Macy was standing on front of her mirror doing her hair. She just got back from basketball practice. Her hair was always a mess after basketball. She looked at her pictures on the sides of her mirror. All of them were Macy, Stella and Macys cousin Danielle. Macy smiled at she looked at them. Just that second she heard her phone beep. She went over to her bed and picked up her phone.

To: Macy

From: Danielle

Macy!! Wats up? :) Write back! xx

Macy smiled again as she started to text back.

To: Danielle

From: Macy

Dani!! Nothin jus in my room. Missing ya loads! :( xx

Macy looked at the photos of her and Danielle. Danielle was also Macy's best friend. They grew up together in New Jersey. Nearly 5 months ago Danielle's dad got a new job in California. So Danielle had to move. That was the worst day of Macy's life. Macy sat on her bed and thought about the day Danielle left.

Macy stood on the foot path as she watched Danielle's parents put the last of their things in the car. Macy saw Danielle walk over.

"Well thats everything." Said Danielle.

Macy tried to hold back the tears. "So I guess this is it."

"Hey. I'm not gone forever. I'll be back soon." Danielle said trying to smile.

Macy started crying as she hugged Danielle. "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"I'm gonna miss ya too, Mace." Danielle was now tearing up.

"Danielle, are you ready?" Danielle's dad shouted.

"I'll seeya real soon." Danielle said before she got into the car.

That was the last time Macy saw Danielle. Macy looked down at her phone as it beeped again.

To: Macy

From: Danielle

Aww May. I miss you too! :( and Stella aswell.

Macy giggled as she thought about Stella and Danielle.

To: Danielle

From: Macy

Yeah! Stella misses ya loads. xx

Stella and Macy had been best friend for years. Stella and Danielle have been best friends since they were 7. Stella didn't know Macy and Danielle were cousins until they saw eachother at Macy's birthday party.

"Happy birthday Mace." Danielle said as she hugged Macy.

"Thanks Dani." Said Macy. "I'm glad you came."

"Hey I wasn't going to miss my cousins birthday party."

Macy smiled. "C'mon I wanna introduce you to some of my friends."

As Danielle walked over to Macys friends she noticed a familiar looking girl standing in the group. As she walked closer to the group as realized it was Stella.

"Stella?" Said Danielle.

"Dani?" Stella said as she ran over.

"What are you doing here?" They shouted at the same time.

"You guys know eachother?" Macy asked.

"Yeah, Stella is one my best friends!" Said Dani.

"What are you doing here?" Stella asked again.

"I'm Macy's cousin!" Said Dani.

"What?!" Said Stella. "How come you never told me?"

Danielle laughed. "I didn't know you were friends."

"I can't believe this." Macy laughed as she hugged the girls.

Macy laughed as her phone beeped again. This time it was a text from Stella.

To: Macy

From: Stella

Hey Macy! Are ya finished basketball? If yes ya wanna come to my house in about 2 hrs?

Macys mom was working late tonight so she knew it wouldn't be a problem.

To: Stella

From: Macy

Yeah sounds great seeya later. xx

Macy got up and went to her wardrobe to look for something to wear to Stella's. Macy then heard here phone beep again.

To: Macy

From: Danielle


Macy giggled as she started to text back.

To: Danielle

From: Macy

Wat?? Tell me!!

To: Macy

From: Danielle

Is Stella with you?

Macy gave her phone a confused look.

To: Danielle

From: Macy

No... But I'm going to her house in a few hours why??

To: Macy

From: Danielle

Jus call me when your with Stella!

Macy put her phone down and went back to her wardrobe. She wondered what Danielle wanted to tell her.