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"Len?" I reach forward and give him a little nudge with my palm, even though I can tell it won't wake him up. I stand back, watching as he stays rolled over to one side, the slit of moonlight from between the curtains hovering over his obviously closed eye. "Len."

Goosebumps cover my legs from the hem of my nightgown to the start of my socks. The cold air in our room never used to be a problem, but then Meiko decided that my brother and I were too old to share a bed...she also decided to forget about her promise to fix the radiator. "Leeeeeen." A growl starts forming in my throat and I jab his arm with my finger this time, detesting how hot it is despite peeking out over the comforter. Why does his body retain heat so much better than mine? Did he get a better set of blankets than me?

Thinking about the blankets makes me notice how he's directly in the middle of his bed, where if he would move over just the slightest bit I could slide in next to him...the goosebumps turn to straight shivers as a draft appears from nowhere and I whine, hoping it'll somehow make him migrate.

...It doesn't.

"LEN!" I'm forcing out something between a yell and a whisper, and the fact that he's sleeping too soundly to pay me proper attention is just so damn frustrating- I frantically punch at his covers, hissing his name until it turns into frenetic crying. "Len, I'm cold, why can't you- just open your stupid eyes and-" I'm on the floor, aimlessly striking the air as he sits up finally to look down at me.

"...sis?" The tears blink aside and roll dumbly downward, pooling around my ears. "What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"

I shake my head quietly. I couldn't fall asleep without him next to me...but I can't say it, it's like it would make him think less of me, even if seeing me whimpering on the floor like a baby clearly didn't. My eyes squeeze shut and I can feel Len stepping out of his bed, leaning down next to me; his hands brushing hot over the sides of my face to stroke the wet trails away.

"I was cold..." I manage as he sits me up and lifts me like a doll into the bed. He shoves aside the blankets, letting me crawl into the warm pocket his sleeping form had made in the mattress. I lie down contentedly and he curls around me, our bony knees and soft legs hitching together. My arms wrap around his waist.

"It's okay," he whispers around my hair, right before pressing his lips stickily to my forehead. He trails them down my nose, resting on my opened mouth, which he speaks into like we're a single connected face:

I'll always share my bed with you.