Title: Dear Diary

Series: Power Rangers

Rated: PG-13 and might go up.

Warning: OFC

Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Season 1, episode 27.

Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.

Words before I start: I enjoyed writing this because of what I added to this episode. I feel that I added something in Jaden and I love it.

Dear Diary

Chapter 7: Spinning Wheel

LOG #280

Okay, who the Hell decided to involve all f us to make a show? Good think I'll be working in the back stage because I think the show would have been a disaster. Why? One, my memory is probably as leaky as Tommy's when it comes to memorize lines and... Well... I'm kind of scared to be on a stage. Zack did suggest my name when they found out that Jason was playing the king.

I know, I know. This is getting old quick. Jason was chuckling when I glared at Zack for that. Tommy found that funny too. I think Billy figured that we are not dating, but I think like the rest of them that we have a crush on each other. I'm almost tempted to end this and tell them that we aren't dating and we like each other as siblings.


Sitting beside Tommy and Zack, Jaden was glad she was not one of the actors. She felt bad for Jason to be stuck in tights. And poor Kimberly had to give the reply to Bulk. Yes, she was happy she wasn't on the stage. She was glad that they would let her handle the lights during the day of the show.

As they continue to practice, she felt bad for the others who had to deal with Bulk's attitude. He was not even reading the line and was fooling around until he went over the line; he actually damaged the wheel. That upset Kimberly, as it was her Grandmother's wheel who kindly let Kimberly borrowed it for the play.

As she hit Bulk, the others were feeling bad to what happen.

"Honestly Bulk," started M. Kaplen. "Come on kids; let's take a break before anything else gets broken."

"Don't get so bend out of shape Kimberly..." started to say Bulk.

"It happens to be very important to me!" yelled Kimberly, hitting Bulk on the arm and leaving.

Jaden just glared at Bulk before following the group. She felt very bad for Kimberly, who was terribly upset about the wheel. While they took their break, M. Kaplen decided to make it a day. Jason and Kimberly went to change into regular cloths while the others waited for them.

"Man... Bulk is just a mindless fool!" finally said Jaden. "I mean, he should have been careful with the wheel! I mean, you could tell that it was a delicate piece of antiquity just by the looks of it!"

"Maybe so, but you know how Bulk is," added Trini.

"Yea! He couldn't resist it," said Zack.

Jaden was about to say something when Kimberly and Jason arrived, now in normal clothing. They all decided to leave since school was over for the day; most of them decided to head to the Youth Center, but Jason and Jaden to the park. Practicing karate at the park was a first for them. They chose a good spot and started to warm up.

After a few minutes of warm up, they decided to spar. Jason now understood why Jaden had said before she could easily with Tommy; even if she couldn't hit as hard, she was faster and on point with every single hit. He was surprised when she managed to pull the triple aerial kick, Tommy's signature move.

"Woah! Good move Jaden!" said Jason, while blocking one of Jaden's punch.

"Thanks!" replied Jaden. "Shall we keep going?"

"Sure!" said Jason.

They kept going for half an hour until they decided to go to the Youth Center for one of Ernie's smoothies. It was then they noticed that Kim sitting alone near the aerobic steps. Jason and Jaden joined the others, sitting around Kim and imitating her, sulking. After a few seconds, Kimberly smiled a little.

"What's the matter?" asked Trini.

"You look quite distressed Kim," added Billy.

"You guys aren't going to believe this," replied Kimberly. "Somebody walked off with my grandma priced antique spinning wheel."

"That's awful," said Zack.

"Who could do something like that?" added Jaden, sad.

"I know," replied Kimberly, a little depressed.

"I'm sure we'll find who did this Kim," added Jason.

"Hope so... Tommy wanted to check if he could repair the wheel," said Kim.

"Typical. Speaking of my brother, where is he?" asked Jaden, amused.

"He left to practice outside," answered Kimberly.

They kept talking a little until their communicators went off. They looked at each other and got up quickly. They went near the lockers before Jason answered his own communicator, surrounded by the group.

"Teleport to the Command Center," said Zordon. "It's urgent. We have desperate situation Power Rangers."

"We're on our way," replied Jason.

They all pushed the teleportation buttons and a few seconds later, they were all in the Command Center. Jaden looked around and frowned; where was Tommy? She really hoped the situation was not Tommy.

"The mysterious disappearance of your grandma's spinning wheel has been solved Kimberly," started Zordon. "Goldar has stolen it."

"Why?" asked Kimberly, upset.

"So that Rita could put an evil spell on it," answered Zordon. "Now it can destroy everything that touches Power Rangers, including you."

"I can't believe this," whispered Kimberly.

"Not so much," said Jaden to herself. "After the parade model incident..."

"Behold the viewing globe," continued Zordon. "For Rita's plan, it's to keep Tommy out of the way."

Jaden could hear Alpha's complain in the background; she could see her brother tied down on a tree, guard by Putties. She could hear that Zordon explaining what they had to do.

"Oh poor Tommy!" said Kimberly.

"We better help him," added Trini.

"I'm afraid you have something more urgent to do Power Rangers," said Zordon. "Goldar and Scorpina are in a rampage. First, you have to deal with them."

Jaden looked at the others morphed and teleported away. She looked at the globe and decided she had to do something. She turned around and looked at Zordon.

"Zordon, let me go help Tommy," said Jaden.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" asked Alpha.

"It's a couple of Putties and this way Tommy could go help the others quickly," answered Jaden.

"It is too risky Jaden," replied Zordon. "We can not take the chance that Rita discover that you are helping the Power Rangers or related to Tommy."

"But Zordon," whined Jaden. "You can't seriously let Tommy on his own? He's tied up and guard by a few Putties. The quickest Tommy is free, the quickest he'll be able to help the others. I can easily handle this. I can fight too!"

