Title: Run, Wait, It the same.
Pairing: Roji/Muhyo
Song: Kimi Monogatari – Little by Little
warning: fluff-iness.

Reach, reach to faraway
Soon we'll revive these tears and send them away
From beyond this door
An unseen tomorrow arrives
A long, long story about you has begun

Roji slumped into the couch in the office tiredly. His eyes darted towards the sleeping dark-haired executor and softened. Muhyo is apparently sleeping soundly after finished dealing with a ghost that he and Nana had found. Roji stared at the magic pen he is holding in his hand and sighed.


It had been 2 years since he is serving for Muhyo, the genius executor and now Roji did not know what is happening with him. Suddenly he felt tired, tired of being left behind every time Muhyo is on to something serious and dangerous.

He felt tired whenever he knows that he had never done anything that could have help and protect Muhyo. He felt tired knowing himself that he is on a different rank than him. A genius executor and a second-class clerk paired together only bring sneers. That is why he tried to catch up with Muhyo. But then, just like this time, even if he took the exams in M.L.S, he would only cause more trouble for Muhyo. And in the end, it will always be Muhyo who had protected him.

He had run and run and run just to catch up with him but in the end he had always fall behind. He had never got the chance to walk alongside Muhyo, to be acknowledged as his true assistant, even in his dreams. Maybe, it was fated for him to stay this way. Yes, it is better for him to sink his hopes down than raise them high just to be crushed later on.

The next day, Roji put the magic pen carefully in front of Muhyo and told him that he still isn't ready for the exams after what had happened yesterday.

"I understand now... I don't know what got into me... I just wanted you to see me in a different light." He muttered shyly as he looked down, away from Muhyo's gaze. After he had finished talking and looks up just to find Muhyo smirking beside a magic portal to M.L.S.

"Hehe. Those are great words... I won't let you forget it."

"Muhyo...!" Tears began to brimmed in his eyes now, and with all that he can do, he hugged Muhyo.

And that is when he knew that even if he is always fallen behind; Muhyo would always wait for him.

He smiled with tears in his eyes.

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