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Chapter 1: The Wrong One

Rushing through the forest, many of the animals watched a small black-headed blur move with incredible speed and agility. They would also notice that the small blur was crying.

The animals were his true family, the small boy thought as he moved like lightning through the woods. His dark, emerald green eyes, darting everywhere, yet focusing on the path straight ahead of him. The mop of untidy jet-black hair was being blown around wildly by the winds, just barely covering the lightning-bolt scar on his forehead.

'A good thing too.' the child thought, projecting his thoughts to his four partners. They were doing the same thing he was. They were all running away.

'Was it really that bad Raiden?' a voice asked in his head. Raiden was alson known as Harry Potter, the supposed brother of the Boy-Who-Considers-Himself-Above-Everyone-Else. His arrogant parents only cared about his brother Daniel, their supposed 'savior'. They neglected and abused him. Both types of abuse, and yet young Harry was a prodigy, and an the most powerful wizard to walk the earth. He just didn't know it yet.

Anyway, back to the voice. The voice belonged to Maya, or Ginerva Weasley. She hated her brother Ron so much. Ron was always droning on and on about how awesome his 'best friend Daniel' was, and how dark and evil his horrid twin brother 'whashisname' was, that she became sick and tired of him. She knew Harry, oh yes, she did. He was the brother she wanted, the brother she would soon get, once she ran away.

'Maya, I hate my brother and my parents. Remus and Sirius are the only ones who make this place bearable.' he sent through. They, and all their partners, had this connection because of Harry's powers, and for no other reason. Michael, or Draco Malfoy, was one of his friends, and partners. He and Maya(Ginny) were inseparable. He knew they were soul-mates. He could read their auras, it was very clear from that perspective. Chris was Blaise Zabini. He hated his mother will all his heart. She killed his father a few years after he was born, no child deserved to watch that. He was the soul-mate to one Anna Marie Black, or Cassidy.

Of course, Anna Marie and Harry were closer that close. They considered each other family. Sirius knew of Harry's plans, and asked Anna Marie to go along with him. He knew Dumbledore (that stupid, senile old… 'Raiden!') would come after her once boy-wonder started his training. So now Raiden and Cassidy were on the run with their partners Maya, Chris and Micheal.

'Hello? Raiden are you there, or are you daydreaming again?' Cassidy's voice came through. Raiden snapped out of it.

'I'm here Cas, what's the status?' he asked. Five voices came onboard. One answered fully, the one he wanted to hear, his soul-mate's, Rowan.

Rowan was known as Daphne Greengrass. She loved her family, they loved her. She couldn't relate to her friends conditions, she knew she couldn't. And the fact that she didn't try and understand things she couldn't was something that gained the group's respect. Raiden had told her of the soul-connection, but she had said she had already known. How, one might ask?

Her father was setting a marriage contract for his daughter, when he discovered she had a soul-bond with a lad her age. He found so little information on who the boy was, that he dove deeper into the mystery, determined to find the boy who would one day take his daughter's heart away. The deeper he delved into the mysterious boy, the less information he turned up.

Then, the Christmas Party happened.


"Daddy, do I have to go?" whinned a three year old Daphne. Her father turned to her, exasperation written on his normally expressionless face.

"Yes Daph, you have to go. I know you don't want to meet the Potters, but all the neutral and light-sided families will be there. We cannot show that we are dark related. We must pose as neutral for now, dear." he explained slowly. Daphne nodded.

*Later on at the Party*

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Potter." Daphen's father greeted them. Lily and James Potter nodded politely to them. They saw their whale of a son Daniel, as well as another boy, who looked like he really didn't want to be there.

"Hello, I'm Daphne, what's your name?" Daphne asked the boy cheerfully. Her father's expression changed to shock. His daughter hardly greeted people unless she was addressed first. The boy looked up, cunning and intelligence displayed in his emerald green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter." he told her, smiling. She smiled back at him.

"You don't look like a Harry." she told him. He chuckled. Right now, Daphne's father was wondering if they were still three years old.

"No, I don't, do I? I don't really like the name Harry. They chose it for me." he said, obviously referring to his parents in a spiteful manner. To say Mr. Greengrass was shocked would be an understatement. "I prefer the name Raiden. Daphne is a nice name, what do you think?" he asked her.

"Why are you asking me?" she asked, clearly shocked. He smiled.

"Well, it is your name. Do you like your name?" he asked.

"Yes, my parents picked it out. But sometimes I want another name too. What do you think it would be, Raiden?" she asked.

"Rowan is a nice name. It's not a common name, just like Raiden isn't common. I know it has a unique meaning, but I can't remember. What do you think of it?' he asked. At this time, Mr. Greengrass was observing the purplish hue that was surrounding the two of them.

"Soul mates." he muttered to himself in awe. He had finally found his daughter's soul mate. And young Harry Potter, who hated his name, was a truly powerful wizard. He was so absorbed in the raw power radiating from the boy that he almost missed his daughter's closing statement.

"Rowan is an amazing name, Raiden. Hmmm, Rowan and Raiden, Raiden and Rowan. They go well together too. Wanna go and play?" she asked.

Then, they left to go and play, leaving a startled father behind.

End Flashback

'Raiden, what are you going to look like?' Michael asked.

'Black hair with silver tips, tanned, and chocolate eyes.' he responded with surprising ease for a five year old.

'Are we meeting at the Leaky Cauldron?' Rowan asked.

'No, too many magic folk. Sorry, let me rephrase that, too many light magic folk. Oh god, I don't want to get caught Ro, imagine what my parents would do to me!' Raiden sent through their link. They felt his panic, but it was normal. He had the most to loose if they got caught.

'Calm down Rai, you'll be fine. Who knows, maybe in a few years, Dumb-as-a-Door will come looking for you, begging you to join the light.' Rowan told him. Raiden laughed.

'Who knows, Ro, you may be right.'

Of course, how right she was, they didn't find out until later.

To be continued…

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