Life After You

Chapter 6: Faced with you...


Contains: Sticky - Plug and Play - banter - and a wash-rack

You've been adequately warned.

Prowl walked slowly through the ship's corridors. His limp was apparent as he clutched a small cane, it was part of a side roll bar that had been integrated into his alternative mode. He would step slowly and extend the cane out to take another step, it was slow going, but rather than being in his chair it was going on his own. His healing was coming along, but it was taking time, but he Like his unlikely caretaker, had a stubborn streak.

He and Lockdown hadn't spoke of the pod since the day Lockdown had asked him to consider it, and he had for many weeks now; considered it. he'd been trilling it over in his mind, trying to make sense of the request, but whenever he tried to make heads or tails of the subject he just felt horrid, like something wasn't right about it.

Prowl slowly made his way onto the bridge where Lockdown was conversing over a commlink. He kept himself to the back near the open hatchway. There was no video so he just stayed quiet and observed. "Yeah ...prettiest two wheeler I ever laid optics on." He heard Lockdown say.

"Lucky mech." The femme's voice rang out softly. "So when can I expect you and your two wheeler?"

"Not sure." Lockdown shrugged as his chair turned minutely to the side. "Coupla days?" He said calmly. "Don't want ta intrude too much. Might not be able to get Prowl to leave, so I'm not sure I want to come at all."

"You won't be intruding darling. I'm always happy to have you and any of your guests here." She said softly. "I'll prepare a landing pad, and make sure your rooms are ready."

"We only need one room love." Lockdown said with a smile on his face. The way he spoke made Prowl feel a twinge of jealousy but he wasn't sure why.

"Very well, we'll see you soon." The female voice broke and the commline was disconnected with an audible click. Lockdown turned around in his chair and stood locking eyes with Prowl.

"Hey." He said calmly.

"You think me pretty?" Prowl said dryly, still visually bristling from what he'd just heard.

Lockdown walked up to him and paused reaching up to touch the cycle's face. "I have always have thought you were pretty." He said calmly his thumb digit running over prowl's cheek. "Hows the legs doing?" He thought enough to change the subject, and Prowl nodded.

"Bearable." Prowl adjusted his hold on his cane and leaned upon it. "I will be able to walk without the assistance soon." he said hoping that truly were the case.

Lockdown smiled. "Good." He said calmly. "You're gonna start working soon."

"Working?" Prowl asked as Lockdown stepped past him. "On what?"

"I need a pilot Prowler, that's you." Lockdown smirked. "Gotta pay for all those repairs you had ta have." He smirked his hand trailing down over Prowl's neck and shoulder as his hook came around the bike's back.

Prowl rolled his optics and looked away. "From the sound of it we're going somewhere?" He decided he might as well ask while the muscle car was in a decent mood.

"Yup." Lockdown smirked and grabbed a few datapad's from the shelf, separating himself from Prowl. "Visit some friends, get some rest." he nodded. "you could use a change of scenery, it'll help you heal I think...some organic life to look at." Lockdown murmured softly.

"Organic life?" Prowl's optics brightened under his optic visor. "What sort of Organic life?"

"All sorts; mostly botanical in nature, Flare said ...but she also said there's some small ...animal life.." Lockdown released the bike and turned making his way back to his chair. "Nothing like the human organics though."

Prowl nodded and was still trying to wrap his helm around the idea that it would actually happen. "Lockdown?" He ventured softly. Reminding himself to tread carefully.

The bounty hunter looked up at him. "Yeah kid?"

"I'd like to discuss the future of the Pod in further detail." Lockdown's face plates lit brightly. "That said however, I promise nothing." he stated with a stoic expression still locked on his faceplates. "But I will give you the ...benefit of the doubt, as you have asked for, and listen to what you may propose." Lockdown opened his mouth to speak but Prowl held up a hand. "That does not mean that my processor will change." He stated calmly. "I just wanted you to know that...but it I would be remiss in my thanks if I just...ignored your request."

Lockdown nodded. "Thanks for the opportunity to try to convince you." He stated. "I know it will be a chore."

"Convincing me of anything is a challenge Lockdown." Prowl smirked softly, and Lockdown noted the smugness of it.

"Nah it isn't" Lockdown placed the datapads from his hands down on the main console. He stood leaving his chair. "Just gotta get you something organic and a way to keep it with you..." he smirked walking forward.

"Please do not make promises you do not intend to keep." Prowl said with a little smile.

