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Summary: Elliot and Olivia respond when a teenage girl is attacked by a serial rapist. Her medical exam, however, brings another crime to light and starts them on a complicated path for justice…

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Rating: T for situations and probably some mild cursing.

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This is my first entry into the world of SVU fanfiction, so please be gentle. :) I've watched most of the show up through season five as 'research' (it may have also had something to do with the fact that I'm ignoring several papers that need written, haha), and hopefully I've managed to capture the feel of the series. Reviews are greatly appreciated!


Lenox Hill Hospital

100 East 77th Street

Tuesday, May 3

6:47 a.m.

"Your message sounded urgent. So where's the fire?" Elliot Stabler asked as he entered the hospital's lobby.

Olivia Benson stood waiting for him, her short chestnut hair somewhat disheveled, her coat draped over one arm, holding two cups of coffee. She handed one of them to her partner, who took it gratefully. "Teenage girl was attacked about twenty minutes ago just outside Carl Schurz Park."

"How bad?"

"He didn't rape her, but he sure tried, until she fought back. Then he smacked her upside the head and took off."

"That what the girl told you?"

"Not me, the admitting nurse. The girl's getting x-rayed right now. She was complaining of head and chest pain from the attack."

"She got a name?"

"Not yet. All she's told the nurse is that a guy tried to rape her, she fought back, he hit her, and then took off, all about twenty minutes ago. Apparently she was in bad enough pain that they didn't press her for more info, just took her in for x-rays, started collecting evidence from the attack, and called us."

"So now we wait."

"Now we wait," Olivia agreed.

Lenox Hill Hospital

100 East 77th Street

Tuesday, May 3

7:02 a.m.


Olivia and Elliot turned to see a young African American nurse waving them over to the main desk. Her nametag said Louisa.

"How is she?" Olivia asked.

"Dazed, and in pain, but she's coherent and remarkably calm given what just happened to her. We took x-rays and ran a rape kit, and she's resting in a recovery room. You can talk to her now."

"She tell you anything else about the attack?"

"No, but she did let us know that her name is Sophie Morse and she's fifteen years old."

"Ok…can you tell us anything initial from the rape kit?"

"No penetration, but we did get what looks like semen off the thigh of her jeans. Got skin from under her nails, and we found a couple hairs that are too short and the wrong color to be hers." She handed the kit to Stabler as she pointed to the left side of the hallway behind them. "She's in the third room over there."

They thanked her and found the room she had indicated.

A light-skinned, freckled teenage girl with pale blue eyes very long light brown hair looked up as they entered.

"Hey Sophie," Olivia greeted her softly. "I'm Detective Olivia Benson, and this is my partner, Detective Elliot Stabler." They showed her their badges. "How are you feeling?"

"I've been better," she replied with a smile.

"I'm sure you have." Olivia returned the smile. "Do you feel up to talking about it?"


"Would you be more comfortable if Detective Stabler left the room?"

"No, that's ok." Sophie shifted on her pillows so that she sat up straight. "It wasn't all that bad, considering what I've seen on TV."

Olivia took a seat next to the bed and Elliot stood behind her. "The nurse told me that you're still kinda dizzy, so if you need to stop, you just say so."


"All right." The detective flipped to a clean page in her notebook. "Just start from the beginning and take your time."

Sophie nodded and tucked a string of loose hair behind her ear. "I got to the park around six this morning."

"Why so early?"

"I like to go jogging before traffic gets really crazy. The park's not too far from our apartment, and it's in a busy enough place that it's safe. Well, usually…" She paused for moment, clearly more shaken by what had happened than she was letting on.

"It's ok, Sophie. This isn't your fault."

The girl nodded again and raised a shaking hand to wipe away a tear. "I, uh…I'd been jogging for about twenty minutes when this car pulls alongside me. This guy rolls down his window and yells hi. I had my iPod going so I pretended not to hear him at first, but then he yells something about needing help, so I took out one of my earbuds. He tried to make conversation, then said he needed directions. I told him I was really bad at that kind of stuff and apologized and tried to keep going, but that's when he jumped out of the car and grabbed me."

"Do you remember what kind of car it was?" Elliot interjected gently.

"A big SUV, dark blue or dark green, pretty sure it said GMC on the grill. The first letter on the license plate was an R and it ended with a 3."

He wrote it down on his own notepad. "That's good, that's really good Sophie."

