AN: There are too little Eight/Lucie fics online!! So I've decided to make my own.
Honoustly, I always saw Lucie more as a Donna-kind-of-companion, "a mate". But lately the shipping Doctor/Lucie has intrigued me. And, I've noticed a great similarity between Rose and Lucie, so it gave me a good reason to write this. Ehm, some people might not agree with this fic, because it's a bit harsch on Rose and her relationship with the Doctor. It's not that I don't like Rose, but I'm getting a bit tired with all the Rose/Doctor-soul-mate-for-ever-and-ever! things. So I made a Lucie/Doctor-soul-mate-for-ever-and-ever! thing, just for fun.

"You're the Doctor! You're brilliant, and it was great…I mean, really, bleeding great…and…well…that's how I want to remember it. That's how I want to remember you." (Big Finish, 2009)

The words which had come from the young woman's mouth were still like an echo around him. He was only a memory to her now.
But to him she was so much more, not mere a memory. He could still hear her speak in his dreams, the sweet whispers. "I hate you," she had whispered in his ear once. She had never said she loved him, not once. She didn't need to.

After these great, wonderful, bleeding great times, she had left him. He had not lived up to her expectations. And it had hurt him so badly.

And of course it had been his own fault. It was never his plan to fall in love with the blonde intruder from Blackpool. He never should've. He had fallen in love before, in past lifetimes, but he never learned. Every time he had told himself not to, at times this was easier then others. Some loves had been brief, intense, others were sweet, like jellybabies. But this love was nor brief, neither sweet. Oh, the Doctor knew of this love, but never in his eighth life he had felt like this. She had a hold on him. It seemed she had injected electricity in his body, creeping through his veins. There was something fascinating about everything she did.

Of course ran away from everything that reminded him of her. It was the only way he knew how to deal with such things. Run.
Dying was no option for the Time Lord, so he plunged himself into the Time War, ready to fight for his believes. They were all there was left to fight for. And when he finally died, he was so relieved.

A brand new Doctor, only looking forwards, reckless like a little boy. He was too scared to remember, too scared to turn into the melancholic fool he had been before. So he didn't, and it all worked out. Not long after he had died in the Time War, the Doctor met a young blonde London shop assistant. He thought her wonderful, bright, innovative, sweet, energetic, curious, spontaneous and outgoing.

Of course his ninth body tried to ignore this gnawing fact, always thrown back at him when Rose laughed, said something witty, surprised him with something.

It took the Doctor a few months to admit it to himself. Why had he followed the girl to her home? Asked her to come with him?

Rose was a reminder, a pale reflection of what she had been.

His Lucie Miller.

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