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Naruko VS Class 3-A: ReMiX

Episode One: Undercover Mission… START!!!

A 16-year-old blond boy walked up to one of the tents. The Shinobi there greeted him with respect. Well, who doesn't? He just saved a whole village from an unbeatable villain, known as Pein, the Leader of the Akatsuki. Ever since he came back from Myoobokuzan, he saved the village form Pein, tracked down the real Pein, known as Nagato, "killed" him, and saved the whole village.

Guess that earns him a plus one and one step closer to reaching his goal.

Anyway, back to the main story.

One of the Shinobis saluted and said, "Naruto-san! What brings you here today!?"

Uzumaki Naruto groaned. "Please! Enough with the –san suffix!! Just call me Naruto! And Tsunade-baa-chan called me here."

The Shinobi nodded. "Very well then Naruto-san!! Please enter here!"

Naruto groaned even more as he walked through the tent's flaps. He entered to see a blonde woman, around her twenty's. Naruto gave a mock salute. "Tsunade-baa-chan! You call-… BUGAAAAH!!!!!"

Tsunade twitched an eye brow as she threw a sake bottle at Naruto.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!?"

Naruto pointed a finger up into the air. "At least, 247 times, Tsunade-baa-chan…"



"… 248…"

(Later, and cleaning of blood)

"Well, what do you want me to do, Tsunade-baa-cha-…" Naruto caught himself before he could say anymore. Tsunade nodded. "Yes, in fact, I have a mission for you."

"EH!? B-but, shouldn't I stay here!? I mean, we still need to repair Konoha and there might still be the Akatsuki out there!! Surely I told you about the Akatsuki's mastermind!!"

Tsunade groaned. This is the part that she hates about Naruto, his Back-Talk attitude.

She lifted a scroll. "I know, but we don't have much of a choice, we need money to rebuild Konoha, and even though we have Yamato to do that, even he can't construct that many woods at one time."

Naruto groaned, knowing that she was right. "Alright, fine, give me the damn mission."

Tsunade handed to the mission to Naruto, who looked through the scroll, only to stop, look up with a dumb looking face and stutter. "B-but, th-this mission…"

Tsunade nodded.

-Mission Type: Protection and Guard

-Mission Rank: A, possibly S

-Mission Description: you are to guard a school, Mahora Academy, located in Japan, during a festival that will take place in the next few days. While this is a protection and guarding mission, it is also an undercover mission, requiring you to pose as a girl. You may whatever means to pose as one. You are not allowed to let anyone know who or what you are. The Headmaster, namely Konoe Konoemon, will fill in the details later on. Thank you for your assistance.

-Signed, Takahata Takamichi

-Recommendation by Godaime no Hokage, Tsunade: E-Rank Jutsu, Oiroke no Jutsu is allowed to pose as a girl-

Then, hell broke loose. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.

"You want ME to use Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu) and enter an All-Girls' School!?"

Tsunade nodded.

Hell broke loose, again…

"Why do I have to go!? I'm a boy!! Wouldn't it make more sense if a girl goes!!??"

Tsunade sighed. "Yes, I know that…"

"Then why do I have to go!!??"

Tsunade looked at Naruto. "That is because this mission requires a girl of at least 13 to 16, and since all of our Kunoichi's who are around that age are gone on missions, you're the only one left…"

Naruto stared at Tsunade as if she grew another head. "You know that others will find this really awkward and weird, right, Tsunade-baa-chan…?"


Next thing he knew, Naruto was on the ground, bleeding. "Wh-what was that for?"

Tsunade shrugged. "I don't know I just felt like hitting you…"


Naruto stood up. Tsunade took this to continue. "The only reason I'm asking you to do this is because of two things. You are the only male Shinobi out there who has to guts to use Henge no Jutsu and transform into a female," She said, emphasizing the two genders.

Naruto sighed.

"The other reason is because this mission also requires protection. And we all know how protecting you can be, especially your 'precious' people."

Naruto nodded.

Tsunade continued. "Also, I'm the Hokage, so you have to do everything I tell you to. Sure you saved me from comatose, but rank beats that got it?"

