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Red Alert sat in the Monitor Room, watching the many bright screens. He had his head propped up, and his optics darted from one screen to another. A bored look to hold of his faceplate. It was quite boring on the Ark at this moment. The Autobots had been traveling through space, and the last fight they had gotten in to, with the Decepticons of course, had been a deca-cycle(3 weeks) ago. Even Red Alert was becoming restless, paranoid as well.

He let out a sigh and muttered, "Something's going to happen. I just know it." Red Alert didn't know how right he was.

Soon, a message came through the emergency radio wave.

'Help me. I need help. Code: 33125Stella9843Guard. I am under attack. Please help.'

Red Alert's optics widened, and a gasp let his vocalizer. Worriness swam through his processor and spark.

No…it can't be…

Quickly, the Security Director contacted the Officers via. comm.-link and told them. He quickly stood up and rushed out the Monitor Room. When he ran outside, he nearly ran into Inferno.

"Hey Red, where's the fire?" the firetruck asked, chuckling.

Red Alert waved his servo and continued to run, replying, "Important, can't talk." Inferno's optic ridge raised, and he watched the Lamborghini run.

Wonder what's got him wound up…

Then the firetruck walked into the Monitor Room and looked down at the monitors. He replayed the message and wondered what it meant.

Later On…

The red and white Lamborghini waited nervously outside the Med Bay. They had brought her back, beaten a bit. The attackers had been scared off, and they managed to rescue her off the small asteroid. They soon brought her onto the Ark and blasted off.

Red Alert let out a sigh and muttered, "What is taking so long?" He glanced over to the closed door of the Med Bay. Another sigh left his vents, and he then began pacing again.

"Hey Red, what'cha waitin' for?"

The Security Director stopped and turned to see Inferno walked up, smiling. A slight blush washed over his face, then died away. Inferno stopped in front Red Alert, who took a reflexive step back. The firetruck's smile wavered a bit at this action.

"I'm…" the red and white mech began, but was cut off by the CMO loud voice.

"Red Alert! Get in here, NOW!"

Both mechs winced and turned their helms towards the Med Bay. The door hissed opened, and both mechs looked at each other. Then Red Alert sighed and walked in, Inferno following.

Once he stepped inside, they both saw Ratchet standing, arms crossed over his chest, next to a repair berth, which had a black and grey femme sitting on top of it. She had her arms crossed over her chest and scowling, or had been. But once she saw Red Alert, she jumped up, stalked over towards Red, who backed up into Inferno, and jabbed a digit at him.

"There you are. I've been asking to see you. Your medic was finally 'kind enough' to call your sorry aft. But thank Primus I've found you" she yelled at him, adding emphasis with pokes.

"Hey now," Inferno began stepping a bit around Red Alert, "that's no way ta talk ta Red. Who are ya anyway?" The firetruck was being to become angry. No one should talk to Red Alert.

Red Alert bowed his head and muttered to Inferno, "Inferno, can you leave? This doesn't involve you." Inferno's optics widened, and he looked down at the red and white mech.

"What, Red, what do ya mean?" he asked. The Lamborghini looked up at the firetruck and sighed.

"Like I said, it doesn't involve you, so if you please…"

Inferno got the hint and let out an angered 'huff'. He then turned and stalked out of the Med Bay. Red Alert watched the red mech leave and internally sighed. This didn't involve the red mech, and he really didn't want Inferno to find out how he was connected to this femme. He would never be able to be with the firetruck, since he had a crush of him, if he told him the truth. Red Alert then turned back around to see the femme, arms crossed, and a confused looking Ratchet.

"Ratchet," the Security Director began, but Ratchet shook his helm and cut him off.

"No, I want to know what this is about. Now."

Red Alert sighed again and replied, "I'll contact the others." He hailed them on the comm.-links and told them to meet him in the Med Bay. They all agreed. He sighed. Then he glanced to the femme and stared at her. She stared back. "Ratchet, can we talk in your office? Alone?" Ratchet looked between the two locked in a staring contest and nodded. Then the Security Director directed the femme to the office and began to walk towards it as well. The femme followed after, and the door was shut behind them.

As the two were in the office, Prime, Prowl, Prowl, and Ironhide walked in and looked around.

"Where is Red Alert?" Optimus asked. Ratchet gestured over to his closed office.

"Red Alert and the femme went in there to talk."

"Oh…" Prime replied, staring that the door.

"Hey Ratch', do ya know who she is?" the TIC asked. The medic shook his helm. Then Jazz also began to stare at the closed door.

Inside Ratchet' Office…

Once the door had shut, Red Alert glared at the femme, who glared right back.

