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Episode 0:Prologue

The scene shows a kingdom in the night showing a the scene cut to outside of a church showing a cementery. The scene fades to a figure which featured a boy around 16 of age with short dark gray hair reaching his neck and blue eyes, wearing a black tail coat, maroon colored trousers, brown loafers, black striped socks, a light purple ascot tie with a amethyst brooch on it, and a beret of the same color as the boy's trousers, Looking at someone's grave that reads "Crimson Ravenfield"on it the boy,still looking at the grave he break in tears.


A black haired man dressed in butler clothes holding an arm of a beaten boy about 16 of age with shoulder length thick raven black hair, crimson colored eyes and dark skin wearing a long gray coat that reaches his ankles an a outfit consisthing a navy blue shirt, a black vest, dark gray pants, black gloves, black boots and a ruby pendant and is about to throw him to a cliff.

"I'm begging you,stop it!" the beaten boy said

''Don't want to.''said the man with a smile, refusing to stop."Goodbye,Crimson Ravenfield."

Then the man lets go of Crimson's arm making him fall to the cliff.

the gray haired boy appears and looks at Crimson falling to the cliff.

"¬°CRIMSON!" the boy called.

Back to present

The teared eyed boy stops looking at crimson's grave and looks at The Ruby Pendant that Crimson wore before his death.

"Kanon-kun" a voice called.a girl with short wavy brown hair dressed in maid clothes and wearing a white cap and a one-winged eagle tatoo on her left thigh standing at the gate of the chruch.

"Huh?, Nee-san." said the boy whose name is Kanon.

"It's time to go,Kanon-kun,or you will catch a cold." says the girl.

"Uh...I can't go home now,I want to keep watching Crimson's grave a while." said Kanon.

"But,Kanon..." said the girl.

"I want to stay with Crimson,he is my friend and I dont want to leave him behind" Kanon said crying,then a tear falls

from his eye to the pendant on his hand,then the pendant begins to shine and opens a portal on the ground and Kanon sinks.

"NEE-SAN!" Kanon called still in the portal in the ground.

"KANON-KUN!" The girl called,A blonde girl shows up along with a male redhead,a nine year old girl and a black haired young man with glasses.

"Shannon,what's wrong" said the blonde girl.

"Kanon-kun is sinking in the ground" replied the who is called Shannon "so please help".

So the group comes to help Shannon to save Kanon from sinking,but it was too late he sinked already.

Shannon and co was shocked after Kanon sinked in the portal,as soon Shannon kneels.

"it can't be" said Shannon crying after losing his little brother.

"IT CAN'T BE!" Shannon screamed and broke in tears.

Later the scene is cut to the Tokyo city,then the same portal that opened in the ground in the kingdom that Kanon was opened in the sky and Kanon falls from sky as a meteor,then he falls unconcious to the ground and the pendant falls from his hand,as soon many people from Tokyo city watch the unconcious boy.

to be continue:Chapter 1: a New Beggining.

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P.S. Nee-san means Older Sister