England was completely focused on his task. He had to add a pinch of crushed up basilisk fang in two minutes then he had to add some pixie dust… a millimeter of snake poison and it would be ready. Now, Arthur wasn't planning on using this as a poison or anything… in fact it wasn't even dangerous. It helped headaches and lately the bloody American had been causing more and more problems for everyone since he wouldn't shut up. Matthew –bless the boy- could control his elder twin to an extent but not enough to help astronomically. He was able to keep his rambunctious brother in his seat at least; whilst the Canadian tried his best to keep him quiet the annoying boy just wouldn't shut up. So many nations had come to Arthur hoping for a miracle headache reliever. Which this batch was meant to be… now he had to remember to add the white tiger fur (not a lot… the others would kill him, only three hairs) in five minutes…





Arthur cursed and fumbled the stirring rod for a second before he grabbed his blackberry from his back pocket in his dress pants. Alfred had programmed a different song for each nation, that particular tune happened to be Alfred's. For the moment at least, Arthur wouldn't be surprised if it changed next week.

"What?" He snapped as his hit the talk button.

"Heya Iggy. What's up, dude?" Alfred asked him.

Arthur pinched the bridge of his nose. "Did you want something Alfred?"

"Uhhhhhhhh…. I lost it hold on…." Was the intelligent reply.

Arthur rolled his eyes as he listened to the younger man scuffle around on the other end. "Well hurry up, I'm in the middle of something." Arthur eyed the bubbling pot of the odd purple mixture that was smoking.

"Yeah, yeah… keep your panties on Pops." Alfred muttered. "AHA! Found the little shit! Iggy, do'y know how to tie a bow-tie?"

Arthur growled. "Yes. Why?"

"Need to wear one for that Gala thingy coming up. But I don't know how to tie one so…" Alfred trailed off.

Arthur blinked in surprise. "You're dressing up?"

"It's a costume party, England, don't think I would willingly endure this torture for any other reason." Alfred drawled, purposely using his southern voice.

"It's a Masque, not a Costume party you git." Arthur snapped.

"Whatever pops, look can you tell me how to tie one?" Alfred asked flippantly.

"Well for that I'd have to hear a please." Arthur drawled back.

"… you know what Iggy, fuck it. I'll see you later." Alfred sounded more than a little pissed off but before England could respond the American clicked his phone off.

Arthur rolled his eyes. "Please, bloody Americans always getting in a tizzy over nothing." Arthur scoffed.

A blaringly loud dinging noise rang overhead and Arthur yelped. Clapping his hands to his ears he growled and set about to turn the bloody fire alarm off. Why he put one in his lab he couldn't remember. Arthur grumbled as he took a broom from the corner and hit the button on the alarm. It stopped immediately. Arthur grumbled under his breath and suddenly he froze. His head snapped almost unwillingly to his potion. Yelping he grabbed the tiger fur bottle and put some into it. Grumbling under his breath about stupid Americans and stupid Canadians not being able to control the freaking Americans. The potion bubbled and turned a sickly green before a POOF! And the concoction was gone. Arthur blinked and froze, sighing he slowly raised the bottle to his face.

The bottle said Essence of Leprechaun Luck.

Arthur glanced back at the empty cauldron and he grabbed his phone once again, calling France's number quickly he dropped the bottle and stumbled back upstairs to his study. England's face was pale and his vivid green eyes jumped from his face and for once in his life he hoped that Francis would pick up the phone.

France was reclined in his backyard, sipping some very good wine and a book on Voltaire in his hand. The breeze ruffled his hair deliciously and he just smirked at the image of the setting sun. Francis sighed happily as he sipped his wine once more and returned to his book. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he giggled at a very naughty thought running mindlessly through his head. Easily, he flipped the phone open without glancing at whom it was.

"Bonjour." France greeted loftily.

"Francis, fuck, you need to go see Canada now!" Arthur's breathless voice came through the line.

France frowned and pulled his eyes away from his book. "Anglettere, j'adore mon Mathieu. But why you are insisting I go see him is what I'm truly interested in."

"Frog, do you remember what happened to the Vargas twins back in 1655?" Arthur gasped out.

"Mhmm… I believe Spain had interfered with one of your potions and it turned them younger, oui?" France responded, not too interested.

"Yeah, well it bloody happened again!" France froze and gently set down his wine.

"What do you mean it 'happened again'? You cannot truly tell me that Spain interefered with your potion and—!" France snapped out.

Arthur interrupted. "No! Bleeding America distracted me and I grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake! I was thinking of Matthew and Alfred while I added it!"

Francis paled. "I shall go see Mathieu. If he is as you suspect--."

"Which he will be." Arthur interrupted again.

France ignored him. "—Then I shall bring him to your house, oui?"

Arthur growled. "Don't you remember what's happening in a week, you bloody imbecile?"

"The Gala." France answered slowly, his eyes widened. "Mon dieu!"

"North America is currently in great bleeding danger if we don't get to them NOW!" Arthur's voice screeched.

"I shall gather Canada, you shall gather America. We shall meet in your Townhouse in London. Hurry Arthur." Francis clicked his phone shut and slid it back into his pocket.

He rushed through his home in Paris quickly gathering all of his clothes and things he needed for the trip to Canada. In the back of his mind he had a very precise feeling that England was doing the exact same thing for America.

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