"What are you doing here? And why were those mechs after you?" he demanded. The femme crossed her servos and shook her helm.

"Not me, you" she replied, staring at the Lamborghini. His optics widened slightly, and his spark began to beat faster.

"Why, what happened?" he asked, voice shaking slightly. Anger flashed on the femme's faceplates, and she stepped closer to Red Alert. He reflexively shrank back.

"What do you think Red?! Because of YOU! They thought I knew where you had left to, which I didn't, and they wanted answers, which I DIDN'T HAVE!" her voice began to raise, "BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER SINCE…"

"ENOUGH! CALM YOURSELF DOWN, NOW!" Red Alert yelled back, soon earning him a growl from the femme. She back away, letting her servos drop to her sides, and looked away. Red Alert calmed down, shoulder sagging. "Now, what happened?"

She shuttered off her optics and replied in a hushed voice, "He's ill…and they came back…" Red Alert's optics grew once more, and he stepped closer to the femme. He tried to grasp the answer, but couldn't.

No…it can't be true…she lying…

"You're lying…" he replied, voice shaking. The femme turned back, and stared at Red Alert, then let her optics drop to the ground.

She whispered, "I wish Red…I wish…" Then she looked up to stared at Red Alert's pleading optics and said, "If you want to know what happened anymore, then your 'friends' should either stop listening in on our conversation, or we tell them." Red Alert gasped slightly and turned to the door. It was closed, but he knew they must be listening through it. He took a step forward and punched the keypad, opening it.

There, standing relatively close to the doorway, were the Officers. He glared at them, and they all produced a sheepish looked. The femme crossed her arms and looked away, huffing.

"Can I help you?" Red Alert asked, optic ridge raising and annoyance taking hold on his faceplate.

"Red Alert, we wanted to know what you were discussing with the femme" Prime replied, glancing over to her. She met his glance with stern optics.

Red Alert sighed and replied, "If so, but this must not leave the Med Bay, understand?" All Officers nodded, respecting the mech's trust in them. The Lamborghini let out another sighed and gestured for them come into the CMO's office, which they did.

Then Prowl asked, "First, what is your designation femme?" She glanced over to Red Alert, who nodded, and then stared back at him, sighing.

"I'm Stella Guard, or Stella for short. I am the head Captain of the Royal Guards for the small kingdom of Ledrater and sole protector and body-guard to the young Prince. I was sent on a mission to find the Prince, who had 'run-away' from his duties."

"Ledrater? I remember that kingdom. It was a neutral territory, correct?" Prime asked, and Stella Guard nodded.

"Yes, it is, and there has been some trouble brewing there for a long time. After the Prince had run away, the rebels began to try to take over. The new rule, cousin to the Prince, took over in command and fought them off. But not even that work entirely well. It managed to hold them off, but now he is ill, and the Prince…" he voice died away, and she glanced over to Red Alert. He stared back at her, then slowly looked over to Prime and the others.

Then Prowl asked, "Is that why those mechs attacked you? Because they thought you would know of the whereabouts of the Prince?" Stella Guard nodded, then glancing down at the floor.

"So, where is this 'Prince' ya keep talkin' 'bout?" Ironhide asked, servos crossed over his chest. The black and grey femme sighed. Red Alert, on the other hand, quickly shifted his glances between all the Officers and the femme.

Maybe I should I tell them…but…

"Red Alert can tell you who the 'Prince' is" Stella Guard replied, looking back up. She glanced over to the Lamborghini, who stared wide-opticed back at her.

"Stella, I don't think that…" Red Alert began, but was cut off by Prime.

"Red Alert, is there something you need to tell us?"

The Security Director looked over at the Prime, who servos were crossed, then at the other Officers, who were doing the similar thing. The red and white Lamborghini let out a sigh and looked over at Stella Guard.

Red Alert began, "The 'Prince', he's…"

Inferno whistled as he walked through the halls. He was relatively happy now and had decided to go see where Red Alert was. The firetruck had went to the Monitor Room, but didn't find the Lamborghini there. So the next stop was the Rec. Room. He reached the doorway and instantly stopped when he saw the Security Director and someone else sitting next to him.

It was the femme who they had rescued, and she was sitting relatively close to Red Alert. Too close for Inferno liking. He began to growl, but stopped when someone bumped into him.

"Oh, sorry Inferno, what'cha doin' standin' there?"

Inferno looked over and saw Jazz standing next to him, smiling. The firetruck produced a weak smile as well, but the saboteur saw through it.

"What's eatin' at ya?" Jazz asked, optic ridge raising. Inferno sighed and looked back at the Lamborghini and femme.

