Devils' Own

Echizen Ryoma x Fuji Syuusuke x Yukimura Seiichi


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Chapter 9

"Mine!" vs "Ours!"

The walk back from the onsen was awkward, thrilling, and oh-so-very satisfying. The "cat ate the canary" smile on his face was beyond Ryoma's ability to hide. Thankfully the 3 A.M. sky hid it for him.

Sanada glanced back and swallowed his smirk along with his own thrill and satisfaction. His stoic nature made it much easier for him to hide his thoughts. He could imagine what was going on inside that clever head of the smaller man. Knowing Ryoma, it wasn't hard to guess, and he was fine with that. Their mutual secret set a small corner of his heart on fire. A small but steadily burning candle in the vast hunk of darkness that Yukimura held in possession.

Ryoma watched Sanada's back as they descended the mountainside. The silence hung around them but he felt no need to break it. He knew he didn't have to ask his companion to keep their liaison a secret. Sanada would be in just as much trouble if Ryoma's other lovers found out, especially if Yukimura found out. But, still, just the memory of having one-upped the two sadistic men in his life with Sanada made him tingle all over again with dark rebellious sparks. "Take that!" he mentally crowed.

He was so preoccupied with his musings he found himself slamming into Sanada's chest. He was even more surprised when his lips were taken hostage. But then the surprise melted away and he melted with it. His heart and soul may be lost to Fuji and Yukimura, but Sanada was unbelievably skillful. And his body remembered what Sanada was so skillful at. When his lips were free again he felt bereft. But he said nothing as the other man turned and walked away in a different direction.

Ryoma shook his head clear and realized he was already back at the building. He smirked as he opened the door. Sanada had walked Ryoma back to his side of the establishment and only then did he take his leave to where the Rikkaidai were resting. Still amused by Sanada's protective streak, he silently sneaked back to his room. His footfalls were soundless and not even his clothing betrayed his presence as he walked by Fuji's door. A desire to peek behind the closed door caught him but he shook it off. Right now would probably be too dangerous for such a thing. He didn't want his prank to bite him in the ass so soon.

He stepped up to his door with his key in hand and he sighed in relief as soon as the door opened enough for him to slip inside. He leaned his back against the wooden panel and nearly whimpered once the door clicked shut, locked. He stood there with his eyes closed and his head down as he soaked in the quiet of his dark room. The triumph coursing through his body made him giddy. Still using the door to brace himself he kicked off his shoes in the hallway by his closet and pulled out a pair of silk lounge pants. He walked the few steps it took to the door of the bathroom, still weak-kneed. He giggled a silent thanks to the layout of his room. The bathroom was still in the confines of the hallway and he could use the walls to guide him to the door in the dark.

Once inside he turned on the shower as hot as he could stand and undressed. He tossed his clothes into the hamper as his daughter had ordered of him. She was determined to launder his clothes for him before he left. Smiling at her need to take care of him in her own way, he stepped into the hot spray of the water. Safe inside his own room, under the falling water, he let go of all of his tension. Tonight was all over, all he had left was to crawl into bed and sleep. Turning off the water, he toweled himself dry so he could follow through with the last part of his plan. He draped the towel around his neck and stared at the pants he brought in with him. Deciding he was too tired to bother with putting it on, he walked by it and opened the door. The cool air brushed up against his warmed body and sent a chill to shiver through him. He stood there for a second to let his body adjust when a sound caught his ear.

Curious about the source of the sound, he stepped free from the hallway and into the bedroom. The TV flickered and showed the two men he loved doing something he didn't quite understand. He frowned at the scene Alyssa recorded for him and tried to make sense of it before giving up. He shook his head and turned on the light to the bedroom. His stomach hit the floor.

"Hello, Ryoma," called the man lying on his bed.

Ryoma took a step back and stuttered a reply. "S..Seiichi," he hissed in shock.

Yukimura curled one leg free of the robe he loosely wore over his naked body. He smiled as Ryoma swallowed audibly at his exposed flesh.

Ryoma kept backing away from his bed. He retreated into the hallway and was stopped abruptly. Hands closed over his hips and anchored him to the hard body behind him. His heart pounded in his throat.

Fuji leaned over his beloved until his face was even with Ryoma's. "Okaeri, Ryo-chan," he whispered evilly.

"Fuji!" Ryoma chirped in surprise. "Oh, shit! They're both here!" he exclaimed in his mind. "I'm so fucked..." he thought. He watched with wide eyes as Seiichi slid across the bed, letting the robe open as much as it wanted, and made his way over to where he and Fuji were standing. Seeing the dark, possessive look in the lavender-haired man's eyes, he added, "Literally."

Yukimura's lips curled gleefully. He stepped up until only a hand span separated him and his golden-eyed prize. He cupped that delicate jawline and drowned in those eyes. "Syuusuke and I were...talking...while you were gone."

