The Pipe Fox's Wish

Summary: When the pipe fox shifts into his larger form to protect Watanuki, he can't shift back. However, Watanuki can't take the large fox's persistence and adoration. He asks Yūko if there is any way to shift him back. She gives him one, but… Watanuki gets more then he bargained for.

Paring: PipeFox/Watanuki, Dōmeki/PipeFox/Watanuki

Warning: Explicit smut, threesome, Male Preg

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Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student who possesses a very special gift. The gift of sight. However, instead of seeing it that way, he sees his unique 5th sense as a curse. And since he has met up with a wish granter named Chihara Yūko his life has been turned upside down, especially when his least favorable person, he knows is to be his protector for life. Yet, that isn't what is bothering him at the moment.

It wasn't even the chores that Yūko had told him to do that day, nope! It wasn't the fact that he had to make everyone's lunch either… It was however, because of a surten pipe fox. It wasn't in its original form, but in a much larger form, one with nine tails, a slender build and long clawed paws. And it still adored him like nuts. At this very moment, Watanuki was on his stomach on the floor with a large version of the pipe fox on his back nuzzling his head as well.

"Ge-get o-off me!" wailed Watanuki with animated tears running down his face. The pipe fox lifted his head and gave a delighted adorable squeak sound fallowed by a soft chitter. Watanuki whined and clawed at the ground trying to get from underneath the fox who continued to cuddle and nuzzle the high school student. "WAAH!!! Please get off!" continued Watanuki, but the fox could not be budged from his spot. He always wanted to keep close to the other.

"Well well he seems to have gotten even cuddlier since he shifted." Chuckled Yūko, who suddenly was leaning against the doorframe in the kitchen. Yūko was dressed in a plane purple kimono with a baby blue sash wrapped around her waist. Her black hair was pulled up in a bun. The only hair that was left untouched was the strands in front and in her hair was a baby blue hair clip in the shape of a butterfly.

"SEEMS!? SEEMS?!" Cried Watanuki, in despair as he finally pulled free from the foxes loving grip. He gasped heavily, the pipe fox settled its head on Watanuki's shoulder, little hearts floating around his head. Watanuki drooped, and pouted at the affection the pipe fox was giving him.

"Oh Watanuki, stop that pitiful display." Yūko Said in her normal subtle tone of voice. "The little guy is just being friendly." Watanuki snapped his head up and growled at Yūko.

"FRIENDLY!? You call THIS friendly?! Yūko he's!~AAAHHH!!!" The pipe fox had begun to smother Watanuki again.

Yūko watched the two on the ground as she went to the counter where the food that Watanuki had prepared, sat. "GAAH! Yūko! He's been like~" Watanuki yanked free from the pipe fox and heaved a sigh of relief. "~this for nearly a month now, when will he return to his natural form?!" Yūko blinked and chuckled.

"Well, maybe in another week or two…."

"WAH!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" Flared Watanuki as he glared at Yūko. "That means I have to deal with him for another two weeks! In this form!?" he sobbed.

"It isn't that bad Watanuki." Stated Yūko as she took a bite of the fried rice that she had put into a little white bowl.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" Snapped Watanuki struggling with the pipe fox yet again as the cuddly creature decided to crawl into Watanuki's lap. "WAH! Is there any~grrr get off! Any way to get him back to normal, sooner?!" Yūko looked off into the distance, then her finger was tapping on her chin.

"Well I believe there is another way…" The pipe fox looked up at Yūko with big watery eyes. She only smiled brightly at the pipe fox. Watanuki seemed happy to hear that.

"Well when~" Watanuki tried to ask but was interrupted.

"All in good time Watanuki, all in good time." She said as she waved her fan at him and walked out of the kitchen with the bowl of fried rice in her other hand. Leaving a moody Watanuki to deal with an overly affectionate pipe fox.

--- --- ---

"Is…is that…it?" asked Watanuki while pointing at a floral blue antic vase.

"Yep." Remarked Yūko with a large smile on her face. She placed one of her hands on her hip and flicked back some of her long hair out of her face. For some odd reason Yūko had decided to change and she was now in a white kimono with a red sash and littering her white kimono were red butterflies. Her hair was pulled up in a pony tail except for the bangs again.

The look on Watanuki's face made Yūko snicker. The pipe fox right beside the high school student. She walked over to the vase and motioned the two over. "Now come look at this you two." Said Yūko while the two came over and glanced over the rim of the vase and suddenly both found themselves falling down, while hearing Yūko laughing.

--- --- ---

Chapter 1: The Wish Come True

Kitten: Hey all, I was introduced to XxXHOLiC just recently and it is so easy to see the relationship between Doumeki and Watanuki. But then I saw the episodes where the pipe fox came in and how it was reacting to Watanuki so this idea came from it with the help of my friend who introduced me! OMG this is a dream come true!!!


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