A/N: Five drabbles relating to Team Unicorn. No pairings, although you could read hints of Retributionshipping, Faithshipping, and Andore/Aki (which really needs a name so I can write some crackfics) into it, if you wanted to. Also, Jean's character may be a little off, but I'm getting mixed vibes from him...

Spoiler heavy for WRGP. Don't say I didn't warn you.

They are not a team. They will never be a team, no matter how hard they try.

Breo knows the moment Jack Atlus steps onto the circuit with a deck focussed so completely on power, he has no way of defending himself when the tide is turned.

Andore knows when they are forced to replace their third runner with Izayoi Aki, who only received her licence two months before.

Jean knows before this. "It's obvious," he tells the others, though he neglects to explain why.

He shakes his head. Smirks. Team Unicorn will show them what a team really is.

Breo starts to doubt his convictions – even begins to admire the man's sheer resolve – as Jack Atlus pushes his D-Wheel to the pits while blood trickles down his face. Secretly he almost wants his fellow blond to succeed, if only because Team 5Ds are learning.

Andore understands when he faces down not one, but two dragons on Izayoi's field, and catches the calculating gleam in Fudo's sharp blue eyes. Heh. Maybe they know what they're doing after all.

Jean's assumptions falter last. Fudo has the luck of the devil, he decides, and grudgingly admits that 5Ds are halfway there. Almost.

Breo can see himself in Jack Atlus.

Atlus prides himself on his strength, even when it leads him into trouble. He, like Breo, was once king of his circuit; he, too, was sent toppling by the one he now calls leader (at least in theory). He watches the crowd in amusement, noticing the pockets of teenaged girls cheering Atlus on, and wonders if there's another Jessica among them.

"Jack!" a woman's voice screams when he crashes, filled with genuine concern (not like Jessica), and Breo is almost (almost) disappointed that they're not so similar after all.

Not that it matters.

Andore remembers what it's like to be the loser.

The moment he discovers that Izayoi was to duel, Andore threw himself into researching her deck, her past, everything that might give him an edge over her (because he's confident his deck can topple Jack Atlus).

He finds himself sympathising with her instead, while Fudo rambles on about catching her sorrows in archive footage of the Fortune Cup. Her eyes were so lonely back then. Andore knows that pain, even if she doesn't throw the duel like he did.

But he'll fight her with everything he has. For the team's sake.

Jean hates them, Yuusei especially. He wants to crush them underfoot, show them just how far they have to go before they can even dream of being a team. He hates how Yuusei is lauded as some genius, some Shooting Star, a kid whose only credit to his title is a single tournament won months ago; how Atlus, the former King (isn't that title empty!), draws from a pride he has no right to possess; how Izayoi trembles with nerves seconds before the duel.

He wants to hate Team 5Ds.

But only because 5Ds reminds him of what they were.