"I'm ten miles from town

I just broke down

Spitting out smoke on the side of the road

I'm out here alone

Just trying to get home

To tell you I was wrong but you already know

Believe me I won't stop at nothing

To see you so I started running…."

Life after you by Daughtry was the theme for this song…but just the very first verse…not the chorus nothing else…just the above first verse…This is NOT a song-fic …it's just a fic inspired by words of someone else.

Life after you

Chapter one: Into the black….

Lockdown was speeding down the drit track. He didn't know his speeds, he'd stopped monitoring miles ago. Murmers in his old processor raced with a youthful speed as he struggled to get back. Prowl. The simple name ached on his spark, though he would never admit it. That stubborn little mech always rattled his spark plugs and he could never pin down just what it was about the mech that did it.

The signal from earth had come 14 solar cycles before. There was only a single word. Please. He knew only that he had to get there, and 14 solar cycles later he was dashing across a devoid mass of land in the middle of North America on the planet known as earth. He didn't know why he returned. Only that He needed to find the ninja before someone else did.

He had made an offer to the lithe mech more than once, and time after time Prowl had said no. Lockdown was furious the last time. He had tossed a few oil drums and demanded to know why. Prowl ever stoic stood there and told him he had no reason…just the answer. No. Lockdown continued to rant and rave and curse as he returned to his ship and left. Then 14 solar cycles later he got the call.

Now the bounty hunter was in a panic, his one personal bounty had called, and only said please.

Nevada's deserts were a barren landscape. Why the pit the signal was coming from here was any bot's guess.

Lockdown having been locked in his own processor didn't see the large debris in the road. He rolled over it spinning out skidding to a stop. "SLAGGIN!" he growled and transformed his back tires moving to his hips. He looked down his hand moving to inspect both tires, shot…blown. He couldn't drive like that. Normally Cybrtronian's that took ground forms had spare tubes in their tires they could inflate for just this reason. However …lockdown had been running on his spares for years already so he was dead in the water.

Looking around he lifted his arm. He wasn't far from the signal; he'd have to rough it. So the large mech turned and tore down the road as fast as his stabilizers would carry him. He had to get to that signal, to prowl. The decepticons were already taking the little planet over and there would be little time to get to the mech, force him to go (if he had to do it he would) and get out with him intact.

The road split and he looked left and right, to the left a barren road of more dessert, and the right some sort of tree line. If lock down knew anything about Prowl….he headed for the tree line.

The trees weren't thick here, the temperature wouldn't allow it, lockdown stepped into the organic vegetation and moved slowly through it, he could see through it barely, this little oasis was nothing short of fascinating, but he wasn't here to look at the trees. "Kid?" He looked around. He was sitting right on top of the signal. "Kid where are ya?" He stepped forward and stopped.

A servo came out of the underbrush and grabbed his stabilizer. "Lock…down." His vocalize was compromised and glitch. Lockdown knelt down and pushed away the foliage covering the smaller mech.

"Primus kid." He pushed more of the green away "Who did this ta ya?" Prowl's visor thinned but he just nodded he didn't speak. Lockdown's mouth thinned and he shook his head "Cons huh?" Prowl nodded slowly.

Prowl lay in a horrid state. One of his servos was severed and laying beside his body, both tires blown, his windshield cracked "Anyone else with ya? Yer buddies?"

Prowl looked away as Lockdown put a hand on his chassis. "Yer gonna offline if'n I don't do something." Lockdown gathered as many of prowls pieces as he could placing them on the Ninja's torso before reaching down to lift him up. Lockdown didn't talk about the loss of his companions; it wasn't something to talk about now, now he had to get Prowl out of here. He turned Prowl in his arms resting against his chassis. "Stay with me kid…listen to myspark…my systems…focus on them running …stay online for me…Primus knows I can deal with ya dead…but I can't get a good price on busted bolts." He looked down.

Prowl gave him a soft hurt smile and placed his audio against the bounty hunters chest. "We're eh ….about four miles from my ship…" he nodded evenly. "Guess we're walking…won't take too long…jus' hold on…I'll get ya back ta my shop…got yer mods set aside…we'll get ya fix." He hoped he could. There were split wires everywhere and Prowl was leaking energon at a slow but even rate. "I'll get ya patched up just like new kid." He kept talking to the bot who couldn't speak. Prowls visor thinned considerably "Oh no ya don't keep with me…stay with me…Primus yer gonna be ok." His words sounded hollow even to him because he wasn't sure if he could save the damaged mech, but he would try.

Prowl's hand clutched under a panel on lockdown's side, and the muscle car didn't even care. He let the bike cling, he welcomed it because as prowl kept his servos against him, they were tight, he knew he was online without looking down. "Lock…do…"

"Shut up kid." Lockdown pulled him closer and broke into a sprint. He had to get back to his ship and soon, Prowl didn't have the time to wait for him. Prowl didn't have much time at all. The bounty hunter's mind raced, and he couldn't help it. "I soulda' never left ya…never left…" he needed to get back to the ship. He had to save prowl, and to stave off his impending guilt. "I'll save ya..just…stay with me kid."

Prowls optics began to shutter. "lockdown…lock-"

"Stay with me…"

To be continued…

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