Kakashi stood in front of the three genin that had been given to him to teach and shook his head. One was pathetic and had fainted during his little test. Another had nearly gotten the bells tied to his belt. And the third one-his late sensei's son, was currently tied to a post in the ground staring at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. These kids were hopelessly stupid. This test was designed to make the three work together to fight against him, but none of them seemed to be getting the point of the test. Sakura was a fangirl and as such clung to the object of her affection, Sasuke. Whom had deemed the other two useless. And Naruto....well, he wasn't exactly sure what the blond had been doing but he was pretty sure that it was pitiful.

Like Sasuke, the blond had attacked him and failed, then set off one of his traps; twice, and now was tied to the post in between his two other team mates ignoring him as he tried to give the kids an obvious clue on how to beat him and pass the test. He looked the three over and deemed them unfit to be shinobi as Sakura raised her hand and asked.

"But how will be know what this test is for if you don't tell us?" Kakashi rolled his eyes and was about to say something when Naruto spoke up.

"It's team work you stupid little girl. Team work. This test was designed to make us work together as a team, against someone with superior skills and fighting abilities." Kakashi cocked his head as he looked the blond over. Well, he had'nt expected the dunce to get it, but he was sort of happy that he had. The blond's voice was slightly softer, and more raspy sounding than Kakashi had expected it to be. As if he had a sore throat or had'nt used his voice in a while.

"Well, it looks like one of you was paying attention. Good work dunce, I'll take it from here." Kakashi said in a slightly bored tone, to mask his awe. It looked like the blond was'nt as stupid as others seemed to think he was. But then again he was the one tied to a post in the ground.

"Alright you three. I'm going to give you a short break, after which you will be allowed one more chance to redeem yourselves and pass this test. Eat your lunch and don't give Naruto any. I'll be back in a little bit to continue the test." And with that he vanished into the trees to sit and watch the three. Naruto waited until he was gone before shreading the ropes holding him in place and landed on his feet quietly and rubbed some of the feeling back into his wrists as Sasuke and Sakura looked up at him.

"What are you doing Naruto?" Sakura hissed as she put the bento lunch in her lap aside. The blond's eyes flickered to her face and he shrugged.

"Nothing that concerns you, pinky." He said as he turned to leave. Sasuke's hand shot out and grabbed his wrist as he turned his head to glare at the blond.

"Answer her question dobe." Sasuke said coldly. Naruto looked down at the Uchiha's hand on his wrist with a shuttered expression on his face before he smiled at the raven and punched him in the face.

"Respect my personal space or I'll break your face shit for brains." The blond said as he turned and started to walk off when Kakashi appeared right in front of him all of a sudden causing him to bump into him while Sakura checked on Sasuke.

"Where do you think your going fool? The test isn't over yet." Kakashi said as he leaned into the blond's personal space.

"Away from you. Your all too retarded for me to be seen in public with you any longer. So you three can suck it, I'm going home." Naruto deadpanned as he moved around Kakashi and started to walk away again. Kakashi blinked. Had the brat just told him to suck it? As in 'it' it? That little punk. Who did he think he was? Kakashi growled low in his throat and turned to stare at the blonds retreating back before calling out.

"If you stop now, you'll never become a ninja. This is your last chance Naruto. You won't be getting another. And Sakura and Sasuke will be failing too, can you live with crushing their dreams?"

The boy turned around for a second and looked at him. The blank expression on his face was more telling than actual words. He didn't give a damn if he passed or failed. He didn't care if his team mates passed or failed either. Minato, are you rolling over in your grave yet? Kakashi wondered as the blond gave him a tight lipped smile.

"Thats fine with me. I never wanted to be a ninja anyways. As for those two, their just slightly more disorginised than you are. Frankly I'm suprised that any of you are alive and in one piece as it is. And, Kaka-kun, and don't worry about the bells; I put them someplace where you'll never find them." Naruto said with another tight lipped smile as he vanished. Kakashi blinked and looked down at his belt and paled under his mask when he saw that the two bells were missing.

God damn it. That brat had got him! He thought in shock as he started examining the leather cords to see how he had gotten the bells without alerting the jounin to what he was doing.

Uzu walked through the streets to the Hokage tower in relitive silence, no one seemed to notice that she was out and about just yet. A good thing since her broken ribs were'nt really healed yet. With any luck she would reach the tower in one piece, but then again she had never been a very lucky person. Trouble always found it's way to her. It was because of what had happened the day that she had turned four. October tenth, the day the village had almost been destroyed by the nine tailed fox.

The same nine tailed fox that had been sealed inside of her while she had been dying of congestive heart failure. Her father the fourth Hokage had sealed the destructive demon inside of her and died shortly after pleading with the third Hokage to hide her away, that the villagers would'nt understand that she was an innocent. He had been right to worry.

In the twelve years that she had had the demon sealed inside of her; she had suffered such terrible things. Things that had nearly killed her soul, and almost destroyed her mind. Some of the villagers wanted to kill her, some wanted to rape her, others wanted to torture her until she broke down completely. Some already had done those things. And she was a bit cracked from it, but then again who would'nt be.

Pain was something that she had lived with her whole life, and she doubted that just because she had become a genin that things would change. But then again, Jiji would'nt have made her become a genin unless he really thought that it might help her. Still she hated it. But she would endure, just like she always did.

Kakashi was wigging out. Ever since Naruto had walked off after telling the man that he had not only stolen the bells from him, but hidden them somewhere where he would'nt be able to find them. The jounin had started patting himself down like mad, and back tracking in an effort to find the bells so that he could finish the bell test before Sakura and Sasuke found the bells. Which he knew they were trying to do since the two were running around like mad looking too.