Authoress' Notes:

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Well, this one was crazy fun to write. Inspiration struck when "Irresistible", by Jessica Simpson, came up on iTunes (I'd forgotten I even had that song!) and this is what followed.

Disclaimer: If I owned it, the gay would be way less obvious.


Tangled and Twisted


The Hatter is waiting for Alice, he's told Stayne so a hundred times, but at some point the words always get tangled and twisted, and take a left when they should take a right, and turn from "no" into "yes" without his permission. One minute he's waiting for Alice, faithful and pure, waiting patiently for love, waiting however long it takes for her to return and marry him and make his every dream come true, and the next he's under Stayne, filthy and squirming, begging wantonly for pleasure, crying out and moaning like the whore Stayne says he is (though somehow he doesn't care as much as he should, when his breath grows short and he shudders as he comes), and no matter how hard he tries to understand why it is that when he's under Stayne, he's over Alice, he just never knows quite how it happens.


Short, I know, but I feel like any more and it would've been bad.

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