Fuji laid a light kiss on Ryoma's neck and continued where Seiichi left off. "And we've come to a decision."

Yukimura place a soft kiss on Ryoma's lips before letting him go. He trailed his hand down the man's slender neck and further down his chest. He watched as muscles twitched under his caress in awareness. "Instead of trying to make you mine," he whispered.

Fuji tilted Ryoma's dark head back and laid his own kiss on those tempting lips. "Or mine," he continued.

Yukimura closed the distance between them and sealed all three of them together. "We're going to make you OURS," he finished.

Ryoma's heart fluttered and his throat dried. His mind was frozen. This couldn't be happening. This was too good, too scary, too intoxicatingly dangerous to be true. But he wanted it, oh, did he want it anyway. For tonight, for forever. But he did still have his pride. He brought up has hand and flicked Seiichi's aside. "Be that as it may, but I refuse to play bottom for you any time soon. You both are too rough, it hurts!"

Yukimura and Fuji laughed. Yukimura caught the hand that carelessly rejected his touch. "Oh, Ryoma, do you really think you could top either of us? Have you seen the video your daughter recorded? Besides, we've already decided which part of you we're claiming tonight." His hand reached down and grasped Ryoma's saluting erection. "And it seems you've decided you want this."

Ryoma snorted but kept his eyes defiantly glaring into violet ones. "Is that so? So who gets what part of me tonight?" he scoffed.

Yukimura grabbed hold of Ryoma's jaw again, this time his hand was steely. His thumb pressed against Ryoma's lips until he opened his mouth. He curled his thumb until he held the stubborn jaw firmly in his grasp. He leaned into Ryoma's open mouth, laying first a kiss on his upper lip and then the lower one. "Tonight, I take your mouth."

Fuji feathered his lips against the spot where shoulder meets neck before sinking his teeth there. He bit down just enough to leave a mark, just enough to feel Ryoma's body begin to quiver. He pulled the smaller body against his own erection, freed from his own loosely tied robe. He rubbed himself along the cleft of Ryoma's buttocks. "And tonight, I claim your cute little butt, Ryo-chan."

The way they were touching him, the way they so darkly spoke to him, seduced him. His mind swam and he didn't fight for control. He no longer wanted to fight the currents of their possession. Ryoma shivered between them. And let them do as they would.

His body was led to his bed. His face held in Seiichi's hands, their mouths pressed together. He was plundered deeply, his lips assaulted, his tongue captured. He was drunken in, and he drank in his lover's taste, his passion, his need, pulled them into himself until he was inebriated.

Fuji pulled Ryoma's head back and took his turn ravishing his love's mouth. He sealed them back to chest until there was no space for air. One hand caressed along the smooth skin. He touched everywhere, everything, his hands hungry for any piece of Ryoma's sun-kissed skin. He trailed his hand down the taut stomach until he touched the head of the man's penis. He took it firmly in his fist and was rewarded by the sudden arch of Ryoma's body. He stroked it once gently to send the man in his arms shivering, and then again roughly to send him writhing. He ate at the sounds that would pass though Ryoma's mouth and he thrust himself to glide between his lover's open legs, tantalizing both of them. When Seiichi was settled and ready for them, he released his hostage. He gave Ryoma a shove forward and growled as the smaller man fell across the bed with his butt hanging off the edge. He made another predatory sound and set to marking his beloved.

Yukimura freed himself of his robe and grabbed his quivering flesh in response to the show of his two lovers. He stroked himself once and nearly cried out when Ryoma turned his face to him on the bed between his legs. The golden gaze was unfocused and heavy lidded. The desire deep in those eyes made it impossible to keep touching himself. Those kiss swollen lips begged to be ravished with something more substantial than a tongue. With a ragged sigh, he pulled Ryoma closer to his rigid member.

Ryoma didn't think. He opened his mouth immediately and swallowed the tip of Seiichi's excitement. He closed his lips around the velvet head and moaned. He wanted this for so long. He dreamed of the texture, the taste, the smell for years now. And to finally have it, it was his undoing. Finally, they were both with him at the same time. They were going to take him together, and he could wait no longer. He laid his stomach flat on the bed, his hips and legs falling open, his erection pressed against the side of the mattress. He closed both hands over Seiichi's hips and pulled him forcefully under his mouth. He wiggled his ass and arched his back in a restless invitation to the man who claimed he would take him.

Ryoma's heart thrilled and his blood sang beneath his skin when Seiichi's hand buried in his hair and his hips thrust into his mouth. Tired of waiting for Fuji any longer, he let go of his prize with a parting kiss and turned to face the blue-eyed man. Ryoma didn't hesitate. He plunged himself down on Fuji's saluting member. He curled his tongue and made the iron hard shaft as wet as possible before letting go. He looked up into wild eyes and smirked. "Now, make yourself useful, Syuusuke," he purred. He licked his lips and arched a playful eyebrow at Fuji's swift intake of breath before he repositioned himself between the two men he'd lost himself to.