"Oh kid I'll keep em." He murmured softly stepping back up to the bike and looking down at him. "Question is...would I ever see you again if I did?"

Prowl's free hand moved to the larger mech's hip and he shook his helm. "Most likely? No." He shrugged. "What can I're not that interesting."

"Not that interesting?" Lockdown had to laugh at that. "I'm more interesting than any old organic anything." He stated. "I'm more interesting than everything."

"That is convoluted." Prowl shook his helm. "And it truely shows your vanity."

"No it isn't...and to the second part yes it kinda does..." Lockdown leaned down lifting the bike up in his arms. "However, it was romantic." He stated.

"I fail to see how it was romantic, and what do you know of Romance?" Prowl didn't protest being lifted, he'd gotten use to it happening. He laid his cane over his legs as they hung over the bounty hunter's arms.

"Plenty." He turned his helm "Autopilot engage."

"Autopilot engaged." The ship droned.

"Come on kid I'll show you romantic." Lockdown threatened and carried him into the back of the ship to their shared quarters. "Let me get to third gear?"

Prowl smirked and laid his helm back on Lockdown's shoulder and closed his optics. "No." He said with a smile.

"Ugh you're difficult." Lockdown shook his helm.

Three days had passed and Prowl sat looking out the main view screen. "It's beautiful." He stated. The planet, mostly green with long running channels of blue, sat before them. "I cannot wait until we reach the surface, I have so many thing to gather, questions to ask." he stated calmly.

"We're" Lockdown showed him the map. "We'll stay for a few days and we'll get back into space. I have a few jobs lined up I think."

"A Bounty?" Prowl asked calmly as they stood and moved to the rear of the ship together. Lockdown was going slowly through the ship at Prowl's pace.

"Something like that kid." he said calmly, but determinedly. Lockdown pressed the button for the ramp, and the rear ramp of the ship began to lower onto the landing pad.

"Well well well." a femme spoke up as soon as the door was open enough for her to view Lockdown.

Lockdown turned meeting optics with a soft purple femme who stood to his left. "Flare." he plastered on a smile. "Been a stars age." He said calmly.

"That it has..." She turned locking gaze with Prowl. "Welcome stranger to the dojo Techja."

Prowl froze. "Techja?" He blinked looking at lockdown. "But ..."

"Lockdown said you were once a student of Springer and that you followed the ways of Metalikato." Flare came up. "He said you needed rest and tranquility."

Prowl gave Lockdown a sideways glance. "Is that what he said?" The bike was less than convinced.

The femme nodded. "That he did darling." She extended her hand. "Come inside the both of you...evening energon is almost prepared."

She turned moving inside a head of them. Prowl took in Lockdown a moment, he was looking up into the trees that surrounded the landing pad. "Thank you." Prowl said calmly. "For everything…" It was hard to admit it, but he was indebted to the muscle car.

Lockdown, pulled from his reverie, met Prowl's gaze. "Of course kid... come on before she yells." He sighed as he motioned the crippled cruiser along.

Lockdown extended his hook in the cycle's direction. Prowl reached out taking the hook and they walked down the ramp together toward the building that would serve as their home for the next few days.

They had shared energon quietly with the Techja dojo. They had been guided around the dojo by Flare and one of her students. Lockdown was doing his best to keep his patience in check. Prowl had limped along for almost two hours looking at this and that. He hadn't stopped in his persistent questions about the planet's rich organic life, and Lockdown was noting his legs were getting stiffer. "Prowl?" He asked calmly.

"I'm fine." The cycle insisted as he moved to some organic flowers to touch their large petals. "I want to see more." He said looking up at Flare.

"You can see all you like." Flare insisted with a smile, though Lockdown shot her a harmless glare.

Prowl smiled. "Thank you." He nodded and turned hobbling to one side to view another flower.

Lockdown shook his helm. "Kid yer legs are getting stiff you've been walking all over. You need a break." He insisted.

Prowl smiled and looked up. "I'm fine." He insisted again.

"You will be here for a few days, perhaps you will meet us for morning meditation." Flare smiled to the black and gold mech. "There will be plenty of time after to explore the grounds."

Prowl nodded slowly. "I would be honored to join you in morning meditation," He nodded. "Though I never finished my own training." He states.

"There will be students as well as masters ...fear not." She said softly and looked at Lockdown.
"You know where your room is. I shall leave you both to your... evening." she bowed to Lockdown. Much to Prowl's shock the large mech bowed back.