Naruto sighed. Suuuuure, he did save Tsunade from going comatose by using that same jutsu he used on himself countless times before to save himself from dying. By combining his chakra with the Kyuubi no Youko's chakra, and mold it into a completely new healing chakra that can heal everything. Then again, it wasn't tested much on everything, so they don't know its fullest capability. But then, after he learned the way of the Sage, it became much easier by combining his chakra, the Kyuubi's chakra and nature chakra; and then mold all three into a stronger healing chakra.

Naruto sighed again, taking a stance. "Alright, so when do I leave and how long is it?"

Tsunade nodded. "You leave tomorrow, and the mission is about week or so, so don't worry, you'll be back before you know it!"

Naruto groaned. "Sure, after all, I am going to go to a place that's a lot like Ero-Sennin's books… Kami please don't let me die…"


Naruto sighed as he stood in front of the gates that lead to Konoha. He turned to see his teammates and Tsunade behind him. He sighed as Sakura walked up to him.


He froze as Sakura hugged him, tightly. He blushed as he felt Sakura's breasts touch his chest. "Sa-…"

"Don't… just… don't say anything…"

Naruto looked at her. "Just promise me that you'll be safe…"

Naruto smiled before hugging her back. "Sure, I promise…"

Sakura sniffed as she let go.

"Um… Naruto?"


"You can let go now…"

"AH!!! S-sorry Sakura-chan!!"

Kakashi chuckled as he limped towards Naruto. He gave him a small box. Naruto raised a brow. "Your father asked me to give this to you should you reach an age good enough for maturity."

Naruto felt himself tearing up as he took the box. "Heh, you better be careful next time Kakashi-sensei! Cause next time, I won't be able to rescue you!!"

Kakashi let his eye turn into an upside-down U. "Sure…"

Tsunade then reached over to Naruto to flick him. Naruto flinched, but instead was pulled into an embrace. "Take care Naruto…"

Naruto grinned. "Since when was I never careful?"

Both Kakashi and Sakura coughed, resulting Naruto to glaring at them.

Suddenly, a blinding light took over them as a middle-aged man walked over. The group uncovered their eyes to see the man. He wore a white suit and wore rectangular glasses. His hair just started to become gray over age. He also has a slight beard.

Naruto blinked. "Uh… and you are?"


"OW!!! Sakura-chan…"

"Baka, show some respect!"

The man chuckled. "Don't worry about it. My name is Takahata Takamichi; I am looking for the Shinobi that you chose for the mission?"

Naruto saluted mockingly. "Ossu! Right here Takahata-san!!"

Takamichi nodded. "Very well, shall we?"

Naruto blinked as Takamichi took hold of his shoulders and in another blinding light, they were gone.

Kakashi, Yamato and Sakura gawked at the show while Sai, well... Sai just stood there with no emotions showing, again. Tsunade only sighed. "Takamichi, who knew that he would be such a show off...?"

Shizune only chuckled lightly in agreement.





Naruto, now on his ass, looked around. Everywhere he looked, it was decorated by wooden wall and pictures and shelves. He looked behind him to see a wooden, double door. He looked in front of him to see what looks like a desk and a leathered chair, plus a huge window. "Kinda like the Hokage's office… but not big enough…. I think…"

He was about to say something when the chair in front of him turned around, revealing a really old man with a long white beard and HUGE eye brows! "Whoa!! Bushy-Brows and Mega-Bushy-Brows are nothing compared to this old man's!!!"

But due to his nature, he will reply the same way he usually does to old people. Taking up a mocking salute, he shouts, "Yo!! You called old man!?"

The man chuckled, obviously liking the lack of formalities. "Ohohoho, oh yes, yes. I have been expecting you, Shinobi-san…"

Naruto grinned.

The man then noticed something. "Ah… shouldn't you be a girl?"

Naruto face faulted while Takamichi sweat-dropped. "Ah, right. I forgot to mention, all the Kunoichis are busy, so I'm the only one who can take the mission… Uzumaki Naruto, by the way…"

The old man nodded. "Konoe Konoemon and why are you the only one who can take this mission?"

Naruto only stood straight, held out his hands and clasped the together with two fingers from both hands pointing up, shaping the Hitsuji (Ram) Seal. "Oiroke no Jutsu!!"


