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Chapter 5: Bullpen fantasies

Later that same day, Abby strolled into the bullpen after having just finished up in her lab after a quiet and uneventful day, mostly consisting of handling evidence bags and checking databases while her thoughts were somewhere else entirely.

As promised, Gibbs had visited her and brought her a large Caff-Pow during the afternoon. Her face had lit up the second she saw him walk through the door, but her smile quickly faded as he was soon followed by Ziva. She didn't see the barely noticeable smile that tugged at the corner of her boss' lips upon seeing her small frown of disappointment, realising that they wouldn't get to be alone.

She filed the evidence bags of the day, cleaned a bit, drank a Caff-Pow and sat at her computer for a while, all while she waited impatiently for her cellphone to buzz, her boss/"lover to be" letting her know that he was done for the day and ready to take her out for dinner. When 40 minutes had passed, and the expected buzz had not come yet, she decided that it was time to make Gibbs ready to leave.

She tried to sneak up behind him at his desk where he sat with a file in his hand, but right before she put her hands over his eyes, he let out a very simple
"Hey Abbs"

"What's up Abby?" it came from Tony's desk.

"Oh, hey Tony! Not much. I finished up in my lab, and I was bored, so I decided to go up here and talk to you guys. Perhaps disturb the boss-man a bit until he's ready to go out to dinner with me" she smiled. She let herself collapse over Gibbs' back in relaxation, her arms wrapping protectively over his chest as she hugged him, letting him feel how her breasts pressed against him. She felt him tense for a moment before he put the file in his lap and started signing as discretely as possible.

"Abbs.. Aren't you wearing a bra today?"

She let out a low giggle as she stood up and walked around his chair to sit in front of him on the edge of his desk.

"Gibbs~" she whined, ignoring his question "Are we leaving soon? I'm super hungry"

After a second of silence and a desperate attempt to look her in the eyes instead of at her chest, searching for a bra, he replied

"I know it's getting late, but I would like to finish this paperwork before we go"

The rest of the team members were sitting with their own files, very focused, all except for Tony of course, who listened to the forensic investigator and his boss, and after Gibbs' response replied with

"The rest of us are eager as well"

"DiNozzo! Focus on that damn file!"

"Yes Boss. Shutting up, Boss"

Ziva and McGee couldn't help but smile, but decided to just continue concentrating on their paperwork after exchanging a quick look.

"Ahh.. Yes – nothing quite like late hours in the NCIS bullpen" Abby sighed with a smirk on her face. She kept her eyes on Gibbs as she, with her back to the team members signed

"Especially when the late hours are spent by your boss' desk.. In his chair.. Hands under the desk – away from the surveillance cameras.. Thinking about him and deciding that, after a long day of only kisses on the cheek and tiny compliments of you doing a good job, you need to relieve some tension and let yourself into an alternative universe that has got a bit more.. Action.. Than the real world"

Gibbs' eyes met hers the second she finished her signing, and he found a smirk waiting for him. He failed to give her the Gibbs-stare, but his eyes still had a certain strictness to them as he signed

"You've.. You've been doing that in my chair?"
"Oh yea.. I've so often fantasized about you catching me in the act right here. Coming back for something you've forgotten after everyone else have long gone home. Except for me of course. I often work late."

He was lacking words for her dirty thoughts and actions, and couldn't find a thing to say.

"You wanna know what you do in my office-fantasies. Gibbs?"

"Abbs.. The reports. Keep those fingers still." Gibbs said stiffly, with a hint of warning in the tone of his voice, trying to mask the fact that what she had just told him turned him on so very much.

But she just smirked as she ignored his warning and twisted his words for her own fun

"But I've just been telling you that I can't keep them still around you. They've been giving me all the pleasure I've desired from you. I rely on them" she pouted before continuing

"In my fantasies.. When you find me and discover what is going on, you walk over to me and turn the chair around so I'm facing you. Then you tug at my wrist and pull my soaking wet fingers out from underneath my short skirt. I whimper at the sudden lack of contact between my fingers and my sex. You look me in the eye as you put a single of my fingers in your mouth and suck it. Oh, the groan you make as you taste my juices.. That's really something. I can't stop thinking about it. And now I've actually heard what it sounds like for real. But I'm still not satisfied, you know, Gibbs..?"

Without breaking eye contact with his girl, he turned his head a bit towards the others

"Ziva, DiNozzo, McGee! We'll finish the reports tomorrow.

"I thought you said th-"

"Tomorrow, Tony!" Gibbs interrupted him, barking slightly, but still not breaking his eye contact with Abby.

"Right, Boss"

All three team members hurriedly packed their stuff, threw their reports in their desk drawers and left the bullpen, leaving their team leader and favourite scientist alone for the night.

"Am I in trouble?" Abby asked as she tilted her head a bit, putting on an innocent smile that didn't quite mask the smirk that played behind it.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow and nodded with a grin on his face as he stood up and wrapped his arms around the small of her back and pressed her towards his own body without getting her off the desk.

She moaned in surprise as his hands pushed the lower part of her body against his, and she felt his rock hard member through his suit pants. She reached down to caress it, which earned her a moan back. Gibbs grabbed her hand and pulled it away as he wrapped his one arm tighter around her body and grabbed her ass, as the other hand found its way to her dark hair, grabbing it firmly without being too rough with her. He kissed her deeply, and Abby immediately opened her mouth to his tongue, needing to feel him just as much as he needed to feel her. Her hands quickly found their way to his short silver hair, mimicking what his hands were doing to her own hair.

She was so incredibly wet, and she knew she wanted to go ahead and consummate her relationship with Gibbs as soon as possible, because they couldn't possibly get any closer after so many years close together, and they both obviously needed and wanted that extra level of intimacy.

She wanted to make love to him.

Gibbs loosened his grip on Abby as he moved his hands up to gently caress her now completely erect nipples on the firm breasts which were definitely not covered by any bra underneath her top.

Their kiss changed from passionate, needy and deep to gentle and their ragged breathing and panting suddenly became a lot more noticeable to both of them in the otherwise very quiet bullpen.

"I..." Abby began, but couldn't find any words to continue building a sentence.

Gibbs brought his hand down to try and relieve some of the uncomfortableness and tightness in the front of his pants through the grey fabric.

"We should cool down and go out to dinner" he concluded before continuing "We'll continue this later tonight"

He sent her a genuine smile as he stepped back and offered her his hand.

As they left the bullpen, they both couldn't help but keep smiles on their faces.