Phase 8. Revelation

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. If I had, the Dark Masters would have lived longer... just a little bit. I liked seeing them together...

"Metal Impulse!" DexDorugoramon roared out, ready to unleash his attack on the new DigiDestined couple.

"Strike of the Seven Stars!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

Two new vcoiced shoted from beyond the cave walls. With a resonding crash, a large part of the celing suddenly collapsed on the Undead Digimon, burying him under the rubble.

"Seraphimon, Ophanimon!" T.K yelled out delightedly as the two angels swooped down from the hole to rescue their partners. Ironically, it was Seraphimon who grabbed Kari while

Ophanimn got hoold of T.K. However, the Bearer of Hope was too lightheaded with joy to care about that.

So lightheaded he was, that he fainted out of pure joy.

"T.K..." was the first word Kari uttered as she came to. She found herself lying on a familiar bed (in the Royal Knights Headquarters, but she hadn't registered that yet). Instictively turning

her head sideways, she smiled at the sight of T.K sleeping peacefully beside her. Then she realized that they were holding hands under the bedsheet. She blushed slightly, but this time

not because of embarassment.

So she lay like that for awhile, wondering a little what had happened after she fainted, but mostly admiring her boyfriend's angelic face; he looked especially innocent when he was

sleeping, as if they were the eight-year old youngsters again playing together in the Digi-World (or rather, playing as best as they can with the Dark Masters prowling around). Yes, she

thought with a smile. I was right to have confessed.

As if that thought had reached him, T.K blinked his eyes open in that moment. Glancing at Kari lying beside him, he grinned and said: "Who''s the beauty?"

"The love of your life?" Kari suggested hopefully. T.K smiled and was about to kiss her when -

"Sorry, kids. That kiss will have to wait. FIRST COME COGRATULATIONS!!!" Taichi Kamiya boomed as he threw the door open and entered, wearing a very satisfied grin on his face. All the

DigiDestined, their partners, and even the Royal Knights crowded into the room, similar smiles on their faces. "CHEERS TO THE NEWEST (AND OLDEST) DIGIDESTINED COUPLE!!!"

Kari and T.K sat up baffled, as cheers and congrtulations rose all around them, and they were quickly lost under the sea of pats and group hugs. Tai and Matt began to dance around the

room and sing 'Congratulations', earning a few mean looks.

"You guys look to cute together!" Mimi squealed, as Joe nodded behind her smiling.

"Way to go, T.K!" Kazu cried with a thumbs-up.

"I'm glad you two finally got together, Kari." Jeri smiled softly.

"You see now, squirt?" Matt grinned, having finished the silly song, as he sat beside his brother on the bed. "I told you she loves you too."

"I told you it would work," Crusadermon was telling everyone who would listen, while Leopardmon huffed beside her.

Patamon and Gatomon were sitting between the two teens, giving off a 'I told you so' look to them.

"Umm... guys?" Kari asked, perplexed. "I'm not getting any of this. Sure, me and T.K finally got together - dream come true - but how did you exactly find that out? And I thought you were

all sort of expecting us to become like this?"

"More than expected, little sis," chuckled Tai as he sat down beside her like Matt. "You see, Kari, I've been watching you fall for T.K since, like, the beginning of time, and I got so pissed at

both of you for being too chicken to ask each other out (I mean, I'm the Bearer of Courage, and I can't stand that...). So, being such sweet, caring brothers we are, me and Matt decided

to make everyone else do it for you."

Deep silence followed.

"You mean..." began T.K, flushing as the truth was laid bare at last.

"It was all a plan," laughed Omnimon heartily. "I'm glad it succeeded, and as a bonus w all got a good laugh out of it!" The couple stared at the Royal Knight Commander, dumbfounded.

"Bet DexDorugoramon!" T.K blurted out.

"It was me," chuckled Alphamon. "I slided into Dorugoramon and disguised. Darkness can do interesting things to the eyes see."

"The Digimon with the shoulder cannon?" Kari asked, flushing.

"That was me," Magnamon cracked up. "The shoulder cannon was in fact a video camera. I've been filming you two lovebirds during the entire camp, and now we've all got a well-made

video to commemorate the good old days!"

"The earthquake?" T.K gasped, now blushing badly.

"Hehe... sorry guys." Armadillomon, who looked as if he had been beaten up, grinned sheepishly.

"The sudden rain..." Kari murmured.

"Ice does the trick," chuckled Kentaurosmon.

"Then... the whole camping trip?" T.K asked in amazement.

"All part of the plan," said Leopardmon, tapping his head proudly.

"... what about the sleepover? Was that in the plan?" Kari whispered.

"Parts of it..." began Dynasmon, but after looking at the two thunderstruck teens he admitted: "Okay, all of it. We've been planning on this for nearly a month, Kari. You can be pissed at

us, hell even beat the crap out of us... I'd just prefer it if I get beaten up by two rather than one." He smiled weakly.

(A/N: In case you haven't realized, the Goldramon incident in Phase 2 was to inform Patamon and Gatomon of the plan without T.K and Kari noticing.)

"I don't believe this," Kari groaned, flopping back into the bed in shock. T.K forced a glare at the onlooking DigiDestined and the Royal Knights, but sighed and helped his girlfriend back up

upon realizing that he couldn't maintain it.

"I don't know whether we should be thankning you or kicking your ass," he finally managed to speak, with a smile that resembled a grimace. Kari giggled at his reamark, and tenderly

kissed him on the cheek. T.K smiled back at her, this time genuine.

"Still a couple?" Yolei asked, her grin threateneing to escape her face.

"Still a couple," Kari replied sweetly, a mischievous grin forming on her face. "A couple that'll be quite bent on revenge for awhile, I'm afraid."

"Well, that's not gonna be a problem," chuckled Craniamon as he suddenlt appeared behind Dynasmon, locking the Passionate Warriors' arms in his. Before Dynasmon could react,

Leopardmon swiftly stabbed him in several critical points with his rapier, effectively paralyzing him.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" The shocked knight yelled out. The DigiDestined seemed just as baffled, but the Royal Knights all cracked up.

"Sorry, brother," laughed UlforceVeedramon. "A secret part of the plan. We kinda figured that those two will try and plot revenge on us, so we planned to offer them a sacrifice

beforehand to save our Chrome-Digizoid skins."

"And since you're part in the plan was the greatest, you were the natural choise for it," Gallantmon added.

T.K and Kari looked at each other and smiled, leaving Dynasmon to sweatdrop in panic.

"I do pity you, Dynasmon," Gatomon told him sincerely, although she looked quite amused herself. "Don't worry, they won't bite... usually."

"I was thinking more of a large-scale vengence on everybody..." said Kari giggling.

"...but I suppose we can maybe settle with one victim," finished T.K with a smirk.


It was a hell of a long day for everybody, especially for the torturer couple and the tortured knight.

Eh, sorry for the crappy ending... yes, this is the end of Operation Takari, but for those few people who DID enjoy it, no fear, for there's a sequel! I shall post it sooner or later, under the title 'The Plan Continues'. R&R, and no flames please;;;