"Good night Flare." he said softly. As he rose she nodded her approval and turned away from the pair moving inside a far door of the dojo.

Prowl shifted up moving his cane to the other hand. "I've never seen you with that much respect for anyone." Prowl flinched as Lockdown glared at him. "I meant no disrespect."

Lockdown sighed. "She's..." He shook his head holding out his hand. "Come ...let's get some recharge."

Prowl reached out taking the crook of Lockdown's arm and nodded again. He was fine that the mech hadn't finished his sentace about her, he knew that Lockdown would either tell him when he was ready, or that Flare would let him know about their relationship. "That sounds fantastic."

"Tired?" Lockdown asked as they began walking inside.

"A bit." Prowl stated and pointed to the building with his cane. "She said your often do you come here?"

"A fair bit." Lockdown said calmly. "This is my home." He stated softly almost under a breath, it was difficult to admit.

Prowl blinked. "Your home?" He looked up his visor thinning as he scrutinized the muscle car who stepped with him to the door pulling it back. Prowl stepped inside and they moved down a long corridor to a room in the very back of the dojo.

Lockdown and Prowl stopped in front of a large door. "This is your room?" The cycle looked skeptical as he pitched his visor around.

Lockdown nodded and pressed the door open and waited for the Bike to stroll inside. "It's a bit larger than my room on the ship."

Prowl blinked looking back. "Your room?" he asked distrustfully. "What do you mean your room?" He was sure this was some kind of terrible joke.

Lockdown nodded. "Yup room." He smirked pulling the door closed. He motioned Prowl ahead.

Prowl turned and looked at the berth in the middle of the room and near froze. "That is..."

"A berth fit for a Prime." Lockdown nodded. "Yup." He smirked. "Wanna hit the wash rack with me or do you just want to lay down?"

Prowl looked down at himself. "I'd prefer to be clean first." he murmured. Lockdown lifted him up in his arms and motioned to the berth.

"Toss your stick down."

Prowl sighed and lifted his cane over his body. Lockdown knelt slightly to allow Prowl to place the walking aid on the berth. Prowl shifted back up wrapping his arms around the bounty hunter's neck weakly. "You're exhausted." Lockdown sighed.

"Wash racks please." Prowl insisted.

Lockdown caved, as he always did and shuffled to the side of the room that held the large wash rack. "You could fit three mechs in here...five if they were my size." Prowl blinked.

"Yeah I like a lot of room ta stretch out." Lockdown said calmly and lowered prowl to the intricately tiled flooring. "Got it?"

Prowl put his hands on the wall for support and nodded. "I can stand yes." he stated waiting.

Lockdown turned away from him to a cabinet and grabbed out two large chamois and a few dry cloths. He set the large fluffy cloths on a side table and then walked back to Prowl putting one of the chamois down in his hand.

Lockdown turned the nozzle and waited. "Gonna make sure it's extra warm." he nodded. "I know how cold you get ...small frame." he gouged.

Prowl for his honor said nothing but stood looking down at the cloth in his hands, his mind wandered, he thought about Optimus, and the others, he considered the Pod on the ship. He could teach the little one so much, train him to be the best fighter and critical thinker there was.

Shaking his head he chastised himself internally for even considering Lockdown's proposal. Then again isn't that what he had told the mech in front of him? That he'd consider it?

Prowl looked up and met Lockdown's soft gaze. "S'warmed up for ya." Lockdown knew, and Prowl would never admit, that the cycle liked the water, and tended to horde it for himself.

Even though this space was large, the two mechs pressed together as if there was no space to spare. Prowl groaned as the liquid, it wasn't water, washed over him. Running over aching plates the cruiser closed his optics and basked as Lockdown kept him from collapsing.

Lockdown couldn't help his smile, though it came as a smirk. He grabbed a chamois and put it under the spray before placing it under a cleaning agent dispenser. He held Prowl with his hooked arm and then began to rub the cloth over the bike's plates. "Oh ..." Prowl groaned. "Feels nice." He uttered.

"Should." Lockdown smiled. "Forgot how nicely your armor shines when it's clean." He smirked running the rag over the bike's hip and across his lower back strut.

Prowl let out a soft groan again. "Well you are the one who ordered..." He moaned as the rag moved over his upper back. "The high gloss paint job." he murmured but it fell into relaxed groans.

It brought an easy smile to the muscle car's face. "That. I. Did." he said very proud of the fact.

