fun watching you Stumble over a mouse" Vector blushes "Hey! I thought it was a roach crawling around" Espio chuckles, "I meant it was one of Charmy's toys and--" Vector hisses in pain grabbing his back, Espio frowned as Vector was still pained walks up to his reptilian friend.

He helps Vector up the stairs to the couch and helps him to lay down. Vector sneezes wipes his snout with his arm, he looks around the house, clearly they haven't cleaned the house for days. "Hmm, looks like we haven't cleaned up the place in a while. So Espio--" Vector pauses after seeing Espio sitting in his usual place to meditate, obviously ignoring him.

"Oy!" He stood up fast winces a little as his back reminded him it was hurt, he fists up his hand and stomps his foot getting Espio's attention. "What're ya doing? This is no time to do yoga.. " Espio opens one eye glancing at Vector, "I'm Meditating." Vector grumbles at Espio, "Whatever ya call it, you got work to d-- Where's Charmy?" Espio shrugs. "Perhaps he's asleep."

Vector frowns at Espio still not moving to do anything, "You're no help….." He murmured. That was how the daily routine for team Chaotix began; Vector lazily walks into the Kitchen to make breakfast for his comrades. If he finds any food that is, the big croc walks over to the refrigerator and opens it up. As he opens it a blur of green suddenly appeared and snapped on his snout, Vector let's out a strangled yelp while he was trying to pull of the thing that bit him.

He started walking backwards trying to pry it off but ends up slipping and lands in a group of Rat traps. They start snapping simultaneously a few of them snapping onto Vector's fingers and tail.

"Aaaahhh!!" He cries out with this chaos of traps exploding. Espio appears at the door after hearing him yell and sweats drops at seeing Vector struggling on the ground. It all finally stops with vector catching his breath, he opens one eye to look at the aftermath and he was painfully covered in rat traps.

He didn't even have to wonder what the cause was. The youngest member and friend f the Chaotix, Charmy Bee peeks out of the living room knowing what had happened. Vector sees the little Bee peeking in, he growled as his eyes twitched in annoyance. "Charmy!!!!" Espio just shook his head.

To be continued...