Takamichi raised a brow while Konoe chuckled. In Naruto's place was a female, age 14-16 (I don't know…), has a pretty fair body (think Chizuru, if not a little lower or higher...). She has long blond hair tied into two ponytails and still has those whisker-like markings on each side of her cheeks. She has bright blue eyes. She winked as she held the victory sign in front of her. "Uzumaki Naruko, at your service!!"

Konoe laughed. "Ohohohoho!! Very cute! But can you take up the challenge?"

Naruko winked. "Give me anything, and I'll do anything!!"

Konoe leaned closer, with serious eyes. "Even sex-...?"


Konoe had his head cocked back as a fist hit his cheeks, with the fist connecting to Naruko's arms. "Except that!"

Konoe rubbed his cheek as Naruko huffed and looked away. "Yes, yes... I see... Very well then, Takamichi, will you show Naruko-chan here her new homeroom?"

Naruko held up a hand to stop Takamichi for a minute. "One question, Headmaster-sama!!"

Konoe raised a brow. "I'm all ears..."

Naruko smirked. "You can tell me first about this weird energy you're emitting..."

Konoe raised both brows. "So you can...?"

Naruko nodded.

Konoe nodded back. "I see... very well, what you are feeling are what we Mages call Magic..."

Naruko raised a brow in confusion. She shook her head. "Ok, I know Chakra, Nature Chakra and Youki, but not once have I heard of Magic or Mages... I thought they only existed in books..."

Konoe chuckled. "I see, well, we are very much real! There are actually four main energies in the world: Magic, Chi, Youki, and your very own Chakra..."

Naruko nodded. "May I have a demonstration? Please? *Please insert heart*"

Konoe nose-bled a bit as he nodded. He ruffled through his robes and mumbled a bit. "I know it's here... somewhere... AH!! Found it...!"

Naruko raised a brow as Konoe brought out a small wound with a star tip. She blinked as Konoe waved the wand in front of him. "Practe Bigi Nar, Ardescat!"

With that, a fire flaked out of the wand. Naruko blinked in surprise as she leaned closer at the wand. "Odd... So this is Magic... It's not Chakra, that's for sure... And it's like doing a fire jutsu, but instead of using hand seals, they use incantations...? Cool, wonder if I could learn it...?"

She leaned back to her formal position and nodded. "I see... so, Magic runs on..."

Konoe waved a hand. "That'll be explained later. Now, I believe you'll like to visit your new classmates! Ah, and do be careful, your class is very... hm... Energetic... if you're not careful, something might happen. Your homeroom teacher is also a ten-year-old, so please be easy on him..."

Naruko nodded and followed Takamichi out of the room. Konoe chuckled. "Hohohoho, this will be pretty good... Wonder how he'll take it...?"

He then thought for a bit as he looked out the window. He then realized something. "Drat! I forgot to ask him something!! Oh well, there's always next time... Ohohoho!!"


"Dammit Negi!!! I can't believe you snuck into my bed again!!"

Negi Springfield, a young boy with red hair and spectacles, sighed as he slowly walked with his students and roommate, Student #8, Kagurazaka Asuna and, Student #13, Konoe Konoka. "I'm sorry Asuna-san! But you know I can't help it!!"

Asuna, a girl with orange hair in two ponytails tied by twin bells and heterochromic eyes, one green and the other blue, huffed and turned away from him.

Konoka, a brown haired brunette and brown eyed girl, giggled. "Hurry up you two! We're going to be late unless you stop acting like bickering couples!"

Both Negi and Asuna blushed crimson as they turned to their friend. "We are not like that!!!" They shouted in unison.

The three ran, err, skated in Konoka's case, towards the school. They then later entered their classroom. Once they entered the room, they were greeted by their fellow students. And as usual, Student #29, Yukihiro Ayaka, also known as Iincho or Shotacon (by Asuna), got into another heated argument with Asuna, while Student #3, Asakura Kazumi, took track of the bets.

"Girls, please calm down!!"

The girls ignored Negi and continued to bet on who's gonna win today's fight.


That got the girls' attentions. But before Negi could speak, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

The door opened to show Takamichi walking in. "Ah, good morning Negi, is it alright if I took some of your class' time?"

Negi shook his head. "No, it's alright..."

