I think I love you

Ryan's POV

Ryan.., Ryan.., Ryan!

That's what I've been hearing, someone's voice every night it keeps repeats it itself. I can barely sleep and when I sleep it's only nightmares. I'll wake up screaming. It's the same dream over and over again sometimes I don't want to go to sleep. The voice I hear is someone very scared like they can't breathe you know what I mean.

The dream I keep having is me and Sarah ride down the road were

Laughing and talking then

Boom! Something hits us dead on I wake up and Sarah is lying

Beside me in the divers sit and I thought it was my blood all

Over the place but it wasn't my

Blood it was Sarah's I look down at

Where the blood is coming from, she had

A big piece of medal in her chest. She was staring at me with

No Life in her at all then I wake up to my

Moms coming up the stairs I hate get up for school

I just lied there waiting for my mom to come in and say wake up

Ryan and I'll put my just put my pillow over my head. But she

Didn't I sit up and listen for her to come hum hears

The bus. How long did I sleep for and there's a big test ok I'm

In trouble

Wonder if Sarah is riding the bus or driving. I hope she is

Riding the bus. So I got to see what's going on, I got up to open my door then my cell phone goes off I jump back on my bed Soon I realized it was my phone so I answers it. It was Sarah I could hear her slowly breathing like shed been run up hills all night long. Sarah are you ok Sarah... Ryan I can't breathe What where are you Sarah... I couldn't move I couldn't talk or scream I just sat there I could hear someone coming to my door I thought it was my mom when my door open it echo in my phone Sarah is that you I go to walk and something grabs my legs I yelled out and fell to the ground right in front of Sarah's body