The wash-rack grew more quiet. As Lockdown cleaned the cycle, and as the cycle basked in the attention the muscle car afforded him at this moment.

Lockdown's hand paused as Prowl's hand's fell over his torso coming closer. The bike pressed up on his pedes as the muscle car came down the first kiss chaste. Their kisses almost always were. One kiss, lead to another, and then another; deeper, stronger, and more forceful kisses followed. Edged on by a revving of Prowl's engine; Lockdown lifted Prowl up and pressed him into the wash rack wall. Prowl wrapped his weak legs around the car's hips and bucked gently. He's been repaired for mere weeks now, and he still wasn't very strong yet. Prowl moaned as the Muscle car's engine revved. "Primus kid..." Lockdown gasped out the words and bucked slightly into the other mech.

Prowl's engine whined of it's own accord as Lockdown began to suck on the sensitive neck cables that lined the bike's neck. "Moan for me." He muttered against the bike's neck cables. He rubbed at the cycle's hips. "Let me at least get to third gear." He pleaded. It was the first time he'd made the statement, or even question about how far they would go. Their frequent 'make out sessions' as sari once called such things on earth, barely lead anywhere but them arguing.

"Perhaps." Prowl moaned, he'd long since given up trying to keep his composure.

"Awe kid...come on."

"One condition." Prowl locked optics with the larger mech.

Lockdown met his gaze willingly. "Name yer price." He stated.

Prowl leaned forward kissing him forcefully. "We do it in a berth." He breathed against the muscle car. "And if you scratch or dent me I swear to Primus."

"Never going to happen kid." Lockdown let the bike down slowly to his pedes. "Lets get this soap off you." he said calmly.

"And you." Prowl said reaching out to rub the frothed up foam off the muscle car's front.

Lockdown nodded and grabbed a sprayer hose still holding the bike close to him. He moved the spray over himself and the bike in his arms. "I won't hurt you..." Lockdown said replacing the sprayer and turning off the water. "you know that right?"

Prowl nodded. "Yes." He uttered softly. "I am well aware."

Lockdown lifted the cycle up in his arms and smiled at him. "You look absolutely ..." his words trailed off and he kissed the bike in his arms. They moaned against one another. "Berth?"

"Berth." Prowl nodded softly his hands clutching at Lockdown's helm, pulling closer for another kiss. The muscle car returned it softly but broke it moving into the next room. "We're all wet still." Prowl said softly.

"Don't care." Lockdown stated with something akin to urgency, as he laid the cycle out on the berth. "I ….don't care." He shook his head.

Prowl for his merit pulled himself backward with his arms on the berth laying back. "Lockdown?" He questioned on the cusp of a whisper.

Lockdown pressed a knee onto the berth and crawled atop him. "Yeah kid?" He asked softly.

"I've ….I ..." Prowl lost his vocals.

"I know I did yer scans myself." Lockdown locked their lips together. "I'll gentle." He said softly. "As I can..."

"Are you coherent enough to do so?" Prowl asked as they kissed again. Prowl shifted his hip armor and the plates fell off his body. Lockdown grabbed them in the middle of a kiss and pushed them off the berth. Prowl's cane that had been placed on the berth when they went to the wash-racks clattered to the floor.

"Yes." Lockdown kissed the cycle softly, as he lifted the large helm piece off the lither mech. He took his time touching and evoking the noises he was addicted to, as he continued to pull the modified armor off the samurai.

Prowl looked more like his old self and below the helm the bright golden chevron reflected the golden light around them. Lockdown's vent hitched and he put his hand underneith the cycle's helm and drew him up and kissed him softly for a long drawn out while. "I …."

Prowl put a hand over the muscle car's lips and there was the audible click of his interface array panel cover opening. Prowl nodded to him but kept the silence.

Lockdown's panel opened with another audible click and he pet his hand over prowl's helm. His other arm lay supporting him on the fore of his arm, his hook lay on the berth beside the samurai's bare helm. Lockdown considered warning the bike, telling him of the hurt, and also the joy of this. There was something in him that wanted to protect him from the pain, however there was no accounting for it now.

Lockdown looked down as their spikes pressurized, and he closed his optics trying to steel himself. Continuing to support himself on his hooked arm, Lockdow grasped their spikes and began to stroke them. Prowl's engine whined harder and their helms pressed together.

"Lockdown." Prowl nodded slowly. "I it." he said calmly.