"What happened after he grabbed you?"

Sophie looked up at Olivia and drew a shaky breath. "He…he tried to pull off my pants. I kept yelling 'No! Stop!', but he wouldn't. He just kept telling me to shut up. He kept grabbing at my clothes and I kept trying to fight him off. He slammed me against the ground a couple times, and my ribs hurt really bad, but I just clawed and kicked and screamed as hard as I could. I was afraid he was going to kill me." She stopped for a minute to collect herself. "Eventually he…he, uh, punched me in the head," she indicated a large fist-sized bruise on her right temple "and grabbed my iPod and took off in his car."

"Did you notice what way he went?" Elliot asked.

"I was pretty out of it, but from the way his tires screeched, it sounded like he pulled a U-turn and went back the way he came, north on East End Avenue."

He nodded and added it to his notes.

"Can you describe the man?"

"Yeah…" She frowned in concentration. "White guy, late twenties to early thirties, really short blond hair. Not a military haircut, but kinda like that. He had…grey eyes, I think, and round glasses with silver frames. Is…will that be enough?"

"You did great Sophie," Olivia assured her with a smile. "Thank you."

The teenager let out a long breath. "That'll help?"


"One more thing…" Elliot added slowly. "Can you…remember exactly what he was saying to get your attention?"

"Like I said, I had my iPod going…"

"Just give it a shot."

"Well…he yelled hey and hi several times…he might have called me pretty girl, or cute girl. Umm…he, uh, said he was lost because he had taken the scenic route and needed to get back to the main part of the city. Then he asked for directions. That was it before he attacked me." She looked up at the officers. "I'm sorry, that's all I can remember. It just happened so fast…"

Olivia and Elliot shared a look.

"That's ok," Olivia responded after a few moments. "You're a brave girl, Sophie. That should be a big help. My partner and are I need to make a couple calls, so we're going to step outside for a minute. We'll be back soon just to check up on a couple of things, but we're right around the corner if you need us before that, ok?"

Sophie nodded and they exited the recovery area, pulling the door almost shut behind them. They stepped around the corner and visually gauged the distance to make sure the girl couldn't hear them.

"Son of a bitch," Elliot muttered, his eyes wide. "The Scenic Route Rapist?"

"Certainly sounds like it. Same vehicle description, same general description of the guy, same MO."

"But this time he let the victim get a good look at his face? No hat?"

"He also called her over while his vehicle was still on the road."

"So he's either getting careless…"

"Or he's losing it. Think about it. The story's been in the media for almost a month now. He doesn't want to get caught, but all of a sudden he spots this pretty young girl out all alone in the early morning. He can't help himself. It's still dark, he figures she won't be able to I.D. him."

"But he doesn't count on her fighting back. He's afraid someone's gonna see or hear, so he takes off before he can do the deed."

"Right after he roughs her up and takes a trophy, same as the others." Olivia shook her head in amazement and disgust. "I'll call Cragen."


The two of them turned to see Louisa, the nurse who had spoken to them about Sophie before.

"You have to see this," she said, a grave seriousness in her features and her voice. She held up a large folder and nodded her head to a small room off the hallway they were standing in. They followed her inside, and she pulled a stack of X-rays out of the folder.

"What's up?" Elliot asked.

"We just got the X-rays developed that we took of Sophie." She stuck them onto the lighted view box. Even without medical training, the detectives could tell there was something seriously wrong with the black and white images of her ribs and arms.

"Broken bones?" Olivia frowned at pictures, appraising them.

"They were broken bones."

"What do you mean?"

Louisa indicated several areas on the ribs that looked thicker and lumpier than the rest of her ribcage. "See these? These are old breaks that have since healed. Some are older than others. The thing is…" She turned to face them. "These shouldn't look so crooked and bumpy."

"Meaning?" Elliot asked.

"Meaning these injuries were never treated by a doctor. Someone beat the crap out of this girl and never got her medical attention."

Elliot looked over at his partner. Olivia had the same look of shock and revulsion on her face that he knew he must have on his.

"I'll call Cragen…" she said, shaking her head at the X-rays.

Author's Note: I apologize for any medical errors or location errors. I may have inadvertently taken some liberties in order to shape my plot the way I wanted. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this beginning chapter. Reviews are very helpful in gauging my audience and planning for the next chapter, hint hint, haha. :)