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Well the Chad parts were, wait last comment, not enough Chad! He appeared for like 2 minutes in total! But he got the ending again! I hope the rest of the endings are all Chad's. :D

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I was sprawled across the floor on my belly, underneath me was a huge piece of white paper, I had been doodling for hours.

I had drawn several random things, as I was pouring out my imagination. I had drawn a gnome with baby gnomes, a duck driving a car, and just a bunch of swirly loops that never end.

I grabbed another colored crayon and continued with my seemingly endless, doodles.

Suddenly a voice interrupted my thought. "Whatcha doin Munroe"?

I looked towards the doorway and glared at a certain three named jerk, "Chad," I spoke, I really didn't wanna argue with him, I was sore from lying on the ground so long, and I was bored from the mindless drawings.

I slowly sat myself up and faced him, "What do you think?" I asked allowing him to view my fine piece of art.

He looked at me weirdly before his eyes settled down on my gigantic piece of paper. "Wow, this is sure something." He faked. I lightly slapped his arm.

"Why are you even here?" I asked him, after resuming back to by doodling. "I was bored." Was his reply.

I looked back up and him and held up a blue crayon, "Draw with me." I stated, he looked at me, for a second with a look that said 'are you serious'

But I kept on a solemn expression, until he finally, kicked off his shoes, and lay down on the paper with me. (Yah that's just how big the paper was)

"What's this?" he asked pointing to one of my drawings. "Don't ask, just draw!" I informed him; he rolled his eyes before following suite. After a while I reached out for the green crayon, only to have Chad glaring at me.

"I need the green one!" He said immaturely, I looked at him, was he serious? "Chad ladies first." I notified. "Ladies first," he mocked "Well your not a lady," he joked.

Nether less, I slapped his shoulder lightly. "Give me the green one." He said calmly, "What?" I asked, "Give me the green crayon." He said again. I shook my head slowly.

"Give me!" he reasoned trying to grab it from me. I quickly moved out of his grasp. By now we were tumbling on the ground, rolling around everywhere trying to grab the green crayon.

Just then Tawni decided to open the door. The whole room froze. "I um sorry to interrupt this um…bye!" with that she quickly strut her way out the dressing room.

Me and Chad turned to look at each other, we immediately jumped, apart. Not before hearing a horrible snapping sound. I looked to the ground to see the green crayon broken in 2.

I gasped those crayons were new! Chad however calmly handed me one half of the crayon and took the other in his hand.

He was lucky he was cute. We quickly made our way back to the piece of paper. I looked at what he was drawing. "A tree, you needed green to draw a stupid tree."

He shrugged and leaned over to look at mine, "A heart? What kind of heart is green?" he argued, "It's called a border line!" I snapped.

We both groaned and went back to drawing. Soon I set the broken green crayon down and picked up a yellow one, that's when I heard a gasp.

"I wanted the yellow one!"

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