Lockdown shook his helm against the smaller mechs and released their spikes, leaning back slightly he angled his hips down as Prowl angled up, and he found the valve. He would have to enter, break the inner valve seal, and that's what he feared the most; the pain it would cause.

Aligning himself Lockdown pressed. "I'm so sorry Prowl." He showed his neck to the bike. "Bite down ..." he said softly.

Prowl hesitated but Lockdown pressed closer, so the cycle, against his better judgement opened his mouth to the warm neck cables.

As soon as Lockdown felt Prowl's mouth on him he pushed into the mech, breaking the inner valve seal. A Rush of Energon followed and Prowl howled against his neck biting hard. Lockdown sealed his optics and tried to keep silent from the pain of being bitten, but they would share the painful experience. An even payment.

Lockdown came out of his haze and began to move. "Hurts." Prowl uttered.

"Have ta move." Lockdown said kissing his face. Kissing away the energon that streamed from the bike's optics. "Have ta kill the sensor nodes for the seal .." He said and began to roll his hips against the smaller mech. He grabbed at Prowl's spike, it was awkward, but he was able to keep pace and stroke the smaller mech's spike.

Lockdown was glad his spike was still pressurized, that meant he was still feeling the pain, but at least he was still feeling the pleasure of it too. "Lockdown..." Prowl gasped.

A main line from lockdown's torso snaked out to Prowl and latched onto an open port. "Data transfer..." Lockdown moaned as he rolled his hips in and out. "Gonna make you overload." He stated. "Gonna make you peak." he said between grunts and growls of pleasure.

Prowl felt the connection and soon his optics widened. There were a few cascading data packets that came down and he felt them heat as they rolled back. The information looped between their bodies, coping and filling in the limited memory space they were looping between. Soon the data would overtake the storage they were forcing, soon it would burst and they would overload.

Prowl bucked up into Lockdown's hand which caused Lockdown's own spike, that was burried in the bike to bend slightly. Lockdown groaned and kept pumping. "Close." he muttered gruffly.

"Very." Prowl gasped. "Please..." He felt the tension rising, and though the sensations were new; part of him knew what was coming.

"Let it go..." Lockdown murmured leaning down catching the bike's lips in his own. Prowl gasped as the energon continued to flow from his optics and he felt the breaking of the data.

Prowl let out a horse cry as the data cascaded over his processor like a wash, the loop they had made was now cycling through their primary systems, and it caused both mechs to reach their peak.

Lockdown grunted as he pumped into the smaller mech with much more force than he had intended. Prowl wasn't paying him or his actions much heed. The bike was basking in the feeling of his processor; until his spike began to spurt transfluid and his valve began to ripple. He bucked up involuntarily against the muscle car and gasped. "Lockdown." He gasped more his vents hitching.

"Breathe." Lockdown said gasping for air himself as he drew back out of the bike's valve. Looking down he noted the extra energon flowing out, and a few tears along the valve entrance. "Did I hurt ya?" he asked leaning down pressing his helm to the bike's.

"A bit." Prowl nodded but Lockdown knew it was more than a bit, the energon was still streaming out his optics. "They say it hurts less next time."

"Won't hurt at all next time." Lockdown kissed his lips twice before putting his hand against Prowl's chassis. "Primus..." he was still struggling to get air into his manifold. "wow..." he shook his helm.

"How long as it been for you?" Prowl asked touching the muscle car's face.

"Too long." Lockdown said kissing the bike passionately.

As they parted Prowl blinked and looked down. "I can't feel my legs or pedes." He admitted. "Thought maybe the feeling would come back but I've been numb since overload."

Lockdown shook his helm and cursed himself. "Slag….must have torqued a nerve line." He slid back and let his interface panel cover slide back into place; Prowl did the same. He shook his helm and frowned. "Sorry kid, I should have waited." He took a leg and began to stretch it out and move it slowly working to get the joints and nerve sensors going again. "Anything?"

"No." The bike frowned. "I still cannot feel my legs or pedes." He admitted weakly. He was looking coherency quickly.

Lockdown sighed softly. "Yer exhausted kid." He shook his helm and lowered Prowl's legs to the berth. "Let me get a cloth…clean ya up….and you can recharge ok?"

Prowl nodded slowly. "Okay." He murmured, but before Lockdown could get off the berth; Prowl's overtaxed systems faded his optics dimly and he fell into recharge. Lockdown leaned in and kissed Prowl's helm. "I was right. Yer bad for business." He laughed at himself slightly before he moved to the wash-rack again.