Operation Takari

Before the Story: Need to Know

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon; if I did... oh, never mind.

Okay, this is a Takari story that I wrote, and this story is in continuity with another VERY LONG Digimon Story that I also wrote. I might submit that someday, but since it has more than

fifty chapters… fat chance. Anyway, so to understand this story properly I need to fill the readers up a little with what happenes in my original story. It goes like this…

Several months after the defeat of the D-Reaper, the Royal Knights (minus Omnimon, Gallantmon, Magnamon and obviously Alphamon) gather in the middle of the desert to find that the

humans have sent a supercomputer known as Yggdrasil into the Digital World as a method to restore order in the heavily damaged world. However, it turns out that the Seven Demon

Lords have reawakened and Yggdrasil was acting as their host. Plus, the Demon Lords begin destroying the Digital World rapidly with countless soldiers from other dimensions, including

human soldiers, evil Digimon and Soverign-knows what else. Feeling betrayed, the Royal Knights declare war on both the Hell Army and the human race. Meanwhile, the twenty

Digidestined (Tai, Matt, TK, Kari, Izzy, Joe, Sora, Mimi, Davis, Yolei, Cody, Ken, Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri, Ryo, Kazu and Kenta) enter the Digital World. But the Demon Lords are casting a

spell that hinders evolution, and they are soon attacked by not only the Hell Army, but also the Spirit Warriors and the Devas that work under the Royal Knights. As they grow stronger

during the long stay in the Digital World, old allies and enemies return (ex: Ogremon, BlackWarGreymon, Mummymon, MetalEtemon, the Dark Masters, Apocalymon, Kimeramon,

Diaboromon, Myotisemon, etc) to aid or waylay the Digidestined, and eventually the Royal Knights forfeit their prejudice on mankind and joined the Digidestined and their friends, with

the new aid of the Digimon Sovereigns, the Ancient Warriors, and a group of dimension-travelling warriors who call themselves the Order of Destiny.

Eventually, it is discovered that a mighty demon known as the Necromancer is posing as the master of the Demon Lords, and that the Hell Army's ultimate plan is to make the entire

Digital World materializing in the Real World, which will cause both worlds to shatter. After countless battles, the United Digimon Army finally defeat the Hell Army. But it turns out that

upon the Necromancer's defeat, the spell begins to work itself in reverse; the entire Human World becomes to digitalize into the Digi-World. It takes all the willpower of every sentinent

creature from both worlds, channeled through the Order members' power, to make the two worlds meld without calamity ensuing.

That's my original story's plot, but there are still some things for you to know. In my story:

Dynasmon is Wizardmon's Mega form (it's weird, I know, but it was a good excuse to bring Wizardmon back, and Dynasmon is my favorie Royal Knight.)

All the Digidestined have their own crests (Tai: Courage, Matt: Friendship, TK: Hope, Kari: Light, Izzy: Knowledge, Joe: Dilligence, Mimi: Purity, Davis: Willpower, Yolei: Happiness, Cody: Patience, Ken: Kindness, Takato: Faith, Rika: Reason, Henry: Honesty, Jeri: Destiny, Ryo: Wisdom, Suzie: Empathy, Kazu: Duty, Kenta: Prosperity).

Kenta's partner is PawnChessmon (he splits into two when Digivolving beyond Ultimate level). Leomon is reborn into Jeri's partner, and Andromon returns to be Kazu's partner.

All the Digidestined partners have their Mega forms (Agumon: WarGreymon, Gabumon: MetalGarurumon, Patamon: Seraphimon, Gatomon: Ophanimon, Tentomon: HerculesKabuterimon, Gomamon: Zudomon, Biyomon: Honoumon, Palmon: Rosemon, Veemon: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Hawkmon: Valkyrimon, Armadillomon: Dominimon, Wormmon: GranKuwagamon, Guilmon: Gallantmon, Renamon: Sakuyamon, Terriermon: MegaGargomon, Leomon: SaberLeomon, Monodramon: Justimon, Lopmon: Cherubimon, Guardromon: HiAndromon, PawnChessmon: KingChessmon & QueenChessmon)

Bits of couplings are seen here and there. They include Takari, Sorato, Kenlei, TakatoxJeri, a teensy bit of RikaxRyo and DynasmonxGatomon (since Dynasmon is Wizardmon's evolved form).

BlackWarGreymon is born again as a living Digimon, but the DigiDestined had to go through a full-scale brawl with him all over agiain to get him to their side (Ha-ha! He's one of my favorite character; thought you could win him over so easily?)

Mummymon surrenders to the DigiDestined aftre Arukenimon is killed by Barbamon to host an army of Parasimon, and lives to see the Melding. He now lives in a peaceful world as Pharaohmon.

The DigiDestined are capable of turning their body into data and merge with their Digimon to boost their power (I wanted to highlight the bond between tamer and Digimon, and I ended up making Omnimon a force of nature 'cause he has two humans inside him :3)

ExVeemon, Aquilamon and Ankylomon no longer have to DNA Digivolve with Stingmon, Gatomon and Angemon to be Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon (not that they can anymore without the power from the Holy Ring... and by the way, Wormmon's Ultimate form is Dinobeemon).

The Demon Lords' spell included the timescale of the Digital World hastening to nearly match the speed of light, causing the DigiDestined, who had spent approximately two years in the Digi-World in total, to be two years older than they should be. For example, in this story T.K and Kari are both eighteen in body, although they are legally sixteen.

Well, I guess that's all we need to know for now… so ON WITH THE FIC!!!

Holy crap, I've only recently realized that there was a fanfic on this site that almost has the same plot as mine! *wails hopelessly* It's title is even similar to mine! Sincere

apologies to Lycoris Calantha if he/she feels that I've copied her ideas (I did NOT)! Sorry!