"Nothin'…just…who is that femme?" the firetruck asked. Jazz opened his dental plates to reply, but Prowl, who had entered from another entrance beat him to it.

The tactician announced, "Attention Autobots, we have a guess here on the ship with us. Her designation is Stella Guard, and she is the Captain of the Royal Guards of Ledrater. See is on a very important mission in finding her people's 'Prince'. Please show her your respect, or you will be seeing the inside of a brig cell for a very long time. That is all." The doorwinged mech left, and Jazz turned towards Inferno.

"There's ya answer Inferno. Why don't you go and introduce yaself?" the TIC asked, nudging him and smirking. Inferno caught the underlying message and blushed.

"Jazz…" the firetruck began, but Jazz had already started to walk to where Prowl had left to. The large red mech sighed and decided to follow the saboteur's advice. He walked through the Rec. Room and stood before the table. Both Red Alert and Stella Guard stared at him.

"Hi Red Alert, and…Stella Guard, I take it?" the firetruck asked, stammering when he greeted the red and white mech.

"Inferno," Red Alert greeted back, nodding, "and yes, this is Stella Guard." The said femme stood up and held out her servo.

"Please to meet you Inferno."

He shook her servo and replied, "Please to meet ya Stella Guard, and might I ask how do ya know Red? Ya two seem like ya know each other." Stella Guard sat back down next to Red Alert, and Inferno sat down across from them.

Red Alert sighed and replied him, "She is an old…friend, Inferno. We've known each other for a long time."

The firetruck nodded and replied, "Oh…"

"Yes…Stella, can you follow me to the Monitor Room. I need to tell you something…" Red Alert said to the femme. She nodded, and they both got up and left. The femme produced an aura of protection around Red Alert, and Inferno sighed.

He wanted to tell Red Alert what he was keeping locked inside of his spark, but the femme would be in the way.

Just who is she to Red and why are they so close?

"Is that him? The one you like?" she asked once both of them were seated in the Monitor Room. She stared at him with royal blue optics, waiting.

Red Alert, who was facing the monitors, sighed and replied, "Yes, that is him. I like him a lot. He's protects me and is the only friend that I have here. But…" The Security Director bowed his helm. "He only knows the me I made up. He doesn't know the royal me. And I …want to tell him how I feel, but I don't think I could without telling him."

Stella Guards's optics softened, and she muttered, "Red…"

"But…enough with my 'wonderful' love life," he said, sarcasm in 'wonderful', then looked over to her, "why are you here? I know you Stella. You wouldn't have come just to tell me about the kingdom. What really is wrong?"

She sighed and replied, "What's really wrong Red…what's really wrong! Everything! The new 'King' is really ill, there are really rebels, and Ledrater is a wasteland!" The black and grey femme buried her helm in her servos, and tears began to slide down her cheekplates. A slight gasp left his vocalizer, and he stared at the femme.


He reached out and touched her shoulder-plate. Instantly she shrugged the servo away. She sniffed and pulled her head out of her servos.

"Red, Ledrater had never been the same since the King and Queen passed away, and you left. Your cousin has made it a terrible place to live, and…it doesn't feel the same there. And…"

She sniffed again and looked away.

"He's gone…"

Red Alert stared at the femme with wide optics. He reached out and gripped her shoulder's plate once more.

"No, it can't be…how-when did this happen?" he whispered.

She looked back a Red Alert, teary optics, sniffed, and replied, "He was stationed on a post on the outer rim of the kingdom. The rebels attacked and…" She glanced at from the staring Lamborghini. "No one was spared." Then she broke down into sobs and curled into Red Alert's embrace. "He's gone…he's gone…everything is gone…you, Ledrater, and him…" Tears flowed down her cheekplates, and Red Alert began to rub her back.

"Sshh…it's okay…I'm so sorry Stella…" he whispered into her audio receptor. His glitch was silent now, but his spark was in pain. His closest friend was in pain, and it was partly his fault. "I'm sorry…if it pains you…maybe I should go back and correct the damage that has been done…" It was then his glitch sparked up. It told him wild conspiracy theories, Decepticon plots, and unknown lands. His logic battled against it, as did his spark. His home was in danger, and he didn't have time to let his own troubles stop his royal duties.

"No Red…" muttered Stella through the tears, "you have a better life here…you can't leave because of me." And at that very moment, the door hissed opened, and Inferno walked in.

"Hey Red, I…" He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Stella Guard in Red Alert's arms. His anger and jealous flair opened, and he was so close to just growl and lunged at the femme.

"Inferno…" Red Alert began, optics widened a bit, and Stella Guard slipped out of his arms and wiped away his tears.

