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Two days after the bridge incident and the total defeat of Gato; Kakashi and Uzu walked through the gate to the leaf village and walked side by side together in a tense silence. Uzu still hadn't answered his question, and though he hadn't given up he wasn't exactly sure what to think. He loved her, he knew he loved her. But he was'nt sure if she even knew what that meant or if she even felt the same way about him.

"Uzu?" He said gently as she turned her head to look up at him, he could see the anxiety on her pretty face and felt like a bastard. He knew this was a difficult choice for her. In fact it was probably the hardest one that she would ever make. She needed time to sort things out.

"I know Kashi. Is it okay if I go for a walk and think things over?" She asked as she looked up at him. Her expression pleading. He nodded his head and slowly let her fingers slip from his grasp and felt his heart breaking in his chest as she walked away from him.

Lee had been getting a drink form a vending machine just outside the training grounds when he saw one of Kakashi's kids walking his way and cocked his head. Her? He hadn't seen Naru-chan around the village recently and had wondered if she was alright. But now that he could see her walking closer to him he felt the familiar tugging sensation he always got when he was about to have a vision and watched the kaleidoscope of events pass right before his eyes and smiled happily.

It looked like she had finally found her light. That was great, he had started to think that she would never find her light again. Kakashi would take great care of her, all she had to do was say yes to his question. But then again her fate was already laid out before her, she had been led to Kakashi by fate, and would soon be led to her destiny. She would be such a strong person with in the next five years. Much stronger than she already was.

He was about to turn and walk the other way but damn free will, he was a busy body for a reason. And she intrested him greatly. The two of them had much more in common than anyone may think. They were both outsiders, considered monsters and freaks by the people around them. He knew all too well what it was like to be on the outside looking in. He stepped in her path and waited patiently for her to bump into him.

She did so right on schedule, and made him laugh softly at the comical expression on her face as she looked up at him and he thrust a canned soda in her face. "Take it Naru-chan. I can see that the two of us have much to talk about." He said pleasently as she mutly took the can from his hand and he hooked one of his arms through hers and half dragged her over to the nearest bench and sat down.

"Lee-kun? What are you doing?"

"Being your shrink. Speak already, your silence is driving me crazy." He said with a grin as he opened his soda and took a sip. She frowned at him. He was starting to make her think he was an alien or something. His actions and words were at odds with his nature. She could see that he was dying to bully her into speaking but refrained from doing so.

"You seem to know whats already on my mind Lee-kun. What should I do? I want to answer him, but I don't know what love is, I don't know how to make others happy. I don't know what to do." She said as she set her drink down next to her foot. Lee gave her a wide eyed look. She had suprised him with the first half of her sentance. Many people didn't catch on to him so easily. And many others dismissed his ability as simply intuition, but she seemed to instinctually sense what he could do. What an intresting girl.

It's no wonder she becomes the Hokage five years from now. Lee thought with a grin. "Ah, you've caught on to me. Let me ask you this? Have the two of you already slept together?"

"Yes." Lee smirked and looked her over as his 'gift' kicked into over drive and showed him things about her future and her future children. She and Kakashi would have such beautiful children. Two boys and one girl. One set would be twins.

"And how did that come to be?"

"The Hokage ordered us."

Lee had been taking a drink of his soda as she said that and choked a bit. The Hokage had ordered them to sleep together? No that was'nt right. He could order them to do many things, but to force them to sleep together was beyond his control. Though he might strongly suggest that path to them or even try to manipulate the situation in his favor.

"Are you okay?" She asked as she patted him roughly on the back until he waved her off and snorted in amusment. That had been the first time he had ever choked because of something or someone. He actually found the situation funny because he was usually the one who knew what was coming.

"I'm fine. Really, I am so please wipe that look off of your face. Your much to pretty to worry about such a petty thing. Now let me tell you something. The Hoakge can't order you to do something that you are not willing to do, nor can he force you to do what you do not want to do. Are you the kind of girl who sleeps with just anyone?"


Lee nodded. "I didn't think so. What everthing boils down to is free will, yours, Kakashi-kuns and everyone elses. Now on to my next question. Are you the type of girl who would sleep with someone that you didn't love?"

She frowned and shook her head and he gave her a brilliant grin. "Then what's keeping you from saying yes?" Lee asked as he leaned his chin on his palm and chuckled at the shocked look on her face. Honestly the pretty ones could be so dense sometimes. He mused as she sat there for a second. Damn it, she still didn't get it.

"Let me put it to you this way, Naru-chan. Life is a race, all people run it. What's important isn't who wins or runs the fastest. It's the one you run the race with. Kakashi is the one who was born specifically to run the race with you. Just like you were born to run with him. The two of you complete each other." Lee said as he stood up and helped her up and gave her a gentle push back in the direction she had come.

"But?" Uzu started to say as she looked at him over her shoulder. Lee smiled and said very firmly.

"Don't worry if you stummble or fall along the way, Naru-chan. Everyone does that sometimes. Now go and give him an answer!" Lee called out as she nodded and took off running while he stood there shaking his head and grinning like a fool. I wish you well, little sister. Lee thought as he picked up his drink and went off to see Gai-sensei and the others. He had some great news for them that Gai would find esspecially intresting.

Uzu ran all the way back to where she and Kakashi had parted ways and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him sitting in a seat at one of the resturaunts. He looked up from his empty plate and raised a brow as she walked to him with a grin on her face. Well this was new. I wonder what she's thought of. He wondered as he stood up and met her half way.

"I would like it very much if you kept me. In fact I would love it if you kept me. If your sure that your not going to regret it, then yes. I'll marry you." She said inbetween pants as she wiped her face, jeez she was sweating.

Kakashi gave her a slow smile. "Is that all?" He asked curiously as she grinned at him again and threw herself in his arms and kissed him. He flailed around for a second before she pulled back.

"No. I love you Kashi, and I'm sorry that I made you wait so long to hear it." She said with a smile as he hugged her tightly and kissed her lips.

"I love you too koi. Lets go home."

Lee broke through the dense underbrush grinning like a maniac as Gai and the others spied him. "Lee where have you been?" Gai asked as he made his way out of the bushes and walked over to them.

"Collecting good news." Lee said with another grin. Neji rolled his eyes as Tenten jumped down out of one of the trees and looked at him curiously. What had he seen this time?

"We'll be attending a wedding in two weeks. It looks like Hatake-san finally got his act together." Lee said cheerfully as Gai's jaw dropped. Kakashi? His eternal rival was getting married?! How? When? Lee grinned again.

"Yes. He and that blond student of his make a cute couple. Don't you think?" Lee said innocently as Neji snorted and muttered something along the lines of 'that loser' earning a mean look from Gai, and an evil look form Lee.

"You should be kinder towards that girl Neji, or she and Hatake won't let you marry their daughter." Lee said with a malicious smirk as Neji tripped over his own feet while trying to turn around and fell face first to the ground at Lee's feet before he came up swinging.

"I will not marry that failures daughter!" Neji roared as Lee laughed and ran away form him as he thought.

And this is where thing will get fun. He loved a good challenge, and the upcoming battles would give him plenty to work with as one of the three fates. He laughed as he dodged one of Neji's kunai. Tomorrow was the begining of a new world, and a new story. He could'nt wait to see what happened next.