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"Kyla this is Noah and his boys Connor and Murphy" Conlan introduced his daughter.

"There the three I told ye bout last night" he smiled waiting for her to accept them into their home

Kyla gave a smile and shook Noah's hands he brought them up and kissed her fingers.

"Tis nice te meet ya lass, after all these years yer as beautiful as your mother" he winked making her blush a little, she'd never met anyone who knew her mother

"Da says you go way back, come in I'll get some supper ready" she smiled they were family to her father and what ever made him happy was good with her.

"Connor Murphy the whiskeys in the cupboard above the sink ye shouldn't have trouble finding it" Conlan smiled knowing they had business to talk about, and they'd need whiskey if they were going to get through to Kyla.

"So which one of you is older?" Kyla playfully asked knowing they were twins from what her father told her.

"See that's te thing we don't really know ma has never told us" Connor stated disappointed

"ya but ye see Connor here seems to think its him" Murphy winked at her as she washed potatoes, Kyla brought out a knife and began to shop them into halves, she grabbed a lasagne dish and put the potatoes in along with tomato sauce. Murphy unscrewed the cap for the whiskey when she grabbed it from his hands, she poured it into the dish winked and gave it back.

"Well yer Irish but where's yer accent love?" Murphy asked with a cocky smile.

She smiled back chopping onions and carrots

"we moved when I was just 2, didn't really pick it up here" she shrugged

"pisses Da off sometimes though I think he just wants me to be my mum so much, but I like not having it, makes me cherish his even more" she said with a smile.

She went to the freezer and grabbed some ground beef, washed it and mixed it in with the rest, turning the oven on and placing the dish in she began to clean up,

"So what brings you to Boston?" she asked subtly knowing they had no idea she knew who they were

"Business" they said together.

She began to laugh as she saw their faces both masked in worry; they stared at her like she had gone mad.

"of course I know why your here I'm not an idiot my father told me who you were, honestly I was just messing" she smiled calmly

"Why the fuck did he tell you" Murphy asked angered

"Because he knew I'd trust you and understand" she stated

She checked the oven calling out to her father that supper was ready; she placed it on the counter and grabbed some plates.

Grabbing a book from the counter she left the room; Conlan stopped her on the way out.

"Kyla eat something please" he pleaded with her

"Da I'm fine I'll eat when I'm hungry" she kissed his cheek and went to the living room.

Noah grabbed his plate and sat across from Conlan, it was silent as they began to eat.

"Ye got a fine girl there Conlan wonderful cook, and very welcoming" he smiled

"Don't I know it, she's all I have now Noah, her mum gone and everything, she becomes more like her every day, well cept for the cooking part" he winked at the boys

"Best meal we've had in ages huh Con?" Murphy smiled as his brother stuffed his face.

Noah gave him a stern look as he slurped the sauce on his plate, he was lucky the lass wasn't eating or he'd be outside.

"Kyla don't you have studies tonight?" Conlan yelled from the table waiting to be yelled at for the 30th time this week about school systems, during which he knew if he nodded his head and poured her some whiskey she would think he was listening.

"Da I told you I quit that fucking school today damn politicians are running the place mad and we have to take a stand before it takes us with them." She yelled back Conlan could tell she was occupied reading.

"She says that every time I ask, and the next morning she'll be back in school" he rolled his eyes returning to his food

"Well at least she understands her rights" Connor joked

"Aye, some days I wonder bout that girl she may just take our world over one household at a time" he said earning chuckles from the McManus'.

Kyla sat reading her book she wasn't paying attention to it looking up every so often to see if they needed more whiskey or flipping through the pages not seeing the words.

Frustrated she closed the book laying it on the coffee table, she looked out the window, there were men out there, the same three everyday looking to order the whole of south Boston around, quickly she got up running to the kitchen to tell her father they were here.

"Da their here its time, you three follow me it's time to hide" she ordered

"Aye lass knew it would be a moment now, Noah you and your boys follow Kyla to the cellar they won't look fer ye there" they nodded and followed Kyla

"What are we hiding fer Kyla?" Noah asked confused

"Not now we have to be quite" she shushed them and signalled them to follow, there were screams coming from outside, they hadn't had time to get to the cellar all of them, so she gave them directions and made sure she watched them go

The doorbell rang and Kyla cursed to herself she would help her father out even if she knew the consequences.

"Kyla what are ye doing go" Conlan urged face full of fear

"Da not today you go I have an idea" she stared in his eyes telling him it would be fine

"Go help the boys get to the cellar they won't care if they see you" she ordered

"No Kyla ye will not do this"

"Trust me da I have a plan"

"Fine but this is on ye than" he stated angry and running out the back door

Kyla ran to the pantry and unlocked their safe she pulled out the first gun she saw loaded it cocked it and walked to the door.

"Noah I should've warned ye I'm sorry" Conlan apologized he should have remembered the date

"Fer what my friend ye cannot be accountable for the violence in man" he stated

There was a knock on cellar doors the brothers pulled out their knifes

"Fear gu aois, is bean gu bàs" came a woman's voice

Conlan unlocked the doors immediately, the sun shone in as Kyla helped her father out

"Kyla are ye okay?" Conlan asked as she walked back to the house avoiding eye contact he could always tell it wasn't okay when she couldn't look at him. Frustrated he ran after her pulling her towards him and grabbing her face. He let out a gasp.