It wasn't long after he fluttered his tongue around Seiichi's shaft when Fuji spread his cheeks and pushed against his puckered opening. He pressed a wet kiss against the base of the erection in his hand and moaned at the feel of himself stretching tight around Fuji's invading body.

Yukimura hitched his hips and nudged Ryoma's lips in reminder of his duty. He tangled his hand in the dark hair that was barely long enough to grasp. The view made him thankful he'd taken the time to mound the pillows he arranged at his back. From his position he could watch as Ryoma's head dipping up and down as his pert mouth played magic on his body. And beyond that he watched as his new lover indulge himself in the feel of Ryoma's tight ass. He locked eyes with the once Seigaku tensai, now HIS tensai and felt himself drown in shockingly blue eyes. He followed those eyes as they dropped down to watch their little love's body swallow Fuji's engorged member over and over again. Unable to take anymore of the sensations of Ryoma's throat, nor the sight of Fuji disappearing into the other man, Yukimura threw his head back against the pillows and let his body drown in it all.

Fuji would have laughed sadistically if he had the breath for it. He knew what he was doing to his lover, both of his lovers. The spot he was pressing his shaft against inside Ryoma was driving him wild. The twitch of the muscles encasing him was proof of that. But he also knew that in his excitement, Ryoma could swallow more, his gag reflex becoming almost non-existent. He could see what that was doing to Seiichi. He watched them, refusing to give up this sight for even a moment until it was beyond his control. Until that moment, he wanted to drink it all in. He wanted it to be engraved into his mind for eternity. This night, their first night together, the first night Ryoma ever said his name. This was a night to be remembered and celebrated.

Ryoma couldn't take it any more. The feel of Fuji pounding into him, into that one blinding spot was unraveling him. Every thrust pushed his hips hard against the mattress. His flaming erection gliding along the silk bedspread licked him farther up the cliff Fuji had him climbing. The sensation of Seiichi rubbing against his tongue, the roof of his mouth, down his throat coiled him tighter and tighter. The two of them shoving themselves into him over and over again, harder and faster, unrelenting, domineering, was suddenly too much. Within the space of a heart beat, the moment Fuji slid home again and Seiichi sheathed in his throat, Ryoma fell off the precipice and splintered. He came screaming his pleasure around Seiichi's shaft and felt the man let go of his control as well as his member spasmed against his tongue. He convulsed again and again as Fuji's body pressed him tighter against the bed, his own release flooding inside Ryoma.

Ryoma swallowed the last drops of Seiichi's seeds and let him go. Slowly, they all relearned how to breathe and regained control of their extremities.

An hour later, after they finished cleaning up and drying off, all three of them were tucked beneath the covers. Ryoma laid on his back between them, relaxing into his pillow. He smiled drowsily up at them both. He pressed one hand up against each of their faces where they leaned over him. "I love you. Both of you," he said earnestly. He looked at each man in turn. "Syuusuke, you are my heart just as Seiichi is my soul. I need you both in my life. Please, don't make me choose, because I can't."

Yukimura smiled down at the black-green haired man. His expression more tender than even he knew possible. "You don't have to, Ryoma. I love you, we love you, and Syuusuke and I are learning we like each other a little too much, too. We'll work it out."

Ryoma's eyes filled with tears he couldn't suppress. He brought both of their hands down and pressed them to his face. He kissed each palm in turn. He looked into Fuji's deep blue eyes and told him honestly, "I love you, Syuusuke."

Fuji smiled down at the man he loved. " I love you, too, Ryoma." He leaned down to place a quick kiss on those soft lips before continuing, "But I still want to know why you've never said my name until now."

Ryoma's lips curved mischievously even though his eyelids dropped further from exhaustion. "Just to get a rise out of you, Shoe-chan."

Fuji chuckled and bit Ryoma's thumb. "I told you what would happen if you kept calling me that, Ryo-chan," he warned playfully.

Yukimura chose that moment to break into their fun exchange. He leaned over and nipped Fuji's ear. When he got the man's attention, he stole a quick but thorough kiss. With their lips still just a breath apart, he said, "Syuusuke, I've been meaning to say, weren't you a little too bold giving Ryoma his love bite necklace? It makes me want to give you one, too."

Fuji glanced down at the dark marks around Ryoma's neck and frowned. "I was going to say the same to you, Seiichi. I thought you did it."

Ryoma's eyes snapped open and all the webs of sleepiness clinging to him were burned in an instant by two darkly possessive, inquiring eyes. One pair stormy violet, the other raging blue. Only one thought crept through his mind... "Oh, shit."

- End -

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