Takamichi nodded. "Alright then." He then faced the students. "Girls, I would like to introduce to you your new classmate, you may come in!"

The girls turned their attention to the door as a hot blonde girl walked in. She had electric blue eyes and had two ponytails. Her body immediately took place on the top 5 best body and on her face was three whisker-like marking on either side of her cheeks. Over all, she was very cute. Once she entered, in the back of her mind, a voice rang out. "Finally!! Some real prey to have fun with!!! Mwahahahaha!!"

The more magical knowing people felt shivers against their spines. This included Asuna, Seat #10, Karakuri Chachamaru, Seat #15, Sakurazaki Setsuna, Seat #18, Tatsumiya Mana, Seat #19, Chao Lingshen, and Seat #26, Evangeline McDowell. Others who felt something strange were Kazumi, Seat #4, Ayase Yue, Seat #12, Ku Fei, Seat #14, Saotome Haruna, Seat #20, Nagase Kaede, and Seat #27, Miyazaki Nodoka.

She smiled as she tilted her head to the side. "Hi everyone! My name is Uzumaki Naruko! Nice to meet you!!"

Immediately, maybe almost too immediately, the girls, save for a few, ran up to Naruko and started asking questions.

"HI!! Where are you from!?"

"What's your favorite color!!??"

"Do you have a boyfriend!?"

"Are those whisker marks real!?"

"What are your 3-Sizes!?"

Naruko felt her eyes swirling as she tried answering the girls' question. Both Takamichi and Negi tried their best to calm the girls. "Now now, let Naruko-san get some air!! Girls!!"

Suddenly, before Naruko could say something, she felt someone touch her breasts.



Naruko immediately thought inside her, his, her, you know what I mean, mind. "SHIT!!!! If I don't get away from these girls quickly, I'm gonna dispel!!!! No wonder Jii-san said to be careful!! Woah!! Oh man, that girl's breasts are HU-... STOP IT!!! Damn it...!"

After a few minutes, the girls got tired of asking questions that never got answered. "Whew... I swear that was a close one..."

(Later, after class...)

"Neh, Naruko-chan, what room number do you have?"

Naruko turned to Konoka who was putting on her skates. She then dug into her jacket's pocket and took out a number. "Um... I think its Room #2-12...?"

Konoka smiled. "Then we're roomies!! That's my room too! And Asuna and Negi-kun's!!" Naruko looked at Konoka's warm smile and immediately blushed a bit. "Wow, she's pretty cute... Good thing I got over Sakura-chan... Though I wouldn't mind her asking me out... WAIT!!!!!! Hold on there Naruto!! You are here for a mission!! Not some date! Dammit, I gotta stop thinking to myself sometimes..."

"And yet, he still does no matter how many times he says that..." A certain voice whispered in its sleep.

Naruko raised a brow. "Asuna...? Sorry, I didn't catch everyone's names... who was that again?"

Konoka giggled as she pointed at said-girl who was, again, manhandling Negi. Naruko sweat-dropped. Naruko leaned closer to Konoka. "Were they always like that?"

Konoka nodded as she skated over to her friends. "Asuna!! We have a new roommate!!"

Asuna let go of Negi and looked at Naruko who was smiling and waving at her. Asuna smiled and waved back before turning to Konoka. "Are you sure? Isn't four people too much?"

"It's ok; I can take the couch..."

Asuna gasped in surprise as Naruko walked over to them, questioning in her mind as to how Naruko heard that. Konoka pouted. "Aw, and I wanted either one of us to sleep together..."

Naruko immediately blushed. "Sleep... together...?" Fantasies immediately filled her mind.

She shook her head to see everyone already ahead of her. She ran after them. "H-hey!! Wait up!!"

(Room #2-12)

After everyone showered and washed up, everyone took their places in bed, or couch, and got ready to sleep.

"Good night!"

"'Night Negi-kun, 'night Asuna, 'night Naruko-chan!"


"... 'Night..."

And the night was filled with many "Z's".


"Mhmhmhmhm... So, the Kit finally found himself in a place filled with many selections of vixens, eh? Fufufufufu, finally to hatch my 16-year-old plan!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!"

And the darkness was filled with many laughter.

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