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Amy's hand grasped the edge of the frozen rock, getting a firm grip and holding on tight as the chilly arctic wind blew harshly against her, sending her flaming hair flying around her. Using her foot, Amy pushed herself up and onto the peak of Mount Everest.

She crouched close to the ground before she braced herself against the cruel, freezing winds and stood up. Amy moved her head slowly, back and forth, taking in the view from the highest place on Earth. With the pearl snowflakes dancing before her and the golden sun shining through he dark clouds, Amy realized that this was the end. The end of the race… the end of the 39 clues, and suddenly Amy felt remorse for reaching her final destination.

Even though the hunt had brought her heartbreak and betrayal, it had brought her closer to Dan and she had gone to amazing places… France… Australia… Egypt… Korea… and it had brought her closer to her parents. A pang went through Amy's heart as she thought of her parents. They had sacrificed themselves to find this clue and here Amy was, standing before it. Just as Amy was about to approach the black metal box, laced on it's steel stand, Amy heard a cry.

Turning carefully, Amy dropped to her knees, near the peak of the mountain and looked down upon the top of her brother, Dan's, head.

"Need help, el Dweebo?" Amy asked. Dan looked up at Amy's pink face, where Dan couldn't tell if it was flushed because of the cold or because of excitement.

"Is it up there?" Dan question eagerly, fixing his grip on the frozen mountain side. "The last clue? Is it here?"

Amy smiled down on his young face. "Yes! Now hurry up and get up here, slowpoke!" Amy teased.

Dan couldn't help it. He let out a wild cry. "WOOT! YES!" Amy shushed him, but was too late and a pile of snow came crashing down upon him, like thousands of tiny feathers, which probably felt like tiny glass shards to Dan. Amy glared at Dan, whose head was covered in frozen crystals, who smiled back sheepishly. "Oops," Dan said. Amy's eyes narrowed even further, but she backed up to give her brother space to get onto the mountain.

Amy turned around and faced the last clue. Seated in it's charcoal throne, it could pass as a flag, which was probably why no one had thought of it. Behind her, Amy heard Dan land smoothly on the fresh snow. Dan's boots crunched on the packed snow, coming to stand next to his older sister. She looked like she was deep in thought, which Dan could tell from the furrowed brow above her jade eyes.

"What is it Amy?" Dan questioned. Amy glanced over at Dan and then back at the ebony box.

"It just," Amy hesitated. "It just seems too easy. I mean this is the last clue! The clue that is supposed to be the hardest to get, and it's just sitting there!"

Dan smiled at Amy. "Well, young one," Dan started jokingly, but was cut off by Amy smacking him on the head. "Okay, okay sorry! As I was saying, they probably didn't think anyone would reach this spot, so why even protect it? And who would try to take it now that we are here?"

Amy glared at Dan. "Hmm... let's think, who is evil and corruptive and a filthy cheater?"

"Pssh," Dan said. "Look we are here, why not take it?" It was with that 'brilliant' statement Dan reached out and grabbed the clue. Before Amy could scold him, she was cut off by the sharp whirl of helicopter rotors.

Dan's head shot back and forth, clutching the clue to his chest, but Amy stared up, where it looked as if the sky was splitting. Amy saw Dan's head still moving side to side, out of the corner of her eye. She grabbed Dan by the shoulder and when he looked at her, she nodded her head towards the sky.

Dan looked up and Amy felt him stiffen beneath her grip. Amy finally looked her brother in the face. It was hard and cruel, an expression that didn't belong on such a young face. It made her heart break even more. They knew who was in the helicopter, and it wasn't Jackie Chan.

"Kabras," Dan muttered angrily. Amy's eyes darkened as she glared up at the helicopter.

It was closer to the mountain top and had almost landed, when the sleek door opened, and a Prada clad figure stepped into Amy and Dan's view.

The person was tall and broad, and Amy's heart clenched as she realized who it was. "Ian," she murmured. Dan glanced at Amy and felt his blood beat faster.

Ian… that filthy cobra who tricked Amy and then left us for dead, the jerk, Dan thought to himself.

Amy and Dan backed away from the helicopter as its rotors pierced through the air, whipping above their heads.

The moment the tiny aircraft hit the peak, Ian jumped out, followed closely by his bitter sister, Natalie. Okay, maybe no bitter. She was more sinister, seeing as she had just pulled a dart gun from her Gucci jacket and had aimed it at Amy and Dan.

As Natalie pointed the gun at Amy and Dan, Ian took a step towards the siblings, causing them to back up. Amy glanced worriedly behind Dan and herself and then back at Ian, who seemed to be occupied with watching Dan, who was fidgeting and scowling, to notice how deep in thought she was.

Over the high winds, Natalie called out to them. "Well, what a coincidence! We both reached the last clue at the same time! Grace would be so proud of you two!" Natalie smirked as Dan glared at her, gripping the clue close to him.

"Ian and I can't thank you enough for finding the clue for us!" Natalie sneered maliciously. "So why don't you hand it over?" she asked, a sickening smile on her face as she crept slowly towards Dan, the gun now pointed directly at him.

Amy's mind, which had been racing, stopped and she acted on her final decision. Quick as she could, Amy grabbed for the clue in Dan's hand, wrenching it out, and before anyone could move, Amy ran towards the edge of the mountain.

Amy glanced back quickly at Dan and Ian, who had both moved towards her, and then she jumped. She was graceful, elegant, and eerily calm.

Ian and Dan raced to the edge of the cliff, just as Amy plummeted. Snow started falling as Amy's free hand grazed the icy mountain side.

"AMY!" Dan and Ian cried in unison. Dan stepped back and leapt, but Ian caught him around his middle pulling him back, falling onto their backs to the solid ground.

"Amy, Amy no! How could you?" Dan sobbed. He rolled over, sobbing into the snow.

Ian sat up and buried his face into his hands. Stifling back his own sobs, Ian looked up at the young boy in front of him. His face was tearstained and his nose was running.

"Amy," Dan moaned softly. Ian's throat tightened at this. Behind him, Ian heard a shuddered breath of air.

Turning, Ian stared at his sister. Her mouth was open and her eyes were round, and filled with tears. The dart gun dangled forgotten from her hand.

"I-I just w-wanted the l-last clue," Natalie stuttered, before sinking to her knees.

Ian lifted his head towards the heavens. "Why?" he whispered. "WHY?" now roaring towards the sky, which had split to show the start of the new sunset and the end of a long day.