"Hello Inferno…I was just…" she began, regaining some of his posture.

"No" Inferno instantly cutting her off. "Don't explain anything. I'm just gonna go." His spark was ready to burst. Red Alert was taken by Stella Guard, and his spark cried out. The only mech he had ever loved was taken. He then turned and was about to head out when Stella Guard spoke to him.

"No, Inferno don't go. Red Alert was just comforting me about something. I'm the one that needs to leave." She got up, glancing at Red Alert, and then walked out. Once the door closed, the firetruck began to stare at Red Alert.

"What was that about Red? What did she mean?" Inferno asked, his voice shaking. Red Alert swallowed his fears and took in a deep inhale.

"Inferno, she was telling me about what has happened in Ledrater. She has loss someone dear to her and…"

Inferno cut him off, "But why was she telling you…it isn't like she…knows…you. Red, what is goin' on?" The larger red mech began to search Red Alert's facial features for an answer.

Red Alert sighed and replied, "Inferno, I haven't told you the entire truth about me. And now, I think I should tell you, since I really like you and think you should know more about me."

"Red" Inferno began, stepping closer to the smaller mech. His optics were wide in surprise. Red Alert liked him. His spark fluttered in happiness. "That's…wonderful Red. I like you too…"

Red Alert's optics widened also, and he said, "You do?" Inferno nodded and stepped closer, near touching Red and bent his head down close to Red's raised face. "But Inferno…I have to tell you something important…" His voice died away as Inferno got closer to his faceplate and his dental plates. "Inferno…" Then the firetruck brushed his dental plates against Red's. The Lamborghini kissed him back, and the red mech wrapped his servos around the smaller mech. Then they continued to kiss, then slowly broke apart.

"Red…" Inferno began, looking down at the smaller mech, "what was the reason for telling me that you liked me?" Red Alert looked up and stared at Inferno.

Should he tell him? How would he respond?

"Inferno, how I really know that I am the Prince of Ledrater. I ran away when I was a young adult and quickly joined the Autobots. I didn't tell anyone, just saying my creators abandoned me. I didn't want to return to my royal life…"

Inferno broke away and stared flabbergasted at Red Alert. The mech he loved the most, wasn't who he knew.

"Red, what are you saying? You're the Prince? Why didn't you tell me?" his voiced raised at the end, and he stared hard the mech.

Red Alert shrank a bit away at the tone of voice, and his glitch yelled at him to drop the subject. But it was too late.

"I'm the Prince. I didn't tell anyone because I wanted to live a normal life. Are you mad?" Red Alert, stepping back closer to the firetruck. But now it was Inferno's turn to step back.

"Red, I don't…I need to think about this…I'm sorry, but I have to go…"


But it was too late, Inferno was already leaving. He walked out of the Monitor and down the hall. Stella Guard, who was standing a ways off in the other way, watched this and sighed. She then stepped back closer to the Monitor Room.

Stella Guard had went back to Red's room, but realized she didn't know the key-code. She then headed back to Red and get the code. She listened in and heard the other two talking, so she waited. When she saw Inferno walk out, she knew it hadn't gone well.

She walked in and saw Red Alert on his knees, crying. The femme stepped closer and knelt down.

She placed a servo on his shoulder and said, "Red, what happen?"

The Lamborghini looked up with watery optics and said, "I told him about both. That I liked him, which he likes me back, and that I am the Prince." He then buried himself in her arms. "He didn't take it the right way, and now…"

She patted him on the back and said, "Shush, it's all right. I'm sure he is just thinking about it…I'm sure…" Red Alert shook his head and sobbed loudly.

"Being a royal isn't a gift, it is a curse."

With Inferno…

Inferno was walking absently through the hallways, his spark twisting in pain. He reached his door and punched the keypad, opening. He paused, thinking back on what had happened.

Red Alert, the person he had loved so dearly, had told him who he really was and kissed him. The Security Director had lied to him on who he really was, but also told him he loved him. It broke his spark in half.

One half said that the Security Director should be forgotten. He had lied to him, pretended to be someone else. But the other half said he should go back and apologize. He still loved Red Alert, but…after he had told him who he really was, he didn't even more. He walked into his room, and the door shut behind him. Tears began to fall, and he fell to his knees.


He continued to weep for the person he loved but didn't know who he really had been.

He's a royal…and he loves me…he lied, but told the truth…

With Red Alert…

He rested in Stella Guard's servos, thinking about what had happened. His optics were shut off, trying to shut off the outside world. Nothing had gone right. Then Inferno warm face filled his thoughts, and he thought back on the kiss.

I love you Inferno…I'm sorry…and I love you…

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