"I know Jaden," said Zordon. "But we can't risk this."

"Fine... But Zordon, you have to realize you can't protect me forever," added Jaden, defeated. "She will find out about me one day and she will use this knowledge against us. You know this."

Jaden sighed; she hated to be powerless. She looked at the viewing globe and saw the fight between the Rangers and Goldar and Scorpina. They just grew and they called upon their Zords. Jaden started to look on the computers and the current readings. She also knew that Zordon was right about not letting her fight, but she really wished she could fight time to time. Just this once, she wanted to be the one to safe Tommy.

Suddenly, the readings of Jason's zord were going down. Jaden looked at the viewing globe and saw Goldar and Scorpina have a go with the Red Zord. Jaden winced and started to make sure the back up energy power source were going to kick in when it was time. She prayed that the others would help Jason quickly and that, with some miracle, Tommy would safe the day, regardless of his own situation.

"Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! The Power Rangers need help Zordon!" said Alpha, in panic. "Tommy just got to get free!"

"Have patience Alpha 5," replied Zordon. "Tommy knows what to do."

"Let's hope it's soon enough," added Jaden, annoyed.

She just kept on looking at the readings; by the looks of it, Zack and Trini had been hit and Jason's Zord was already running in the emergency power source. Jaden frowned a little; it was kind of understandable since it was Goldar. Zordon quickly communicated with Jason, telling him to reunite all the Zords to form the Ultrazords.

"Zordon what's going on?" asked Tommy.

Jaden almost jumped out of her skin; Tommy was free. She let out small breath of relief. He was okay. But now, she was worried for her friends.

"A power rages on the other side of the park," answered Zordon. "But more powers are needed. I have told Jason to bring all the Zords together to form the Ultrazord. If it fails, the World is doomed."

"I'm on my way," replied Tommy.

"Hurry Tom," said Jaden. "Jase and the others need you."

"Okay!" added Tommy, before morphing.

Jaden cut the communication and kept her mind on her job; the Zords' readings were stable for now, but still low. It took a few moments until the Dragonzord appeared on the battlefield, saving Jason and the others. Even if the Wheel appeared and hit the Tyrannosaurus Zord and Dragonzord a few times, it didn't stop the Rangers, not even when they switched to the Megazord. It became child play when the Ultrazord was formed, shooting the wheel down. Jaden couldn't help but smiled.

* Later *

They were all at school, celebrating their victory, and heading to the classroom. Jaden had joined the group there and very happy that Tommy was alright. Zack was speaking very loudly and they all entered in the classroom, Kimberly entering last.

"Yea, we destroyed it alright," said Kimberly, depressed. "But you guys, what about my Grandmother's spinning wheel? What am I gonna tell her?"

"That's it's alright?" said Jaden, smirking.

They all looked at the spinning wheel; it's like it never moved from its place. They were all very surprised.

"No way..." said Kimberly, surprised. "Ah! It's back!"

She laughed and spin the wheel a few turns, very happy that it was working.

"And it works!" exclaimed Kimberly.

"But how did it get here?" asked Trini.

"This is most mysterious," added Billy.

Their communicators went off and Zordon gave the explanation of why the spinning wheel was back. Kimberly was really happy about it and they all cheered. Jaden felt a little down; everything was great, but she felt like she could have done more for once. Jason seemed to have picked it up, just like Tommy.

"Sis? Are you okay?" asked Tommy.

"I'm fine," replied Jaden. "It's just... When we found out that the Putties had you, Zordon wouldn't let me go and help you out."

"Jaden..." started Tommy.

"But I understand the reason why he wouldn't let me," continued Jaden. "I mean, it's a very good reason to avoid Rita knowing about me. I really do understand that reason, it's just... I just wanted to help that way just this once. And I couldn't help to worry."

Tommy hugged her; he could tell she was upset about this. He would be in the same position if the roles were reversed. The others looked at the siblings and completely understand Jaden in a way; after all, they wanted to help Tommy when they found out, but they knew they had another situation.

* Day of the show *

Jaden was in the back of the theatre, working on the lights. She received the signal from Billy in her headphones and turned on the lights on the stage. Jason started to recite his lines naturally, unlike Skull. Jaden just wanted to be spared from this guy. Kimberly was just as good as Jason, but when Bulk's cue came, he didn't appear just yet. It took a few repeats from Kimberly before she yelled and Bulk was pushed on the stage. He started to goof off his lines and even tried to get a kiss. Jaden really wished Bulk would stop trying. A few seconds later everyone heard a ripping sound and everyone started to laugh; Bulk's tights ripped in front of everyone and they all could see his boxers. Jaden couldn't help to smirk; she was thanking Karma for this.

After Bulk and Skull left the stage, Kimberly just bow to the audience, announcing the end of the show, signalling to Jaden to close the lights.

LOG #281

I'm still a little upset to not have helped Tommy when he was prisoner from the Putties. I mean, even if I understand Zordon's reason, I wish I could have done more. Tommy and Jason talked to me about it. They both understand that I was worried and that I really wanted to help.

I can't help to feel powerless in this kind of situation.

As for the show, it went fine. Bulk made a fool of himself. Again. Just wish that he would take this kind of activities more seriously. I have to say I never laughed this much. Karma has a way to deal with his kind.


Author's note: This episode was probably one of the few I could have skipped, but I wanted to put some of the scene here. And I want you guys' opinions: next chapter is about Season 1 episode 28-29 Island of Illusion. Should I include Jaden on the Island or should she be safe from the trap set by Rita? I'm tempted to include her, but it would mean that Rita would find out about her being related to Tommy.

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