"Kyla" he stared her jaw was purple connecting to her neck in one large bruise.

"I'm fine da" she stated, Noah walked over to inspect the damage

"What is the reason fer this Kyla?" he asked softly putting his hand on her shoulder.

She stared at the rose bushes evading the question, she turned and went into the house not closing the door behind her, Kyla walked upstairs to her bedroom grabbed her shirt off walked to her bathroom and began to examine the scars they'd left.

There was a knock on her door she didn't look up she didn't have to, she knew it was the boys.

Connor walked in first as she came out of the bathroom in just her jeans and a bra he covered his eyes.

"I need your help I can't reach the ones in the back" she stated turning around so he could see the cuts, she heard him swallow hard Murphy's mouth hung open as he looked at the words etched in to her skin, they weren't new but the slashes were.

"Kyla what'd they do to ye?" Connor asked in disbelief

"There fine there's a first aid kit on the bed can you just sew them up please?" she asked impatiently

Murphy nodded "lay on the bed"

She brushed her hair with her hands and clipped it up

Kyla walked to her bed unpacking the suture kit she grabbed a lighter from her pocket and began sterilizing the needle, she gave it to Murphy and lay on her stomach.

She hadn't moved hadn't flinched when the needle pierced her skin hadn't spoken, it worried them.

"Kyla yer done" Connor stated as she got up he looked around her room, not what he'd imagined, there were posters of Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin and nirvana, Pictures of Ireland clouded one wall, next to framed pictures of her and Conlan one stood out it was of a woman, who looked like Kyla, he guessed it was her mother.

Her floor was messy with clothes and schoolwork; there were beer bottles on her desk and a bra falling off the back of a chair.

The walls were orange hanging by the door was a rosary it was wooden with a simple cross, far smaller than their own.

Kyla grabbed a long sleeve shirt off her dresser and put it on carefully trying not to rip her stitches

"Thanks please don't tell my da if he knew he'd send me to somewhere in Canada" she joked

"Ye don't ave to worry about that Kyla but please tell us what happened" Connor pleaded with her

"Later" she promised

Grabbing her jacket and gun she walked downstairs, unlocking the safe in the pantry she unloaded and placed the gone back. Conlan watched with horror as she bled through the back of her shirt.

"I'm fine da just a little scrap is all" she assured him knowing he was staring

"Kyla thats enough ye won't be here next time you'll stay with yer aunt Evelyn on those days" he put his foot down earning a stare from her.

"That won't happen you know it da"

"Why the fuck not!"

"Because she lives down the street da" Kyla sighed she knew what he was doing normally shed love to hide at her aunts, but it wasn't realistic

Conlan pinched his nose frustrated with his daughter.

Kyla got her coat on and headed for the door it was dark and she needed air,

"Where ye goin Kyla?" her father asked worried

"I'm going for a walk da will be back later explain things to them so I don't have to" she answered slamming the door behind her

"the girl will kill me one day, I'm going to just look at her green eyes and die or she'll bring back home another expulsion form fer me ta sign" he threw his hands up getting a glass and pouring some whiskey.

"Conlan tell me whats going on here" Noah asked waiting

"Well ye see Noah its the Russians, after yer boys went into hiding they came lookin fer order, once a month they knock on doors, rape our women and children then execute them on the front lawn" Conlan shuddered at the memories, sipping his whiskey he continued

"Why doesn't anyone do anything?" Murphy asked confused

"Because lad when ye left the hope in our city did to, they know the work schedules of the strong fighting men, they know the times to hit and they know they police aint gonna be stoppin them"

"Conlan let me see if I understand, The police won't do anything about this?" Noah asked

"They figure because no one's talking that they don't need help truth is people like Kyla, there fed up they want justice and their fighting for it" he sighed thinking about the first day they took her from his arms she had been almost 15 and beautiful something he'd always feared.

"She fights the Russians that corner her at school but she's almost always outnumbered, still manages to claw her way out" he smiled at Noah

"Must get that from her da" he joked

"she's always coming home late or with unknown marks on her, when we first came here they cornered her outside the school, she came home with the words Mick carved into her back took weeks to heal"

"Conlan I'm sorry my friend will take care of this" Noah stated

"Aye I knew ye would can't say it will be easy ya need to know the area better take yer time with this don't rush it, they'll figure you out if you do"

"What my lass did tonight was not only stupid but she put this house on the map, she just made things harder for herself at school, they'll know it's her by this evening." He shook his head hoping she would be back soon

Noah looked to his boys and nodded his head, they got up and grabbed their coats and guns

"Now boys just remember keep yer distance she will attack if she knows yer following her, she wont care who ye are until its done"

Fear gu aois, is bean gu bàs means :A son is a son until he comes of age; a daughter is a daughter all her life its kinda their secret password lol, and btw this is the calm before the storm lol things are going to get a lot worse from now on